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Purple is offering two types of mattresses: the original purple mattress and the new purple mattress. With the cooling effects, it wakes you up without any sweat. Also, it is easy for you to sleep in any position. What's more, there are multiple firmness levels you can choose that makes it more adaptive to all body types. All this has been made possible because of the science and engineering behind its manufacturing.

Let’s take a look at them in detail.

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Overall scoring of the mattresses

EDITOR’S RATING 9.1 Editor’s Comment
Category Rating
FEEL 8.5 The purple mattress feels excellent. They are comfortable for everybody.
FIRMNESS 8.9 With the availability of options of firmness levels, these mattresses are great for body contouring
EDGE SUPPORT 8.7 The coils and foams give the right amount of edge support.
MOTION ISOLATION 9.5 Smart Comfort technology reduces motion to a higher level.
MATERIAL AND QUALITY 9.0 They are handcrafted in the USA. They are very durable.
Off-gassing 8.5 There are very few cases of off-gassing. They are great.
Summary The original purple and the new purple mattresses are excellent choices for everyone. These mattresses reduce pressure on joints, sleep cool and give better edge support. They use polyester and spandex to make mattresses even softer. These mattresses are Certi-PUR certified and available in different firmness levels.

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Some key characteristics

  • The purple foam helps the curvature of spines, straightness of the back and shoulders and has a pressure relief system.
  • It gives the cooling effect because of the breathable design.
  • The new purple mattress has a responsive coiling system.
  • The original purple mattress has a dual-layer foam base. This maintains the perfect support of your body.
  • It has the soft stretchable cover which is plush.
  • This mattress is great for side sleepers, back or stomach.
  • Both the original and new purple mattress offer the zero motion transfer quality. It is possible due to the use of Purple Smart Comfort Grid™.
  • There are different levels of thickness available in this foam.
  • The company also offers warranty, trials and free delivery facility. They are durable enough to last for 25 years.


Review of Purple mattress

The original purple mattress

The most top is the layer of responsive knit cover. The cover is super soft and is stretchable. It enhances the flexing properties of Smart Comfort Grid™. It helps to sleep you cool by its breathability. The cover allows the flow of air, making the mattress even cooler.

The second is the actual layer of Purple Smart Comfort Grid™. It is added to the mattress to adapt to your body. It firmly supports your overall body in any position you sleep.

The third layer is of plush comfort foam and is high-density polyurethane foam which is responsive. The soft feel that it gives is excellent. It is a hypo-allergenic layer and entirely safe for your health.

The fourth one is the support layer. The layer is a bit firmer than the third layer. It is also high-density polyurethane foam. It gives support to the structure of the mattress.

The final fifth is the layer of the base support. The layer is what carries the weight of the upper layers. It is of durable material.

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The new purple mattress

The top layer is the Comfort-stretch cover which is a superbly breathable cover which dissipates heat from the mattress. Its stretchable property avoids tautness.

The second layer is of Purple Smart Comfort Grid™. The mattress is scientifically engineered to eliminate pain and relieve pressure points. It cradles your body maintains the ideal level of firmness at every position.

There is an addition of specialized comfort foam as a third layer. This layer is ultra-durable polyurethane foam which is safe. It acts as a transition between the layers. Also, it helps in better edge support.

The responsive support coils are there as a fourth layer. The individual support coils are effective pressure relief. They are not only good for pressure relieving but also the durability.

The last is the layer of Plexus side panels. It is a mesh-based material which gives support.

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Firmness level

Firmness level

The original purple mattress is available in a medium-firm level. The combination of poly foams with the cover and support layers make it a medium-firm. The new purple mattress offers three levels of firmness. It is available in medium firm, medium and medium soft. It leads to a change in the thickness of the mattresses as well. They are 11’’, 12’’ and 13’’ thick respectively. But, all of the mattresses are great for a variety of sleepers as we mentioned above.

Quick note: Women’s older than 55 prefer a firm mattress.

Motion isolation

The motion isolation feature of this mattress is another comforting spec of it. Though this one does not fall into latex or memory foam category, still it has a good quality of motion isolation. The use of hyper-elastic polymer makes it to zero transfer the motion. So, you don’t feel any disturbance caused by your bed partner. This thing gives you a personalized feeling. This is the best choice for those who sleep with their partners.


The top layers of this purple mattress include the polyester and spandex materials. This makes it be plusher than many others. It is a part of the science for your comfort. Along with the best support and firmness, it has stretch covers of premium quality.

Interesting fact: Younger women prefer comfort over firmness.

The original mattress cover is a blend of 30% viscose, 65% polyester, and 5% lycra. The premium cover of the new purple mattress contains 98% polyester and 2% spandex. Also, the side panels are quilted and woven fabric of 99% polyester and 1% spandex. This mixture creates the final softer form of this mattress.

