Top 10 Mistakes When Preparing a Barbeque Party

You are planning on having a barbeque party and you want to make sure that everything is perfect and that all of your guests enjoy themselves, but you are afraid that you will forget something.

Well, if you read over the top 10 mistakes that others make when preparing a barbeque party you party will turn out to the best party of the entire year.

Barbeque Party

  1. One of the first things to take into consideration is the seating arraignments. Yes, I know this is outdoor barbeque party. But, everyone will not want to stand around all day. Be sure that you have enough table space and seating for each person that you invite to sit comfortably at the table and enjoy the meal that you have prepared.
  2. Second, for the day you have planned your barbeque the weather is suppose to be awesome. But, it is always best to have an alternate plan just is case. If the weather turns off bad you should have prior arraignments made either on the invitation giving another date for your barbeque party or having a place ready indoors that will accommodate every guest.
  3. Not sending the invitations in time for your guests to respond. You should include a RSVP and maybe even a note asking your guests to please advise if they have any type of food allergies. This will help with deter another big mistake later on.
  4. Plan a time where all guests can arrive and enjoy a great party. If you are inviting friends that have children or couples that sometimes work on weekends, then you need to take into consideration the best time for them to come. If they have small children you do not want to plan a party right before nap time or if your guests had to work that day they should have time to go home and rest before attending your affair.
  5. Menu planning can be a lot harder than you think. You should plan your meal around the different guests that you have invited. This can be more challenging than just throwing on hamburgers on the grill. This is where information on food allergies will really come in handy. You should plan your meal with all of your guests in mind; some may allergies to seafood so you would have to be sure to include foods that are not seafood so they will also be able to enjoy your barbeque. Another thing to take into consideration is if there will be any children present. If there are children going to be present then a great idea on your menu would be hot dogs and potato chips. I know that is not very elaborate, but not many children enjoy fancy foods.
  6. Serving only one main course can also be disastrous. Plan on having at least two to three different types of meat, so your guests can choose their favorite or shy away from any food allergens.
  7. Not preparing enough food can also be a big mistake and can be quite embarrassing as well. It would be best to have a little extra left over after your barbeque party than not have enough food to feed all of your guests.
  8. Decorating for a barbeque party is another mistake that many people make. It is great to have a themed barbeque party, but you should purchase items that will enhance the party without any hassles. If you place too many decorations on the table or hanging from trees or the porch, these items can get in the way. If your party is planned for the evening hours and it become dusk before everyone departs then you should also have plans for lighting. Torches are a wonderful way to light up the back yard and also give atmosphere to your barbeque party. Remember, if children will be present, do not have breakable decorations. Also, place of items that can harm the small children out of their reach and watch the torches. A safe party for children and adults is the best way to go.
  9. Keeping hot food hot and cold food cold is a big problem at a barbeque. Be sure you have enough coolers for items such as potato salad, drinks and other items that need to stay cold. As soon as the guests have slowed down on filling their plates place the perishable type foods in the coolers or in the refrigerator and let them know they are still welcome to more you are just preserving the flavor and coldness. Bacteria can and will set up in some of these foods and your guests could become ill later on in the evening if these precautions are not met
  10. Last but not least, when you plan your barbeque party, plan fun activities as well, especially if you are going to have children present. Have games such as horseshoes, crochet or other fun things for them to enjoy. If the children become bored, the parents will not have a good time and leave the party early.

Remember these top 10 mistakes as you plan your barbeque party and avoid them at all cost and your party will be the hit of the summer.

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