Tell Tale Signs Of Diabetes – Everything You Need to Know of 2021

Diabetes can sneak up on you like a thief in the night. But all is not lost when you know what the t ell tale signs are of diabetes.

Signs You Need To Look Out For In Possibly Being Diabetic

Look Out

Diabetes is one of the most severe killers in the world. Yes, it is quite a serious illness, but many people go through their entire lives and do not know if they are diabetic or not.

Many people that have recently been diagnosed, say that when they have told friends and family of their diabetes status, that they get treated differently. As if there is a stigma attached to it, making it the reason why some do not want to have their blood tested for it.

In fact, the figures show that one in ten people are diabetic. With a population of about 7.8 billion people on the planet, that puts the diabetic number at 780 million. With approximately one in three people being tested positive for prediabetes.

This is an astronomical figure of 2.6 billion people. These figures are monumentally high. What are the signs that you might need to get tested for diabetes?

Sleep Walk To The Fridge


Diabetes really means that your body does not create enough insulin. This is important because the body needs insulin to break down glucose. When glucose is broken down properly it helps to regulate the body and provide you with the much-needed energy.

With this goes a proper digestive system and food energy being taken to the various parts of the body, where it is needed.

When the body doesn’t create enough or any insulin, the glucose is not being broken down. As the process is not completed, your body is not fed with the proper food that it needs to function normally, and you will feel tired and drained.

Because your body is not fed properly, this can leave you in a state of perpetual hunger.

Many people have experienced great weight gain due to this. However, when you are hyperglycaemic (This means that your blood sugar is incredibly high – and is still a form of diabetes) it is entirely possible for you experience weight loss.

It is important to know that it is not assured that you will but is only one of the possible signs.

Thirst And Urine Cycle

Thirst And Urine Cycle

Glucose is generally reabsorbed into the body as it passes through your kidneys. Out comes the bad stuff and the good stuff stays to carry on helping you. With high blood sugar this is not the case.

You will pee most of it out making you pee more often and sometimes even for longer. Now that you are expelling more liquid from your body, you become thirstier and drink more, but the more you drink, the more you need to pee. It’s a vicious cycle.

But constantly expelling liquid from your body is not just causing you to drink more fluids when you’re enjoying online bingo sites games & activities.

Because you are spending more time in the toilet than on the couch, you are draining the body of too much liquid. This could make your skin dry out and itchy as well as leaving you with dry mouth. Neither of which are pleasant. And then too top it off, you could even end up with eye problems due moisture being reduced there as well.

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