4 Awesome Tips To Help You Surf The Web Like A Professional

The Internet has literally become everything. It is our window to the world and that's something no one can deny. Just ask yourself, when was the last time you've purchased an actual newspaper to see what is currently going on? Or maybe to check the weather upfront? The answer to that is probably a million years ago.

Of course, there are still some people who use radio or TV to hear the latest news, but they sure do represent the majority. And that's okay. Things have drastically changed in the last couple of years, so nowadays, it is expected from you to browse the web like a pro. Still, feel like you haven't reached that level? Don't worry! With these tips, you'll quickly become the biggest expert in the world.

Great Tips To Navigate The Internet Like A True Hacker

1.  Search Effectively 

Search Effectively

It is widely known that Google is the most popular search engine in the world and that's completely deserved. Namely, it has the biggest single catalog of websites, plus, it is extremely fast, user-friendly, and efficient.

Besides Google, there are many other search engines such as Yahoo, Dogpile, and Bing that are still very good and you can always use them if something is wrong with Google. Apart from knowing what’s the best search engine, you should also know how to search first and foremost.

Once you figure that out, you will no longer waste your time on finding relevant information. In these types of situations, if something you've typed isn't showing the right results, then make sure to rephrase it, utilize synonyms, re-word it, etc.

2. Want To Enhance Your YouTube Experience?

Without a shadow of a doubt, YouTube is the best platform for those who love to watch various videos online and listen to their favorite tunes. Those who are not premium members are probably not familiar with the fact that you can actually download a video and watch it later, however, it has to be from exactly the same device.

If this option isn’t too appealing to you, luckily, you can stumble upon various YouTube converters. How do they work? They allow you to download any video or song, direct from YouTube and convert it to another format. You can come across online converters that enable you to turn your YouTube song to MP4, MP3, and many other formats. This is definitely a great alternative for those users who do not want to be YouTube premium members.

3. Utilize Two Google Accounts At The Same Time

A couple of years ago, Microsoft conducted research and uncovered that an average person in the United States has at least three email accounts. In the meantime, the situation has probably changed and the numbers have gone up. And then a couple of years ago, Google decided to make things much easier. Now, with only one login username, you can gain access to all of their products. What does it mean? It means you can employ Hangouts, Gmail, Drive, and YouTube by using the same username.

So what are you going to do if your Gmail and YouTube accounts do not have the same email address? Instead of logging out, you can freely utilize an incognito window that will allow you to be in both of your accounts simultaneously.

How can you do this? Simply by employing shortcut Command + Shift + N to launch that incognito window in Google Chrome, or you can open up a private one in Firefox or Safari.

4. Don’t Forget Passwords

If you want to make sure you are having the best possible digital security, then you should definitely focus on having a great, stable, hard-to-figure-out password. Yes, it’s often very boring to create powerful passwords, but that’s something that simply has to be done.

It seems like no web page is in the mood to accept the same inputs, one caps, all caps, not case sensitive, case sensitive, letters and numbers, just letters, a certain number of digits, special characters, letters/numbers, and the list goes on and one. What's the point of this? Apparently, the internet community wants you to express your creative side and have a different password for every single website and of course be creative about it. Maybe, it isn't such a bad idea after all.

That's why you have to be very smart about it and ensure to come up with a password that is long enough, unique enough, and loaded with numerous characters. Why is this important? Well, it's because you do not want to deal with ruthless hackers who want nothing more than to reveal all your sensitive information and use it against you, such as credit cards, banks, retirement accounts, etc.


The internet is filled with so many interesting things that you can do that sometimes it seems like no one will ever be able to figure it out completely. However, with some of these tips, you will definitely be able to improve your browsing skills.

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