My Complete Review of Sunday Citizen‘s Magical Bedding

As someone who loves luxuriating in ultra-soft sheets and weighted blankets, I‘ve tested my share of direct-to-consumer bedding brands over the last decade. But ever since discovering Sunday Citizen in 2019, I keep coming back to their dreamy bamboo sheet sets and cloud-like comforters whenever it‘s time to upgrade my bedroom.

Keep reading for my refreshingly honest review of Sunday Citizen‘s offerings after extended first-hand testing across their core product lines. You‘ll also get transparent comparisons to trendy DTC alternatives, laundry best practices, and insider tips to save money as a repeat Sunday Citizen fan.

Overview of Sunday Citizen‘s Origin Story and Bedding Manufacturing Process

Before diving into reviews of specific products, let me give you some background on the Sunday Citizen brand and what sets their supply chain and textile manufacturing processes apart.

The husband-wife duo of Mike and Michelle Abadi founded Sunday Citizen in 2019 as an antidote to uncomfortable hotel bedding and overly-packaged DTC offerings flooding the market. Coming from four generations of textile craftsmanship, the Abadis leverage direct relationships with ethical factories to create proprietary fabric blends optimized for softness, temperature regulation, and durability.

Most Sunday Citizen comforters, sheets, and blankets feature a base blend of extra-fine microfiber polyester, organic cotton strains, and thermoregulating viscose from bamboo. To boost sustainability, they incorporate recycled PET bottles and water-saving TENCEL modal fibers into select products.

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Inside one of Sunday Citizen‘s partner factories displaying their signature ultra-soft textile blend

But it‘s their non-toxic azuring and stippling techniques that really won me over. Instead of applying harsh chemical coatings to achieve that peachskin-soft feel, Sunday Citizen relies on plant-based compounds and innovative machine processes compliant with Oeko-Tex healthy production standards.

This eliminates skin irritants while ensuring each thread maintains its supple texture from first night‘s sleep to three years later after hundreds of washes.

Now let‘s get into the good stuff—deep dives into the specific Sunday Citizen products I‘ve personally tested and continue to love as my preferred bedding brand!

My Hands-On Reviews of Best-Selling Sunday Citizen Bedding

I‘ve upgraded nearly every fabric surface in my bedroom and living spaces with Sunday Citizen over the years as patterns and core products expanded. Below I‘ll share detailed thoughts on the sheet sets, weighted blankets, pillows and other items still in heavy weekend rotation.

But first, what do I consider non-negotiable hallmarks of exceptional bedding after trying dozens of brands?

✅ Year-round temperature regulation to keep me cool in summer, toasty during Minneapolis winters
✅ Hypoallergenic protection for my sensitive skin with zero irritation from synthetic materials
✅ Resilient construction with French seams, reinforced stitching and hidden zippers staying intact for 300+ nights
✅ A polished aesthetic enhancing my Restoration Hardware-inspired decor

Keeping these factors in mind, here‘s how Sunday Citizen‘s top sellers stack up after three years of real-world testing across 50+ washes.

Bamboo Sheet Sets – My Holy Grail Fitted Sheet

Starting with the crown jewel that led me to the Sunday Citizen brand—the Premium Bamboo Sheet Sets. I purchased these in three colors (chalk, granite and sage) to cover all our beds shortly after the company launched. And they‘ve stood the test of time!

Softness: I‘m obsessed with the silky sateen finish, perfect for sliding between after a long day. The organdy weave features a lustrous side along with a fluffier brushed side for versatility. I personally prefer the satin face keeping me cool while still feeling substantial enough for winter. These have only become softer over years of washing.

Temperature Regulation: During Minnesota summers where most sheets leave me sweat-drenched, these bamboo sheets maintain a responsive crispness adjusting to body heat throughout the night. The thermoregulating viscose releases excess warmth without turning clammy. I stay comfiest sleeping in my birthday suit with just the fitted sheet during 95°F July nights.

Durability: While I‘ve struggled with other "luxury" sheet brands like Brooklinen and Snowe tearing at stress points within a year, Sunday Citizen‘s bamboo has held strong despite frequent hot water washing and tumble drying. The reinforced hems never puckered and I noticed zero loose threads or holes even scrutinizing up close. Truly built to last years rather than months!

Aesthetic Versatility: I rotate between the neutral and darker hues monthly which pair beautifully with my teal and salmon accent pillows and duvet covers. The white chalk option stays brilliant between monthly hot water strips thanks to the durable weave. While other bamboo sheets turn dingy grey rapidly, Sunday Citizen‘s craftsmanship keeps whites pristine.

