Best Star Projectors

The best night star projectors can bring the sky, galaxies, and planetariums to your room. Consider the best planetariums for the home, relaxing, or helping your children sleep.

Starry skies and beautiful sky constellations will light up anyone especially for someone looking for some visual stimulation. The moon, stars, and night time galaxies are a great and fascinating thing indeed.

Star projectors are a curious thing because they offer a lot more than many realize. If you want to relax, entertertain, or even sleep then consider these fascinating devices.

There are many brands of star projectors that range from Parrot Uncle Laser Twilight to Uncle Milton projectors and more. Knowing to buy and what you want to stimulate your experience is crucial.

What is a Star Projector?

Star Projectors

The main purpose of any star projector is to lighten up a room and make it appear as if you are in a space galaxy. Illuminated lights and lasers are what make star projectors operate.  If you want to see constellations, starry skies, and the moon then a star projector is needed for bringing this to your room. Overall, star projectors are quite versatile and handy for ease of use, convenience, and profitability.

Top Picks: Star Projector Highlights

  • Best Overall Star Projector: Homestar Classic Star Projector “Attractive and stunning projector that provides 3D effects, incredible images, extra features, and more will bring a Planetarium where you want!”
  • Best General Use Star Projector: Jomst Star Projector 3 “A star projector to be enjoyed anywhere; voice activated, angling options, and music and party ready for dazzling lights.”
  • Best Value Star Projector: Uncle Milton 3D Star Theater, Ever Wonder Star Projector “Transform your room to a starry sky and save money; including 3D glasses and even educational features.”
  • Best Advanced Star Projector: AnanBros Remote Star Projector “One of the most advanced star projectors; remote control included as well very bright and packed with cool features!”
  • Best for Relaxation Star Projector: MOKOQI Star Projector “Design for a variety of moods; the colorful display and movement is ideal for sleeping and used by children and adults alike.”
  • Best for Children Star Projector: Smithsonian Optics Room Planetarium and Dual Projector “Easy to use projector ideal for children and adults alike; rotating sky and northern sky lights patterns with HD images.”
  •  Best Colorful Star Projector: Lizber Baby Night Lighting Lamp Moon Star Projector “Expect twinkly star patterns and variable and dazzling color displays; all for an economical price and value.”
  • Best Popular Seller Start Projector:  BlissLights Sky Lite – Laser Projector “Powerful lasers are used to project dynamic and wonderful colors for stars and patterns; very popular because of ease of use and reliability. “
  • Best for High Tech Star Projector: Aurora Night Light , Projector Sound Machine “High tech star projector featuring bluetooth, multiple aurora light modes, variable star modes, soothing sounds, and on top of it all easy to use!”
  • Best Color Display Star Projectors: Parrot Uncle 270 Degrees Rotating Laser Stars & Nebula Projector “Dynamic color display and unique patterns of starry patterns make this a popular choice for the most creative starry skies and galaxies on your walls.”

Top 10 Best Star Projectors

Best Overall Star Projector

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Homestar makes an attractive and stunning projector that provides 3D effects and lots more. Overall, this projector offers incredible images, extra features, and more will bring a Planetarium where you want!

The variety and number of stars you can see with this star projector will impress many people. Why? Simply because you have the options to see almost 60000 stars, which is really amazing considering the options.

One of the better things about this star projector and light machine are the many features. For example, you are able to add timers for safe and economical use as well create stunning visuals. You will be able to angle the projector for maximum effect.

Homestar offers the most realistic and brilliant starry display on the market. All in all, you get a star projector that is easy to operate with a big projection screen, made of quality material, including a 5 Watt LED, and even a good warranty with a guarantee that is almost a full 2 years.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • The most stunning planetarium effect of all projectors with around 60000 stars to your disposal
  • Easy to Operate and power with various power sources
  • Intelligent design and stunning features for angling and quality manufacturing
You need to pay attention to It:
  • The most expensive star projector will cost you more than any other device
  • No information or guidance to star and constellation patterns

Best General Use Star Projector

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The Jomst Star projector is versatile and well designed; and more importantly ideal for dynamic and impressive lighting effects. Expect a projector that can give you 360 degree rotating sky laser images and beauty.

