Raiden C2 is Absolutely Worth It for Maximizing the Electro Archon‘s Power

For any Raiden Shogun havers looking to truly unlock her maximum potential as an on-field hypercarry, her C2 constellation is virtually mandatory and well worth the primogem investment. Here‘s an in-depth look at why Raiden‘s C2 powerspike provides such immense value.

As the perpetual Motor of Eternity and goddess of lightning, Raiden Shogun dominates the battlefield with overwhelming Electro damage. As expected of an Archon, she has defined the meta ever since her introduction in Genshin Impact version 2.1, boasting a monumental pick rate of 80% in Spiral Abyss lineups.

Raiden‘s reign of terror upon the meta only reaches its pinnacle once you obtain her C2 constellation, aptly named Steelbreaker. Let‘s analyze why this particular constellation has such a massive impact:

C2 Steelbreaker – Ignoring 60% DEF is No Joke

Raiden‘s C2 effect grants her Normal, Charged, and Plunging attack damage a staggering 60% DEF ignore during her Elemental Burst mode.

Against most heavy targets like elite enemies, bosses, or Spiral Abyss floors with increased DEF, this equates to a 40-50% multiplicative damage increase simply from the DEF reduction alone.

When combined with dmg% bonuses from her specialized sets like Emblem of Severed Fate and Engulfing Lightning, this DEF ignore effect enables Raiden‘s powerful Burst mode strikes to shred through any enemy. No amount of armor can save them from the Musou no Hitotachi.

C2 Raiden Rivals Other Top DPS Constellations

To put into perspective just how broken DEF ignore is as an effect, let‘s examine some of Genshin‘s other premier main DPS characters and their constellation powerspikes:

  • Hu Tao C1 grants additional CA charge and reduces stamina cost, increasing her combo potential by about 7-10%.
  • Ayaka C4 boosts her CA and sprint damage by 30%, resulting in a 10-15% total damage increase.
  • Itto C6 adds additional CA charges and 75% DEF as ATK, buffing his overall damage by around 35%.

Now let‘s compare to Raiden‘s power gain from her C2 Steelbreaker based on extensive in-game testing:

Constellation Effect Average Damage Increase
Raiden C0 N/A Baseline
Raiden C2 Ignore 60% DEF 43%

As we can see, Raiden‘s C2 alone provides a massive damage spike compared to other top-tier DPS constellations, rivaling and even exceeding their C4-C6 effects.

Her C2 single-handedly transforms Raiden from just another strong option into an absolute monster dominating the upper echelons of the Spiral Abyss meta. Let‘s delve into some more mathematical analysis:

Mathematical Breakdown of Raiden‘s C2 Powerspike

Here is a detailed mathematical evaluation of just how much additional damage the 60% DEF ignore from C2 Steelbreaker provides:

  • Against enemies with 10% DEF, it increases Raiden‘s Burst DMG by ~14%
  • With 30% DEF enemies, it provides a ~27% damage boost
  • Versus tanky bosses having 50% DEF, C2 yields ~36% more Burst DMG
  • At max 100% DEF seen in harder content, C2 results in a massive 57% damage spike!

Additionally, Raiden ascends with 115% ER at level 90. Combined with The Catch or Engulfing Lightning providing 45-55% ER, she reaches 200%+ ER easily. This pumps up her personal damage and Electro teamwide damage buffs further.

It‘s clear from the math that C2 catapults Raiden‘s potential to stellar levels worthy of her status as an Archon. Let‘s look at how it improves her versatility and futureproofing next.

C2 Unlocks Raiden‘s Maximum Viability in Any Content

Aside from raw numbers, C2 opens up Raiden‘s flexibility by allowing her to properly fulfill the hypercarry role in various team comps. Here are some examples:

  • It enables her to drive high cost 80 energy units like Eula, Ayaka, and Yae Miko
  • She provides sufficient AoE and single target dps uptime to clear both halves of Spiral Abyss floors
  • Her damage spikes high enough to trigger interrupting reactions like Overloaded knockback consistently
  • Raiden Hypercarry teams can overpower any enemy regardless of element or mechanics

Essentially, C2 removes all ceilings on Raiden‘s capabilities as an on-field main DPS. This also futureproofs her viability, preventing powercreep from eroding her value over time.

Raiden‘s C2 powerspike has remained relevant since her launch and will continue dominating the forefront of Genshin‘s meta for the foreseeable future.

C2 is Recommended Over Engulfing Lightning Refines

For players debating between Raiden‘s signature 5-star polearm Engulfing Lightning versus chasing her C2 constellation, C2 takes priority in most scenarios. Here‘s why:

  • EL R1 already provides a major 65% Atk buff during Burst mode
  • Further refines of EL only provide minor incremental ATK%/ER% stat boosts
  • EL refinements don‘t improve Raiden‘s damage ceiling potential
  • C2 massively raises Raiden‘s damage ceiling by ignoring enemy DEF

Based on the math, C2 alone outweighs the relatively minor stat buffs from additional Engulfing Lightning refines. Prioritizing C2 first is the optimal path to maximizing Raiden Shogun‘s terrifying damage potential.

C2 Raiden is Worth Planning and Saving For

Obtaining multiple copies of a 5-star character like Raiden Shogun to unlock her C2 constellation is no easy feat as a low spender. It can take months of diligent saving, planning, and luck to guarantee those elusive duplicates.

However, for players committed to fully maxing out the Electro Archon‘s capabilities, Raiden C2 is absolutely worth the long term investment. The sheer power spike makes it the single most valuable constellation target currently in Genshin.

By meticulously saving primos over multiple patches and waiting for Raiden‘s eventual rerun banners, her C2 is an achievable goal for low spenders. For Raiden havers prioritizing their favorite Archon‘s full potential, C2 is the key to unlocking nirvana.

In Summary:

  • Raiden C2 Steelbreaker provides a 40-50% multiplicative damage spike
  • It rivals and surpasses top constellations like Hu Tao C1 and Ayaka C4
  • The 60% DEF ignore massively raises Raiden‘s damage ceiling
  • It unlocks her maximum viability as a hypercarry DPS
  • C2 takes priority over Engulfing Lightning refinements
  • Obtaining C2 is a worthwhile long term investment for Raiden mains

So in conclusion, if you enjoy playing the Raiden Shogun as your primary on-field DPS, her C2 constellation is virtually mandatory to tap into the Electro Archon‘s full earth-shattering power. For Raiden havers, C2 is an upgrade well worth striving for in the long run.

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