Pressure relief

Purple foam offers you a great quality of pressure relief. It reduces stress on your shoulders and back. Also, your joints remain painless. It is because it does not give any sinking feeling and you remain at the top of the mattress. This allows a quick response to the pressure by the use of polymers in it.

Better Edge support

The purple mattresses give you the right amount of edge support. It is possible by the use of polyurethane foams and edge support base foams. Also, the pocketed coils provide maximum support along the edges. The coils prevent you from rolling off your bed. And, you sleep worry-free. 95% of recycled steel is used in the coils. It makes them durable and can support your body at every point.

Variety of sizes

The purple mattress has applied its science to all sizes. They are available in Twin XL, queen, king, and California king sizes. The sizes along with the dimensions are given below in the image.

Mattress Sizes Dimensions Price ($)
The original Twin XL 38x80x9.5 699
Full 54x76x9.5 899
Queen 60x80x9.5 999
King 76x80x9.5 1299
Cal King 72x84x9.5 1299
The new purple 0.2 Twin XL 38x80x11 1299
Full 54x76x11 1499
Queen 60x80x11 1599
King 76x80x11 1899
Cal King 72x84x11 1899
The new purple 0.3 Twin XL 38x80x12 1899
Full 54x76x12 2099
Queen 60x80x12 2199
King 76x80x12 2699
Cal King 72x84x12 2699
The new purple 0.4 Twin XL 38x80x13 2499
Full 54x76x13 2699
Queen 60x80x13 2799
King 76x80x13 3499
Cal King 72x84x13 3499


The science of maximum breathability is due to its covers. Its covers are polyester, spandex and viscose fabric. This material makes it be more breathable. You sleep cool and calm in them. Their inner structure maximizes the flow of air and keeps the mattress cool. So, this does not accumulate sweat on your body and you sleep peacefully whole night.

Freedom of bases

The foam does not want any special base, unlike other mattresses. This one gets fit in any base. You won’t be needing any platform bed, spring or any other special bedding system for that. It just needs a flat and sturdy surface.

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Great for all sleepers

Good for all sleepers

Both of them are ideal for every type of sleeper. Whether you are a stomach, back or side sleeper, these mattresses do their job smartly. Out table will show you more about it.

The original purple Side Fair Very Good Good
Back Very good Fair Very Good
Stomach Fair Good Fair
The new purple Side Good Good Very Good
Back Fair Good Good
Stomach Very Good Good Very Good

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Trials, warranty, and delivery

The purple mattress is giving 100 nights free trial and no pressure guarantee. You can check in 100 nights for full money return. If you don’t love it within 100 nights, you can return and get your full payment back.

Quick Fact: A study found that younger women aging 18-34 years tend to replace mattress within 7 years.

Not only this, there is a warranty of 10 years as well. Purple mattress guarantees the quality for up to 10 years. It means they are long-lasting. What's more, white glove delivery is also available. So, you don’t need to panic about its home set-up.

Country of origin

All of the purple mattresses are handcrafted in the USA. They manufacture components and assemble them there. It ensures that top quality materials are used in their construction. Thus, these items last a long life.

0% interest

Not only this, you can have this masterpiece at your home without any worry. The company is also offering 0% APR (Annual Percentage Rate of charge). So, you can have it on loan with no interest.

A healthy choice for you

It is a healthy choice because of its certification of Certi-PUR. 100% natural materials are used in their construction. The top layer utilizes a hyperelastic polymer with the non-toxic polyethylene copolymer powder coating. The base layer has propylene fabric encased coils. The knit cover on the top has 98% of polyester and 2% spandex. All of the materials are non-toxic.

No chemical or flame retardants are used. They are eco-friendly and built to last that means the purple mattress is

  • Made without ozone depleters.
  • Made without PBDEs or flame
  • Made without mercury, lead or formaldehyde.
  • It has low VOC emissions.

Why we like it :

  • Are looking for a bed with a pressure relief system and want to sleep cool.
  • Prefer motion isolation.
  • Are searching for it online and you have to trust in the quality of the material.
  • Want a hypo-allergenic option.
  • Are a side sleeper. This would be one of the best items if you prefer to sleep on your side.
  • Like the noise-less

Why we hate it :

  • Love memory or latex foam more.
  • Require a lightweight mattress.
  • Are short on budget.
  • Want a more sinking feeling as you sleep.
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This is a definite scientifically engineered choice for sleep lovers. It has all the qualities you need in the mattress. They sleep cool with their Smart Comfort Grid™ technology and comfortable due to a good pressure relief system. Handcrafted in the USA, their construction speaks of their quality and durability. They give the amount of the edge and middle support that you want. Both mattresses are Certi-PUR certified that makes them a healthy choice for you and your family.

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