A well designed projector that offers a delight for children and adults alike for bedroom, office, and various uses. In terms of the projector you will get up to 6 lighting colors and even 13 lighting modes for more options and light gradations.

Why does the Jomst star stand out? Honestly, expect beautiful lights and displays of stars. Sleep under a starry night in your room or make your children happy with this enjoyable device.

Some of the neater functions include the ability to have a device that can rotate 360 degrees through manual control. You even get voice control with a mode that activates your sky projector. Another neat feature; you can play music with your star projector while the flash and lights move with the rhythm of the music.

The Jomst projector for parties, events, children, and anyone who wants to see the dazzling light display in almost any type of space.

Overall, this is a very versatile contraption that will provide joy and amusement for children and adults alike. The projector is quiet, flexible for any space because of the angling options, and overall pretty to look at when in use.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Easy portability and great design make this popular for using in a variety of settings
  • Voice Control Mode feature is popular and useful
  • Very dynamic colorful projection image capacity
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Not as affordable as other star projectors that are more economical
  • Some reviews noting mechanical and lights malfunctions

Best Value Star Projector

Basic Fun Uncle Milton 3D Star Theater

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The Uncle Milton star projector will transform your room to a starry sky and at once save you money. This projector includes 3D glasses and even educational features; an overall value for anyone wanting to save money.

All in all, the Uncle Milton star projector will make any room look like a wonderland of stars and constellations. Expect to get around 10,000 stars for your wall or ceiling.

You will not be disappointed by the fascinating display of lights. The Uncle Milton is powered by a bright LED and adjustable for many projection angles.

Furthermore, the projector includes two slide discs as well as various timed auto shut offs. There are some limitations with quality and light variance, and overall complexity. But, the design of the overall projector is attractive and convenient for quick use.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Overall economical price and good design for the cost
  • Ability to project 10,000 stars and patterns for a wondrous display
  • Convenient auto shut off for safe and easy use
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Limited design features and options for more advanced usage
  • The quality of the build is lacking compared to other more expensive projectors

Best Advanced Star Projector

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AnanBros has made one of the most advanced star projectors. All in all, this is a jam packed star projector that will delight your children and be fun for parties. This projector features a remote control included as well very bright and packed with cool features!

Designers take note in the high resolutions and hallowed patterns that offer a 360 degree rotation. The color is adjustable to various modes to your preference; as well making this controllable and usable for bigger rooms and modes beyond a bedroom.

Why is this projector so advanced? For one, you can use a remote control to manage and adjust this projector. Therefore, you can do some really cool and uncommon things not offered by other star projectors.

You have nine different color and light modes that are remote control accessible. Furthermore, you get as much as tracks of music that will relax or even help make you sleep. Moreover, you have a detachable memory card to put the music of your choice and liking. In terms of operation, it is powered by USB cord or batteries.

Overall, this is a highly customizable star projector that is unique in the marketplace. You won’t find a more versatile projector in this price range.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Remote controlled accessibility makes this good for parties and many spaces
  • Customizable feature to put music of your liking with a memory card
  • Bright night lights and visual display get good reviews
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Battery drains quickly when using all the different features
  • Weak battery charge and powering malfunctions

Best for Relaxation Star Projector

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The Mokoqi projector is best for anyone looking for sleep and relaxation. This star projector is even good for children and adults alike. Why? Simply put, the dark stars and moon are sleep inducing and quite peaceful. Best choice for smooth and soothing lights and atmosphere.

For example, this star projector has three modes that make it more variable. The projector in particular by Mokoqi has several methods to give energy, via USB or batteries, so you can bring it almost anywhere.

With functioning, Mokoqi model features four buttons for various functionalities like spinning, light color variation, a dark light mode, and varied color options. Specifically, the starry sky setting and display will certainly make any kid or adult feel wowed and in awe.

