Qualities You Need to Look For in an Airsoft Pistol

Using a pistol in airsoft has several advantages. Because of its size, it’s easier to carry around compared to other lengthy and bulky airsoft guns. It also fits the hand well, and you can even use one hand to fire it in certain situations. Plus, it’s a good backup weapon in case your primary gun runs out of ammo.

However, not all airsoft pistols are made equal. If you take a look at the market, you’ll find a lot of options to choose from, which can be a bit confusing and overwhelming for beginners.

Your weapon is important when playing airsoft. If your gun isn’t the right one, then, your performance will get affected. Because of this, you won’t be able to perform your best and enjoy the whole game. But, needless to say, if you do have the right weapon, then everything will be the opposite.

That said, before you start playing airsoft, make sure that you have the right airsoft gun. And you can do that by carefully examining the pistol before purchasing. But, what should you look for? If you want to make the most out of your airsoft gaming experience, here are some tips to find the right pistol for you.



One of the first things you should take a look into are the materials used in making the ball bullets (also known as pellets), as well as the gun itself. This will help you know if it’s made with good quality and how it can affect your performance.

Some pistols are made with plastic, which makes them lightweight. But, this also makes them brittle, especially during extremely cold weather.

Airsoft bullets are also made of different materials. According to this article at https://gunfire.com/en/menu/green-gas-airsoft-pistols-17223.html, there are non-biodegradable airsoft BBs, which are often made from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), a type of plastic. This may be the cheapest option for BBs, but they don’t easily degrade even after some years.

Non-biodegradable airsoft BBs are actually not good for the environment. For that reason, many outdoor airsoft fields don’t allow it. And if you’re concerned about the environment, you might want to skip using this too.

On the other hand, there are biodegradable airsoft BBs that are environmentally friendly. This type of BB is also made from plastic (either polylactic or polylactide). But, this type of plastic easily breaks down into carbon dioxide and water in several weeks.

However, biodegradable airsoft BBs aren’t as cheaply priced as non-biodegradable ones. Yet, it’s still worth investing in as it’s better for the environment.



Many people often overlook the importance of their airsoft pistol’s grip. But, apparently, it is also crucial in enjoying the game and performing your best.

When you’re not comfortable holding your airsoft gun, chances are, it might slip and fall from your hands, hurt your wrist, etc. When this happens, you won’t be able to perform your best as you keep on worrying about your grip. Additionally, if it slips from your hands, your opponent can easily know you out of the game. Therefore, you won’t enjoy the game.

Your grip is vital when playing airsoft. Hence, when purchasing a pistol, you should also test its grip.

To make sure that it’s comfortable to use, it’s important to be able to hold the gun. If you’re a beginner, it’s more ideal to shop from physical stores. This way, you can feel the pistol better. But, if you’ve already tried a pistol that has a good grip, you can just shop online.


Airsoft Pistol Type

Airsoft pistols come in different types. There’s the automatic electric gun (AEG), gas gun, and high-pressure air gun (HPA). Each of them has its own pros and cons and has different mechanisms.

AEGs are the most common type of gun for playing airsoft. It uses a battery to operate. It’s easy to use and doesn’t need much maintenance. Hence, the popularity and compatibility with beginners.

Gas guns, on the other hand, don’t use batteries. Instead, it operates using gas, hence the name. And unlike AEGs, gas guns require more maintenance and lubrication. Hence, it’s more ideal for immediate and pro players.

Meanwhile, HPAs use high-pressure air to fire BBs. Unlike AEGS and gas guns, HPAs need an external hose and a tank set up to run. They’re more expensive, and they can be a bit of a hassle to us as you’ll need to carry a tank on your back.

Yet, the experience of using HPAs is unparalleled. If you don’t mind the hassle of its setup, this is also fun to use.

Since there are several types of airsoft guns that come with different pros and cons, it’s important to factor in the kind of pistol you’ll be using. This way, you’re sure that you can enjoy the game, be able to carry your weapon, and perform your best.



Just because an airsoft pistol is heavy, which gives a realistic feel, doesn’t mean it’s the one. Apparently, you should also be mindful of your pistol’s weight as it doesn’t only tell about the material used on it but can also affect your gaming experience.

When playing airsoft, it’s a must to prioritize comfort. This way, you can perform better.

If your airsoft pistol is too light, chances are, it can easily break. It might even break during the game, which, needless to say, is a scenario no one wants to experience as you’ll easily lose. And if it’s too heavy, your wrist could get hurt or cause other issues while you’re playing.

Your pistol should neither be too light nor too heavy. It should be “just right.” This means that it has to be comfortable enough, so you can make the most out of the game.

Your weapon is crucial when playing airsoft. So, make sure to choose the one that doesn’t only look cool but is also made with high-quality materials and should be able to fit your level of mastery and your needs for you to enjoy the game more.

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