Purple Mattress vs Casper Comparison : Which is the Best One for You?

When we hear the names Purple and Casper, we envision two of the most sought-after brands in the industry. It is no doubt that both companies have outshone their competitors, but now it's down to the showdown: Purple or Casper?


Why Does It Matter? Over 37.9% of Americans report falling asleep during the day without planning it. The right bed can be the only solution.

The question itself has no answer. For some, it’s the divine aesthetics and architecture trapped within the Casper. For others, Purple’s science-backed innovations do the trick. So the question is which one is better and for whom?

So without further ado, let’s find out which of these is the best mattress available online!

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Purple and Casper Side-By-Side Comparison

Feature Purple Casper
Foam Layers 4 foam layers, including a Purple Comfort Gird layer, coiled layer, and two poly support layers. 4 foam layers, including two poly support and comfort layers, a single memory foam layer, and a stable base layer.
Height 9.5-11.5” 9.5”
Cover Breathable, soft, lightweight. Breathable, zip-off, handsewn
Motion Isolation The excellent isolation provided by the grids. Memory foam provides most of the motion transfer.
Firmness 4.5 – 6.5 6.0 – 7.0
Price $1299-$3499 $595-$1195
Warranty Policy 10 years 10 years
Trial Period 100-nights, 30-night break-in 100-nights, no break-in
Shipping Free, within 7 days Free, within 7 days

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Both the Casper and the Purple mattresses have some pretty smart technologies in their foams. While the Casper uses visco-elastic or “memory foams,” the Purple uses its very own design, both of which are excellent in their respective ways.

Casper Mattress

Casper polyurethane foam

The Casper is a hybrid, which means it uses polyurethane as well as memory foam:

  • Top Layer- is made of pure, non-viscoelastic, polyurethane foam. This layer is about 5” thick and provides cooling, softness, loft, and more comfort.
  • Second Layer- is made of 5” of highly dense yet soft and comfy memory foam. The density fares in at 4.0 pounds per cubic feet and the firmness are around 6.5 or 7.0. Using a memory foam layer helps in relieving pressure and isolating motion. It also contributes to a healthier sleep style.
  • Third Layer- is another layer of5” thick polyurethane foam. Keeping the memory foam layer sandwiched between two regular foams is a great idea. This way, the effects of the memory foam are not too blatant, and neither too subtle.
  • Base Layer- mostly comprises of 5” of polyurethane foam that keeps the entire bed elevated and bouncy. It also helps to maintain rigid support and provides a foundation.

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It is the exact type of mattress that would be great for use with soft topper and pads. The thickness is great for most users. However, some may find that the primary layers are a bit too firm.

Why Choose Casper? The mattress has been personally funded by media personalities, such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Adam Levine.

Memory foams are known to have a lot of layers. Casper amplifies that by using only 4 layers (as compared to the 7 or 8 that other brands use), while also maintaining the same rigid and comfortable structure as the rest.

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Purple Mattress

Purple Grid layer

The Purple Mattress is an entirely different product with a unique foam type:

  • Main Layer- is a separate Purple Grid layer. This type of “foam” is made of hyperelastic polymer material, and is divided into grids. The grids help to let the user sink right in, while also allowing for improved airflow and coolness. This layer has nothing but air pockets, designed for the perfect sleep ever!
  • The central grid layer can be bought in three separate thicknesses: 2”, 3”, and 4”. The depth actually makes a lot of difference, but the grid density remains the same.
  • Coil Layer- uses 5” of coils to provide bounciness and effective pain relief. It was a smart choice using coils along with their technology, as the two works so wonderfully well. The spring structures complement the airflow, and they provide elevation and support.
  • Support Layer- is made of pure polyurethane. This layer sandwiches the coils, removing the heavyweight and sharp edges of the coils from the base, and also making sure that the hardness of the coils cannot be felt from the top layer.
  • Plexus Side Panels- The Purple Mattress uses side panels made from a mesh-based fabric to keep the mattress safe and cool for hours at a time.

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Many users may feel a bit uncomfortable while buying the Purple mattress because so many are unfamiliar with the technology. But the gridded structure and open airways cannot be mistaken to be anything short of high quality. The mattress itself is naturally immune to sagging, as its elasticity allows it to jump right back up.

Why Choose Purple? Purple mattresses have been certified by CertiPUR-US, which ensures that the bed you sleep on is entirely safe and healthy.