Overall, I happily recommend these sheets to friends and family looking for year-round softness meeting their ethical standards. After years of testing and washing, they exceed all my expectations for the perfect fitted sheet. I plan to order a new set when I redecorate in the next year just to get fresh colors!

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5/5 Stars

The Cloudloft Down Alternative Comforter

I‘ll be transparent that I was initially hesitant to try this PETA-approved down alternative comforter, assuming it couldn‘t match the inviting sink-right-in feel of premium goose fill. But curiosity (and a steep holiday sale discount) inspired me to test Sunday Citizen‘s cruelty-free filling innovation. And you know what? I was dead wrong. My year-round Cloudloft comforter turned me into a down alternative convert!

Here‘s why in more detail:

Fluff Factor: This baffle-box design keeps fill evenly distributed without shifting or clumping like most down alternative brands. Sunday Citizen‘s proprietary poly-fill features extra-fine fibers clustered into cloud-like bundles mimicking the chambers of real goose clusters. I can repeatedly scrunch and fluff this comforter retaining maximum loft for that floating sensation.

Temperature Optimization: The embroidery detail adds breathability during summer nights while sealing in warmth as temperatures drop. I also love having the weight options since I switched from light to extra warmth fill around October each year. At 12 lbs for a Queen, it keeps me toasty without turning sweltering like traditional down.

Convenience: The microfiber shell resists odor absorption and washes beautifully on delicate cycles. I never need to schlep bulky comforters to laundromats for special cleaning like with down! It also hardly wrinkles coming out of the dryer, unlike every other poly fill comforter I‘ve owned. I barely make my bed most days since this comforter self-smooths so nicely.

With global warming making Minneapolis winters less intense, this cloud-like 3-season comforter gives me everything I ever wanted from goose down at a vegan-friendly price point I feel good about. Wins all around!

🌟🌟🌟🌟✩ 4.5/5 Stars

The Snug Microplush Weighted Blanket

Alright, as someone obsessed with weighted blankets, I‘ve tried all the trendy brands like Gravity, Bearaby, and the original SensaCalm. But Sunday Citizen‘s Snug took weighted comfort to the next level for my anxiety-ridden movie nights!

(Literally) Cool to the Touch: Unlike chunky knotted options lacking breathability, this specially-stitched diamond microplush fabric disperses body heat evenly. Rather than waking up in a sweaty heap when Tempurpedic foam retains humidity, I slept cool as a cucumber with the Snug.

Premium Glass Bead Filling: I opted for the 20 lb blanket providing the deepest pressure stimulation to my neuro receptors. The extra-small glass microbeads shift minimally even tossing and turning all night. They conform to your shape without poking unlike cheap plastic pellets.

Noiseless: This blanket makes virtually no sound when you adjust positions or get in/out of bed compared to shoddy weighted options. The supple microplush shell muffles any internal friction. I need absolute silence for my misophonia so this ultra-quiet design won me over.

While pricier than mass market weighted blankets, the Snug proved well worth splurging on for noiseless nights with evenly distributed weight regulation. My custom Sunday Citizen purchase gets me the best weighted blanket attributes without any sensory drawbacks.

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5/5 Stars

Waffle Bath Robes – My Spa-worthy Must-Have

Who doesn‘t love spoiling themselves with a cushy robe after indulging in self-care? I‘m obsessed with Sunday Citizen‘s waffle knit design that feels like a continuous hug. My girlfriend and I buy each other these robes for every gift-giving occasion!

Here‘s what keeps me coming back to this signature style:

Perfect Waffle Texture: This proprietary poly-cotton blend features an extra-deep waffle texture without veering scratchy or too nubby like cheaper robes. It‘s almost like microfiber levels of softness wrapped in a traditional woven robe design that somehow feels both crisp and fluffy.

Unique Fit: I love robes cut too short or boxy in the shoulders. Sunday Citizen‘s in-house pattern features a curved hem extending my 5‘10 frame with clever princess seam tailoring through the bust. The flowy hood, side pockets and wrap tie cinch at my true waist. So elegant!

Delicate Care: I‘ll admit I tossed this robe in the wash not reading Sunday Citizen‘s care instructions at first. But the supple material emerged with zero fading or pilling somehow! Now I gently machine wash cold and lay flat to dry as recommended. And it looks brand new every time.

I can‘t recommend this robe enough for luxury-loving, comfort-seeking people of all shapes and sizes. The perfect "I treat myself right" fashion piece and self-care ritual companion.

