Useful Small Appliances You May Need for Your Tiny Kitchen in 2022

Read to find the most useful small appliances like the stand and hand mixer, juicer, waffle maker and more to make your small kitchen more functional in 2022.

If you’re a city dweller living in a small apartment with a tinier kitchen, or you don’t have a large family, be smart when choosing kitchen appliances. Given that there are only a couple of cabinets and a small counter space, the small kitchen appliances will work better than large ones.

As a one-stop shopping mall covering all sorts of household products, BCBMALL provides a variety of powerful, compact appliances that are professionally designed for tiny kitchens. Following are recommendations for the most practical small appliances you may need to make your kitchen more efficient in 2022.

Stand & Hand Mixer

Stand & Hand Mixer

When it comes to baking, different needs call for different tools. For example, a hand mixer is a good helper for small tasks such as making whipped cream and whipping egg whites, while a stand mixer can be a powerful tool to handle more complicated tasks like kneading dough and mixing batter.

You don’t need to buy both since it’s not cost-efficient and space-saving. Instead, try a quality 2 in 1 stand mixer with a detachable, lightweight hand mixer, which will meet all your baking needs.

Breakfast Machine

Breakfast Machine

What do you usually make for your breakfast? A homemade sandwich with fried eggs and a cup of fresh coffee? Then you can set a place for a breakfast machine that combines a baking pan, a toaster oven, and a coffee machine.

With a versatile breakfast machine, you can fry meat or egg, brew coffee or milk, and toast bread or pizza at the same time. It occupies a small space and will save the hassle of running between different appliances in the morning.

Mini Waffle Maker

Mini Waffle Maker

It’s such a pleasant thing to start your day with a fluffy, golden waffle, and you can make it easily with a solid waffle maker. To create a thick and soft waffle, you need a waffle maker that is equipped with deep cooking plates.

Since you have a small kitchen with limited space, it’s best to find a mini waffle maker. It is lightweight and space-saving so that you can put it anywhere it fits and make delicious waffles at any time you want.

Electric Juicer

It’s well known that fruit and vegetable juice contributes a lot to a healthy lifestyle. However, it’s expensive to buy them from the health food store. An electric juicer is an economical option to help you make juice drinks.

A premium juicer with a powerful motor will juice the fruit and vegetable properly, achieving higher juice yield and less foaming. It also allows you to customize drinks according to what you have at home or your body needs.

Food Blender

An efficient, professional food blender will be a multi-function kitchen tool. You can use it to mix the batter, whip cream, make perfect juices and smoothies, great dips, sauces and blend soups.

Go for those constructed with a powerful motor, premium blades and food-grade materials. The quality blades can help you grind various ingredients like meat and hard grain. In addition, it will be a great bonus if it comes with a self-cleaning setting, which will save a lot of time and work on cleaning it. Check out Blendtopia for blend kits that you can have in your tiny kitchen.

Electric Wine Bottle Opener

The holiday season comes, and you want to share your favorite wine with family and friends. Then it would be best if you had an electric wine bottle opener to help uncork the bottle with zero effort in seconds.

Both rechargeable and cordless versions are excellent choices, as long as they feature an ergonomic and durable construction to ensure comfortable, long-term use. Additionally, it needs to be compact, which makes it easy to carry, and you can store it right next to your wine rack in a space-saving way.

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