If you are looking for a safe option that can appeal to any age then the Mokoqi is a good choice. You have a highly durable projector that can withstand accidents with children and last longer. The simplicity of the light patterns and overall illumination is perfect for relaxing, sleeping, and even meditating.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Adaptive style and reuse for a variety of ages and purposes
  • Simple light display is good for relaxation and even meditation
  • Variable Power sources from USB input to batteries
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Light fixtures and cells can wear down quickly
  • Problem with color LEDs

Best for Children Star Projector

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The Smithsonian projector is an easy to use projector ideal for children and adults alike. Some of the nicer features include a rotating sky and northern sky lights patterns with HD images.

One of the more noteworthy things about this projector is that this Smithsonian star machine is perfect for children. In fact, the projector is made for children 8 years old and up. Moreover, you have a world renowned institution, the Smithsonian, that is well renowned in the United States.

In addition, the Smithsonian projector features a rotating star pattern of various light displays. For example, you have a rotating star pattern of the Northern Sky; this is projected and illuminated with 24 HD space images.

All in all, this projector is a wonderful and affordable buy for anyone looking for a dependable and illuminating dual projector. You have HD image options that range from Nebulae, moons, and other celestial bodies.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Affordable price and good value for all ages
  • Especially friendly and accessible for children 8 years and older
  • 50 combinations of light and star displays to pick from
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Poor design and build makes this less attractive than other star projectors
  • Light source is weak and not bright for some consumers

Best Colorful Star Projector

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 The Lizber star projector really shines because of its incredible light and color displays. Where it literally shines is with the technology and features to combine budget value along with visual stimulation and beautiful starry night recreations.

This is a perfect projector for kids and adults as well because the galaxy and star patterns are truly awe inspiring. Expect to see galaxies of stars in your room that even get twinkly and shine in various ways. You will not be disappointed with the moon, star, and constellation projections.

All in all, the Lizber projector comes along with four LED lights and various multi color arrangements and patterns. As well, you get up to 9 different changes and variances of color to illuminate stars for your room.

Expect a projector that rotates 360 degrees; adjustable star patterns to make your room a galaxy of stars. The stars seem touchable and make a room a starry delight of varied twinkly lighted star constellations. Also, the cover of the projector is removable for extra angling.

Overall, this is a projector that gives wonderful color variety and power to make your walls a starry delight. Also, the projector is portable because it can run on batteries; overall quite versatile for the price.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • The best color pattern selection that go up to 9 modes giving variability considering the price
  • Removable cover for the projector gives extra adjustability
  • Starry patterns and constellations are impressive
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Less solid design and durability compared to other more expensive projectors
  • Makes noise during rotation and can be irritating to some users

Best Popular Seller Start Projector

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BlissLights has made a pstar projector that utilizes powerful lasers to project dynamic and wonderful colors for stars and patterns. For very good reason, the BlissLights project is very popular because of ease of use and reliability.

One of the more fascinating things about this projector is that you are able to transform a room to a field of moving stars. Moreover, you even have the ability to transform a room to feature space constellations and even nebula clouds.

This projector is so popular there are even imitations, but look for this authentic model that features laser diodes and bold color displays. You will even get an awe inspiring aurora effect that will soothe your tensions and be a hit with children and adults all the same.

Easy to use with accessible powering sources from AC Adapter. In addition, convenient settings guarantee you can cycle through various effects, change brightness, or control the rotating mechanism.

Overall, you will feel like you are under the real night sky of stars. The BlissLights projector is ideal for your home, children’s room, relaxation, inducing sleep, and much more.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Laser Diodes that are able to powerfully display bold color displays
  • Powerful dynamic color variability that will fascinate everyone from children to adults
  • Easy to use and convenient accessibility with a full range of customizable options
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Cost of Projector is not as cheap as other budget or economical star projectors
  • Style and design of the projector may be unattractive to some users

Best for High Tech Star Projector

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The Aurora Night Light is the best for being an all around techy option full of advanced features and even Bluetooth. This is a high tech star projector featuring bluetooth, multiple aurora light modes, variable star modes, soothing sounds, and on top of it all easy to use!

