Reasons for Using Weighted Blanket During the Time of Stress

People buy many types of blankets more often, but weighted blankets are different from them in terms of weight. They are almost 4 to 30 pounds heavier than the regular blankets.

Weighted blankets are useful for people who suffer from perplexing, unusual stress and face sleeping disorders. Although, it doesn't heal people from such kinds of suffering but makes them feel better and more comfortable.

How weighted blankets help to reduce stress?

How weighted blankets help to reduce stress

Every age group can use a weighted blanket. Proper sleep is very important for making people active during routine work and daily chores, so it makes the individuals sleep more properly than the normal blankets.

There are many other advantages of using organic weighted blankets like it also shapes and soothes the body; typically, this procedure is called earthing and grounding. Therapeutically, the blanket reduces the severity of depression.

Cortisol is the stress hormone that develops when you are suffering from anxiety or fear. It affects the body's immunity, digestion procedure, and other disorders, including obesity. Research has proved that the grounding procedure decreases cortisol significantly and reduces the negative effects of anxiety. It helps nourish the brain to produce hormones that fight against the cortisol hormones.

Weighted blankets

automatically lessen Cortisol, fight against stress, boost up the immune system, and provide satisfactory results to their users by making them sleep more calmly.

American Journal of Occupational Therapy research shows that weighted blankets used with cooling mattress protectors reduce the level of depression since 

cooling mattress protectors 

Cooling mattress protectors 

prevent the accumulation of heat so they help sleep better and peacefully.

Another research was done among the adults, and the findings were found that the blankets weighing 30-lb were much more effective for the adults as well. Thirty-two adults were actively present in this research, among which 63 % of them were those who did not have any symptoms of hypertension which was a very positive sign for those users who intended to use them.


In case you or any person of your family have trouble falling asleep, it would be good to comfort them with organized weighted blankets; this might improve their sleep patterns.

Depending on your weight, you may also analyze which weighted blanket is most suitable for your body. According to the general recommendation, use a blanket at least 10% of the body's weight.

Users are also highly recommended to  use a blanket whose stuff is soft and natural, preferably cotton; polyester and synthetic cloth is hard and does not have a cool effect on the body. But those with health issues are advised to consult a health care professional before using weighted blankets.

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