Practical Gadgets That Will Boost Your Safety When Riding A Motorcycle

Whether you use your motorcycle to commute to work on busy paved roads or to seek thrills off-roading in the hills, you should be aware of the safety features available to you, and useful gadgets that could massively increase your safety while riding.

The Bikes

Before we can discuss gadgets to improve your safety on a motorcycle, we need to address the bike itself.


The first and most sensible thing you can do is ensure you are riding the right motorbike for yourself. Is it the right size and height? You should be able to place both feet flat on the ground on either side of your bike, enabling you to keep your balance while waiting at a red light. Make sure you can comfortably reach all of the controls as well.


Depending on what sort of riding you want to do, you should pick a style of motorbike accordingly. For longer distances, a touring or cruiser motorcycle is ideal. Sportbikes are built to travel very fast, and dual-sport motorcycles can tackle both rough ground and paved streets.


Make sure your motorcycle is well looked after. A common cause of breakdowns is badly-maintained bikes, with improper brakes, worn tires, or malfunctioning cables.

Safety features

There are several safety features to look out for in motorcycles, such as an anti-lock braking system, which is currently available on all bikes over 125cc. This feature prevents back wheels from locking when brakes are applied quickly, which reduces the risks of skidding and drifting.

If your bike is under 125cc, you can fit it with a combined braking system. This affordable system is not as effective as the anti-lock braking system, but is an affective safety feature none the less. It automatically applies the front brake when you use the rear brake, which reduces your stopping distance.

When riding on poor road conditions, it can be useful to have traction control, which is typically fitted on premium bikes. Riding in the mud, rain, or on a smooth surface can limit friction on the road, reducing the bike’s traction, and making you feel less stable. This feature remedies the bike’s instability.

In the event of emergency braking, rear lift-off protection prevents your rear wheel from lifting off the ground. And finally, stability control uses electronic aids to analyze your bike’s lean angle, and your riding style and acceleration. The feature deploys traction control to increase your stability.

Safety features

The Gadgets

Now that you have a better understanding of the size, height, and style of motorcycle that suits your needs, and the available safety features for that bike, you can start to think about extra accessories to invest in for maximum safety while riding.

There are many affordable gadgets to keep you safe while riding a motorcycle that could make all the difference. It is always worth spending a little extra on preserving your health and wellbeing, so it is strongly recommended that you look into each of these items.

Bluetooth Communication System

If you are riding with a group, this gadget can make it much easier to coordinate with the other riders. Moreover, you can communicate with one another about hazards on the road, and if someone has an accident, it is very useful to have a communication device so they can be assisted as soon as possible.

GPS System

This one is more for off-roaders and adventurers. If you are riding into unfamiliar territories, it is very useful to have a GPS system for your bike. This will prevent you from getting lost or accidentally riding somewhere unsafe.

Mounted Camera

As well as being a great tool for recording your exciting rides and sharing them on social media, a mounted camera can also be your best ally in a legal claim if you are involved in an accident and are seeking compensation.

Tire Repair Kit/ Multitool

In the event of a flat tire or breakdown, it can be frustrating and potentially dangerous having to wait for aid, especially if you are stranded someplace inaccessible to bigger vehicles, like the mountains. With a tire repair kit and a multitool, you can change tires and fix breakdowns independently, which can be a life-saving skill.

Tire Repair Kit Multitool

In Case of An Accident

First of all, reduce risks of accidents by riding safely. However, if you are involved in an accident that was caused by another driver, call a lawyer. You might be entitled to compensation.

And with the evidence from your mounted camera, you have a good shot of proving liability. Hopefully, your bike is well-equipped with safety features, and you are using protective gear, so the damage will be minimal. Always choose safety first.

Safety First

This guide to the safety features of various motorcycles and the useful gadgets you can purchase to maximize your safety while riding should have inspired you to make your safety a top priority.

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