What does this projector offer? You get up to 7 Aurora night light modes that will illuminate any wall or ceiling beautifully. You can create an underwater or vibrant heaven with twinkly stars.

The Aurora projector is ideal for children who have trouble sleeping as well. There are adjustable features that include the brightness intensity as well as white noise extra features. For example, the white noise sound machine comes along with six sound waves that vary from rain to thunder audio.

Easy to operate star projector that makes for convenient use for enjoying starry skies in your room. Also, there is a remote control accessibility that makes this even more technology driven.

In general, the starry mood is the more attractive and appealing sky and star scene for homes, offices, or just to sleep with every night. The built in Bluetooth speaker adds another layer of tech appeal. Bluetooth offers convenient and stable opportunities to pair your smart phone or tablet to music of your choice.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • High tech features make this projector appealing
  • Bluetooth accessible with various compatibility with phone and tablet pairing
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Sound and light quality is low and makes the Bluetooth seem useless
  • Volume and brightness malfunctions happen at times

Best Color Display Star Projectors

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One of the unique star designs you can find is offered by the Parrot Uncle projector. There is the ability to make thousands upon thousands of stars and cloud patterns including laser and other wonderful technology.

Moreover, this is one of the best star projectors for bringing the most creative and unique star patterns. You will also be able to transform any room to any sort of galaxy and starry sky. The various modes of color and star illuminations are dynamic.

The settings offered include a selection of drifting clouds as well as a serene starry night sky. The variety of sky settings are great for filing rooms with a number of patterns. For instance, some of the designs are between starry constellations, nebula patterns, and a variety of sky and galaxy options.

In terms of functionality, the projector is soothing and fascinating and the Parrot Uncle projector is popular for parties and events. In conclusion, the laser powered star lights are popular and ideal for adult users. Automatic shutoff and other safety features are attractive; better for adults because of danger of lasers.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Unique and one of a kind star designs compared to other projectors
  • Automatic shutoff makes this safe for various settings
  • Laser illuminated starry designs are variable and appealing
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Chance of malfunctioning and breakdown for durability
  • Laser powered lights may be dangerous for younger users and especially children

Star Projector Buying Guide

Knowing what to buy is the most challenging question for any product. However, a star projector does offer more variety and options than many realize. First, you need to define whether the star projector will be used for sleep, relaxation, fun, decoration, and numerous things before buying.

  • Power Sources

Consider if the projector is powered by USB, AC adapter, or batteries. A restrictive power source will determine what you can do with the star projector.

  • Light Control

Some star projectors give the user more control and variability to control intensity. If you want more control of your colors and starry skies then consider this feature.

  • Color Modes and Options

Whether you use the projector for sleeping or for a party is vital. The ability to manually control your light intensity or color modes will make a big difference so watch out for this.

  • Timer Settings and Safety

You need to make sure any light fixture especially one on continuous use is safe for operation. Timers that have automatic shut off or quality safeguards are important for any star projector.

Why Buy a Star Projector?

Star Projector uses

Star projectors will literally light up your life and do a variety of things. For example, a simple start projector could help a child sleep, light up a party, relax adults and children alike, and much  more. Find out specifics below on why buying a star projector is vital.

  • Relaxation Purposes

If you need to relax or destress then soothing visual starry skies in your room will help. Research has shown star projectors can help.

  • Entertainment

Utilize lighting purposes to stimulate your friends in a party. These dynamic starry constellations can fascinate people as well as help them rest.

  • Night Time Sleep

Children in particular need a sleep aid and what better way to lull a child to sleep but with soothing and relaxing starry skies and twinkly lights.

  • Decoration

If you want to make your room or home a wonderful and colorful illuminated display of stars then a star projector is perfect.

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