Why Choose a Serviced Office For Your Business

A serviced office is a fully-equipped and well-furnished office space in a building that is managed by an operator or facility management company. Serviced offices may also be referred to as flexible offices, managed offices, business centers, or executive suites.

These sorts of office spaces are very common in major cities around the world. The operator or facility management company is responsible for accommodating businesses in the building and maintaining facilities used in the building.

In Singapore today, many businesses use a serviced office as it comes with a lot of benefits. It helps businesses cut down costs and enables them to manage their limited resources efficiently.

A serviced office can help your business in many ways. This post will give you an overview of why you should choose an office space for your business.



One of the major reasons many businesses in Singapore use a serviced office is its flexibility. As you know, many traditional leased office buildings usually require a long-term financial commitment where businesses may be asked to pay a minimum of 5-year rent.

This may not be viable for startup companies that do not have much money to spend on office space for their business. This is where the importance of a serviced office Singapore comes into play.

A serviced office offers businesses short-term leases. Businesses don't have to pay long-term lease anymore for business space due to a serviced office's flexible nature. This is particularly good for startups and small businesses looking for ways to cut down office rental costs. This is also good for businesses who are yet to decide on a particular location for their business.

Serviced offices offer short-term leases from as little as 1 month. A business can decide to pay for as little as one month with serviced offices, making it convenient for them.

Office Management

Office Management

Another reason you should consider choosing a serviced office for your business in Singapore is office Management. In a traditional leased office space, you would need to handle the management of your business yourself.

For instance, you will need to pay for daily cleaning services and even office facilities such as telephones, internet, and so on. All these can add to your expenses, especially new businesses on a tight budget.

However, with a serviced office rental Singapore, you don't have to worry about any of that. The facility management company would provide you with all that.

This helps you cut down expenses since everything is included in the initial cost of renting the space. This enables you to properly focus on your business since you don't have to worry about all that.

Access to Facilities

Access to Facilities

Today, one of the main reasons many businesses in Singapore prefer a serviced office is access to facilities. With co-working space Singapore, you get access to a wide range of facilities, such as large meeting rooms, large kitchen area, complimentary refreshments, business lounges, phone booths, event spaces, and more. Availability of all these makes everything a breeze for your business.


Scalability is very important for any growing business with a fluctuating number of staff. A serviced office Singapore provided you with the exact spaces you need for your business. You don't have to pay for a large space that is underutilized.

Serviced Office

You can choose a small coworking space for your business needs, and when the number of your employees increases, you can easily choose a bigger serviced office.


A serviced office comes with everything you need to run your business efficiently. You don't have to spend money buying landlines or paying for the internet. Everything comes with the serviced office. This helps cut down expenses in your business.

For instance, a startup business that does not have a large budget may not be able to put all that in place on its own in a traditional leased office. However, a serviced office makes everything a lot easier for startups. They provide you with everything you need. This makes it cost-effective.

If you are a startup business that needs an affordable solution for office rental, it would be best if you considered choosing a serviced office. A serviced office helps cut down expenses. You don't have to worry about getting office cleaners and other ad-hoc office workers since the facility management company will provide you with all that.

This makes the running of your business a lot easier since you would have the chance to focus on other important things. It gives your business a professional edge. You get access to well-equipped meeting rooms and other high-grade facilities. With a serviced office, you only pay for the space you need. This makes it the perfect option for businesses on a tight budget looking for an affordable workspace.

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