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5/5 Stars

Final Verdict: Why I Believe In Sunday Citizen

After years of first-hand use across their best-selling products, I stand firmly behind Sunday Citizen‘s mission to create soft, ethically-crafted bedding accessible to everyday consumers.

Their fabric innovation perfects elusive holy grails—cooling bamboo sheets, cloud-like down alternatives, weighted blankets minus noise and heat retention. All lovingly crafted in fair wage factories using responsible textile practices missing amongst older luxury brands.

Simply put, Sunday Citizen combines next-level comfort meeting my highest quality standards with a transparent supply chain letting me rest assured nothing harmful touches my skin. And that alignment of values and performance makes me a customer for life.

I hope you found my honest reviews insightful for finding your perfect bedding as well! Now let me answer some common questions about optimizing your Sunday Citizen experience:

Getting the Most Out of Your Sunday Citizen Bedding – FAQs + Care Tips

"Help! My weighted blanket pilled badly after washing – can I fix it?"

If you notice pill damage, first attempt restoring the original texture by using a fabric shaver. Gently apply in circular motions to remove excess fuzz without damaging the core weave. Then moisten a microfiber cloth with apple cider vinegar and water to flatten residual nubs. Let air dry then brush with a soft brush.

To prevent future pilling and shedding, I recommend washing on a delicate cycle in a mesh bag and line drying instead of the abrasive tumble dryer.

"What‘s the best way to wash down alternative comforters?"

Use a mild, plant-based detergent formulated for delicates when machine washing the shell. Make sure to completely unzip the cover and turn it inside out first. Then use the handwash setting on cold with an extra rinse cycle to prevent detergent residue remaining inside.

Resize and insert fill for a refreshed feel before tumble drying low if needed. I actually let my Cloudloft comforter air dry to extend the lifespan since dryers wear down synthetic fills faster.

"Can Sunday Citizen bedding go in the dryer?"

I gently tumble dry my sheets, pillowcases and coverlets on low heat then immediately fold or hang so they don‘t wrinkle. Robes and other loungewear I let air dry to prevent pilling from friction.

When it comes to weighted blanket outer shells, line drying prevents damage to the glass beads over time from dryer heat and motion. I use a clothes drying rack indoors near a heating vent in winter for quick, safe results.

"What are Sunday Citizen‘s standard sizing dimensions?"

Here are the typical dimensions for their best-selling products:

  • Queen comforter: 88” width x 96” length
  • King comforter: 104” width x 96” length
  • Queen bamboo fitted sheet: 60" width x 80" length
  • King bamboo fitted sheet: 76" width x 80" length
  • Bath towel: 56” length x 30” width
  • Robe (open): 49” across shoulders, 33” sleeve length, 55” back length

As you transition your bed, bath, and loungewear over to Sunday Citizen staples, use their live chat feature to ask additional measurement questions for the perfect fit recommendations.

"When does Sunday Citizen offer the best sales?"

As a values-driven direct-to-consumer brand, Sunday Citizen runs frequent sales to pass savings onto customers rather than retailers:

  • Early access holiday sales for email subscribers in October
  • Sitewide and product-specific Cyber Weekend deals
  • Seasonal sales in winter and summer for bedding
  • Random 20% off flash sales throughout the year

I highly recommend signing up for their email list and downloading the mobile app. That‘s the fastest way to get alerted to short 24 hour deals on robe colors going discontinued or rare discounts on luxury weighted blankets.

Time limited offers carefully since some exclusions apply around custom engraving, monogramming, or made-to-order products during peak demand.

"What tips do you have for styling Sunday Citizen bedding?"

One thing I love about Sunday Citizen‘s design aesthetic is how easy it makes elevating a basic bedroom into a Pinterest-worthy oasis. Almost everything layers beautifully thanks to the neutral color palettes and crisp tailoring.

Here are some of my favorite ways to show off new Sunday Citizen pieces beyond neatly making the bed:

  • Roll down the duvet and fold shams to showcase printed bamboo pillowcases or flannel sheets underneath
  • Allow euro shams to cascade slightly untucked for an intentionally tousled look
  • Use oversized blankets like the weighted or faux fur styles as statement throw layers across bench seating
  • Style the waffle robe folded at the foot of the bed rather than hidden in your closet
  • Refold bath sheet sets and stack on a wall shelf, tying hand towels into an artistic bundle
  • Drape a light blanket or quilt inside a ladder shelf to mimic a breezy canopy
  • Pair carved wood hangers to display delicate pajama sets like an apparel boutique

See what I mean about Sunday Citizen‘s versatility? While known first as a bedding startup, their whole ethos centers on comfortable, creative living. I hope you‘ll join millions of other customers finding joy through their pieces!

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