Top 5 Popular Online Purchases from Students

Students are more inclined to purchase online. While the former generations have grown up knowing convenience stores and local shops, we grew up in parallel with Amazon and other e-commerce stores. In these competitive times, excavating through a shopping mall will only result in wasted time and soon I would need someone to do my math homework. To be ahead of that, here are the 5 popular things that students purchase online.

1. Books


Students love to read, discuss, and analyze. For that, apart from having access to the library, you’d want to purchase books. The distinct smell of the new book is often exciting and plants the seed of interest in your brain, which we have associated knowledge dopamine with from a pretty tender age.

While the traditional book shops still exist, the convenience of online shopping for books has filled the gap between readers and authors. Amazon is the largest marketplace in the world which started as a book review and selling site. You can now find thousands of books there or even pick something for free with the frequent bonus they keep offering.

2. Mobile and Computers

The most critical gadget for a student to have is a laptop. Tech only comes in second because of the sales volume. While books are cheaper and easily discarded, a laptop is not. If someone already has one, they might not need another. If you still don’t own a laptop, it’s likely that you are considering having one. Online marketplaces are the best for researching and buying tech. You can compare them side by side for features, and get delivery within a day or two.

Depending on your budget, you’d need a mobile too to be connected. As a student, following social media, checking emails, taking notes become full-time jobs. Which, without a mobile, is tough to manage. Online shopping sales volume for mobiles have always been high, but after students have taken interest in the latest iPhones and stuff, it’s skyrocketed.

3. Fashion


Who doesn’t need clothes? Students. They can survive wearing the same clothes every day for the four years of their college and even beyond. What typically happens is, you put on your go-to dress and attend the classes. Where you sit throughout the hours and not do much. In your defence, that’s what makes the dresses endure so much. But more often than not, you’d need to go to parties and to date. For that, you’d need to look good. What’s better to revamp your looks than a new shirt or skirt?

Online shopping has eased the pain of going through the aisle of a shopping mall and trying to predict the best one for you. While shopping traditionally, you don’t expect to see if something suits, without trying it out first. But, with technology, you can now see others leaving reviews wearing the same dress and judge on the basis of that. Which students have taken a liking to.

4. Sports and Travel

Some students are more athletic than the most athletic athletes. Since most of the athletes start as a student, it’s not unusual to see high competitiveness among school and college goers. Although the top ones get sponsored soon enough and are expected to use only that publicly, the rest are required to compete with their own money and by purchasing equipment online.

If you are a student, you might also love travelling, especially hiking. For that, you’d need shoes, rucksack, compass, hiking poles, and much more. What is your go to place the supplies? Of course online. Online stores are your one stop solution for all your travelling solutions as a student.

5. Camera


Student life is full of excitements and adventures that you cherish forever. For that, you need a camera. Students love shopping for DSLRs online. From freshers to farewell, a camera always comes in handy. Preserving the moments with loved ones, friends, families are favourite pastime hobbies for a student.

And if you have the slightest bit of passion for photography, your own camera can fuel that too.

The Bottom Line

Online purchases from students have increased in recent years due to the pandemic. As students are mostly attending classes from home, they are more inclined to shop online than going through the traditional methods. The top 5 purchases that students make online are listed here.

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