My Honest Review After Using Skillmatics Games with My Kids

As a parent of two young kids, I‘m always on the lookout for educational toys that double as fun family activities. Recently, we discovered Skillmatics games that check both boxes better than just about anything in our overflowing game closet.

In this detailed review, I‘ll give you a look at why over 65,000 other families love Skillmatics as much as we do after trying their awesome games firsthand with my 6 and 8 year olds.

What is Skillmatics?

Founded in 2016, Skillmatics is an award-winning brand making unique educational games, flashcards, and activities for kids ages 3 to 8+.

Created by CEO Dhvanil Sheth in India, Skillmatics‘ mission is to blend learning and play to boost cognitive skills minus reliance on tech devices. Everything they design teaches critical thinking across science, math, logic, reading and more.

In just a few years, Skillmatics has earned numerous toy industry awards:

  • 2022 Parents Best Toys Winner
  • 2022 Family Choice Award
  • 2021 Mom‘s Choice Award

And major media outlets also praise these games:

  • Featured on the Today Show
  • Recognized by CNBC in holiday gift guides

So while Skillmatics was totally new to me when a friend suggested them, I quickly realized they have major credibility and happy fans everywhere.

Next, I‘ll share exactly what you can shop from Skillmatics before diving into reviews of their most fun games!

What Does Skillmatics Sell?

Browsing their huge online storefront, Skillmatics carries 3 main product categories:

Family Games: These are multi-player games packaged in compact boxes perfect to toss in a purse or car for on-the-go screen-free entertainment. Family games range from trivia challenges to exciting hands-on play.

Early Learning: Designed for ages 3-6, these cognitive skill builders include alphabet puzzles, pattern play, storytelling adventures and more. Great foundational learning.

Quick Play: Almost like educational versions of playing cards, Quick Play decks allow learning solo or in groups. These card sets teach strategy, critical thinking, vocabulary through prompts and visuals.

Most games cost $10-20 making Skillmatics affordable enough to try a few styles risk-free. Now onto the top games my family plays on repeat!

Reviews of Our Favorite Skillmatics Games

We‘ve tested quite a few Skillmatics games the past months, but these three rank as undisputed favorites we recommend:

Rapid Rumble

  • Best For: Ages 8+
  • Players: 2 or more
  • Awards: Creative Child Game of the Year

Living up to its name, Rapid Rumble‘s fast-paced trivia gameplay makes every second count. Players race against a sand timer to sift through letter and category cards responding to random prompts.

With over 100 prompts spanning topics like geography, culture, science and pop culture, no two games feel the same. My kids ask to play this one almost daily!

Gameplay Breakdown:

  • 120 category cards
  • 100 letter cards
  • 1-minute timer
  • Prompt die

Rapid Rumble is engaging for the whole family. The $19.99 price tag is so worth it for unlimited replay value.

Photo of Rapid Rumble cards and sand timer

Rapid Rumble in action – this fast-paced game is a hit with my kids!

Train of Thought

  • Best For: Ages 8+
  • Players: 3 or more
  • Awards: 2021 Mom‘s Choice Award

Next up is Train of Thought which lives up to its clever name. This game has 110 thought-provoking question cards to spark conversation while keeping things quick and engaging.

We have so much fun going around sharing responses then building on each other‘s answers. It always leads to laughter and unexpected revelations. I also like that Train of Thought reinforces taking turns and active listening.

Gameplay Breakdown:

  • 110 question cards
  • 20 category cards
  • 20 action cards

For $14.99, Train of Thought delivers open-ended questions for unlimited family fun. We learn something new every round!

Guess in 10 Animal Planet

  • Best For: Ages 5+
  • Players: 2 or more
  • Awards: 2022 Seal of Approval

If your kids love animals like mine do, Guess in 10 Animal Planet is a must-try game. The concept reminds me of 20 Questions but kids only get 10 tries to guess which animal is pictured on the card.

My daughter has always been into wildlife and nature, but this game exposed her (and all of us!) to over 300 new amazing animal facts that really blew our minds. I love seeing her confidence soar when she conquers new animals.