What we don’t like about the constriction is that the base layer is coiled, which has been dropped by many newer brands. Compiled mattresses are usually more vulnerable to sagging and losing their first touch. Still, we feel that this mattress will fulfill its promise.

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The covers used in the Casper and the Purple Mattresses are two very different layers. While the exact fabric used in either is unfortunately not known, the type and properties of the cover can be estimated.

For the Casper Bed, the cover is made of open-cell, zip-off fabric that has been hand sewn and integrated into the mattress design. The cover is relatively soft and cool and seems to be made of cotton. We found that the fabric is extra soft and see-through, so maybe it’s a cotton blend.

The Purple mattress uses fabric that is stretchable and breathable. It allows the user not to feel too caged in, as the cover is neither too tight nor too loose. The cover is pretty thick and keeps the user from feeling much of the shape of the grids.

Both the Casper and the Purple mattress covers allow air to pass through with ease. Although we found that the Casper cover has more softness and feels just like cotton, that doesn’t mean that the Purple mattress has no tricks up its sleeve. The Purple Mattress also provides softness, but it is more focused on being stretchy than silky.

Learn more about Purple Mattress if you want to see the details before purchasing.

Firmness, Comfort, and Support

The Casper mattress uses a fitness ranging between 6 and 7, pretty close to the Purple mattress, whose firmness is usually between 4.5 and 6.5. It is known as “Medium Firm,” and is the optimal choice for many users.

Origins: Casper Comfort has formed around 4 years ago, in 2014, and has since then won numerous awards, including TIME’s “Invention of the Year.”

In the Casper mattress, the firmness is provided by the compact arrangement of all four foam layers. Mainly, the memory foam and base layers are to blame. The softness is achieved by placing 1.5 inches of poly foam on either side of the memory, creating both support and comfort for 90% of the users. The base layer is not too hard, so the firmness remains close to medium. The memory foam is also viscoelastic, so although it’s dense, it’s not too rigid or taut.

Origins: Purple Mattresses came into being in 2013, although the comforting company itself has been around 1993, with over 30 comfort technology patents.

The Purple Mattress uses a strategic arrangement of coils to uplift the user in their sleep. The polymer in the gridded layer also provides some support, but this is only subtle. The coiled layer is not only bouncy and airy but also acts as a support layer. And since it lies between two comfort poly layers, it creates the optimal firmness that will leave you hugging your bed.

The dynamics of either mattress are great. One uses a blend of multiple types of foams to create the illusion of hardness, while the other relies solely on springs and steel. Although they have their differences, the intelligent design in both of them makes us think that they aren’t too different after all.

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Size Purple Casper
2” 3” 4”
Twin $595
Twin XL $1299 $1899 $2499 $645
Full $1499 $2099 $2699 $895
Queen $1599 $2199 $2799 $995
King $1899 $2699 $3499 $1195
California King $1899 $2699 $3499 $1195

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Should You Buy A Purple Or A Casper?

Both the Purple and the Casper have same

  • Firmness ratings.
  • 100-night trial periods.
  • 10-year warranty.
  • Motion isolation and pressure relief.
  • 100% refunds/returns.

Even though they use entirely different materials and foams, we love how they both function in the same way! Whether it is a small foam sandwich or purple polymers; both the mattresses are focused on only one thing, and that’s your comfort!

The Purple Mattress Is For You If

  • You want a softer option. The Purple mattress is available in the Medium Soft rating of 4.5, which makes it perfect for users with back and neck pain.
  • You want better motion isolation. The motion isolating properties of the Purple Comfort Grid is exceptional and better than memory foam.

Buy Purple Mattress

The Casper Mattress Is For You If

  • You prefer a warranty with no break-in period. While it's not mandatory, Purple mattresses require that you try out the mattress for at least 30 nights before ending the trial.
  • You prefer viscoelasticity and body contouring. We cannot be sure whether the gridded stricture of the Purple is good at body contouring or not.
  • You love sleeping on your back and sides. The Casper mattress is an excellent choice for side and back sleepers, but maybe not stomach sleepers.

Buy Casper Mattress


Whether it’s the Casper or the Purple, we love anything that can stop us from counting sheep and put us off to sleep. With a fluid purple design and modern innovations, the Purple mattress stands at the top of the food chain. But that doesn't mean that the Casper, with its sheer beauty and performance, hasn’t given us anything more than perfect.

Just be sure to spend your money in the right place, and avoid scams!

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