Gameplay Breakdown:

  • 50 animal game cards
  • Over 300 animal facts
  • 6 helpful clue cards

Guess in 10 Animal Planet costs $12.99. The quality and depth keep this game interesting for ages. We discover new favorite animals constantly by playing!

Skillmatics Games Both Educate and Entertain

While Skillmatics has cleverly disguised extras like trivia, vocabulary builders, strategy prompts and more into their games, first and foremost they feel fun rather than academic. The blend of education and entertainment value really sets Skillmatics apart from both regular family board games and dry flashcards.

After months of game nights with Skillmatics, here are the top benefits I‘ve noticed in my kids:

  • Improved General Knowledge: Games sprinkled with fun facts across so many topics has boosted retention. My son now rattles off random impressive info heard in Skillmatics play.
  • Strengthened Critical Thinking: Whether honing logic skills, using deductive reasoning, or considering new perspectives, I watch their little brains light up making connections.
  • Language and Communication Growth: I notice kids taking time to construct thoughtful responses and build on others‘ answers, rather than quick one-word shouts. Amazing listening skills practice too.
  • Confidence Building: When my usually shy daughter wins a round or masters a new animal name pronunciation, she beams ear to ear. Nothing beats skill-building through play.

I‘d pay much more than $10-$20 per game for benefits like those above…but luckily Skillmatics keeps things affordable so more families can join the fun!

What Skillmatics Parents & Teachers Are Saying

Don‘t just take my word for it. Beyond the 65,000+ happy customers, Skillmatics earns very high marks from parents and teachers reviewing the games too.

Searching social media, I found quite a few detailed Skillmatics reviews from real moms and education bloggers. Here‘s a sampling:

"We are huge fans of Skillmatics games in our house. I‘m teacher so I appreciate that their games entertain and strengthen cognitive skills at the same time. My first graders love them too!" – Jen T.

"These games are perfect to toss in my bag for restaurant waits and road trip rides. I prefer Skillmatics over handing them an iPad or my phone any day." – Steph R.

"As early childhood educator and mom, I‘m quite pick about learning tools for littles. Our favorites are Skillmatics Search & Find activity mats and Animal Planet – huge vocabulary builder!" – Amanda F.

"We own 4 Skillmatics games now. These beat Candyland and Uno hands down for family game nights. Such great bonding over lots of laughs and meaningful conversations." – Taylor S.

As you can see, the positive feedback is pretty universal. Teachers approve Skillmatics for school-aged cognitive development. And parents can‘t get enough of the family entertainment value mixed with hidden learning.

Answers to Skillmatics Buyer Questions

Before you shop, here are quick answers to some common Skillmatics consumer questions I had at first too:

Are there Skillmatics subscriptions available?

  • Yes! Subscribers save 25% on all games and puzzles. Just email customer service to cancel anytime if you don‘t love it.

How does Skillmatics shipping and delivery work?

  • Free shipping kicks in at $30+ orders. Arrives within 5 days in the continental US.

What is the Skillmatics return policy?

  • Opened games can be returned in new condition within 90 days by emailing for an RMA number.

Are Skillmatics materials tested safe for young kids?

  • All products meet or exceed safety regulations like CPSIA and ASTM for ages 1+. Good clean fun!

Where are Skillmatics games made?

  • The company and all their game inventors are based in India. Manufacturing and operations take place there too.

I‘m thrilled Skillmatics makes quality import games affordable for US families looking to reduce screen time. It‘s a win-win!

Final Verdict: Skillmatics Wins Family Game Night!

I really can‘t recommend Skillmatics enough if you have kids ages 3-9 years at home. The sheer variety keeps our family entertained indefinitely. With new titles released all the time, we never get bored.

These deceptively educational games encourage togetherness and meaningful interactions that strengthen family bonds. At under $20 each, Skillmatics games deliver way more smiles and cognitive skill-building per dollar than even fancy STEM gadgets or video games.

Don‘t just take my word for it though. Head to Skillmatics here and select a game or two to try yourself at no risk. I bet they‘ll become your kids‘ new favorites while making family time more fun than ever!

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