Pamela Love Jewelry Review: Meaningful & Magical Pieces Worth Every Penny

Uncovering the Story Behind Pamela Love

Pamela Love first began designing jewelry out of her New York City apartment in 2006. Inspired by her deeply spiritual beliefs and connections to the mysteries of the natural world, Love wanted to create romantic, feminine pieces that told a story.

Over the past 15 years, the self-taught jewelry designer has made a name for herself through intense attention to detail, high quality materials, and beautifully unusual designs. Vogue calls her aesthetic "gothic but wearable," while Harper‘s Bazaar notes her "darkly magical" vibe.

Influenced by astronomy, alchemy traditions, and ancient belief systems, each Pamela Love piece seems to have a life of its own. Love herself sees designing jewelry as a spiritual practice that allows her to infuse the precious materials with meaning and energy. Her hope is that by wearing the jewelry, customers might uncover some hidden part of themselves.

As evidence of her deep reverence for the materials, Love only uses certified recycled metals and ethically sourced gemstones. The company partners with mines committed to fair trade and safe working conditions. Love also works closely with artisans in underdeveloped countries to preserve jewelry making traditions.

From dagger pendants with dazzling red rubies to delicate gold-plated necklaces with starburst charms, Pamela Love‘s jewelry captures your curiosity. Unlike mass-produced pieces you might find at chain boutiques, these reflect one woman‘s vision and connect us to something greater.

Keep reading this Pamela Love review for an in-depth look at the brand‘s stunning jewelry collections. You‘ll discover stunning pieces, learn exactly what customers love about the designer, and uncover tips for spotting fakes.

Pamela Love Jewelry Pros & Cons

As with any jewelry brand, Pamela Love has its advantages and disadvantages compared to competitors. Based on research of customer reviews and the company‘s policies, here is a summary:


  • Unique designs unlike other fine jewelry brands
  • Ethical and sustainable materials and production methods
  • Reasonable prices ranging from $100 for delicate rings to over $1,000 for diamond pendants
  • Wide selection of earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and anklets
  • Currently offers free shipping and returns in the U.S.
  • Easy online ordering as well as retail partners like Saks Fifth Avenue and Barneys
  • Rewards program allows points on every order
  • Custom jewelry design services available
  • Offers repairs, cleaning, resizing, and other services on older pieces
  • Positive customer reviews praise craftsmanship and style


  • No brick-and-mortar Pamela Love boutiques for trying on (online only)
  • Limited selection of engagement rings and wedding bands
  • Shorter 7 day return period compared to competitors with 30 days
  • No certification from organizations like the GIA, could be difficult determining resale value
  • Occasional complaints about long lead times on custom orders
  • Easy for other brands or Etsy sellers to knock off signature styles

Overall the advantages of unique designs, reasonable prices, excellent craftsmanship, and ethical sourcing hugely outweigh minor disadvantages for Pamela Love.

Pamela Love‘s Most Popular Jewelry Styles

Over the past decade and a half, Pamela Love has debuted over 20 themed collections playing with astrology, ancient mythology, and the mysteries of the natural world. The brand continues defining trends with their dark romantic style each season.

Having combed through dozens of pieces, read reviews, and analyzed customer purchases, here are some of Pamela Love‘s most popular jewelry styles you‘ll absolutely love wearing:

1. Luna Locket Necklace

A top seller season after season, the Luna Locket Necklace features a tiny 14k gold moon that you open up to hide a secret. Customers gush this is a unique take on the traditional heart locket necklace. The lunar instead represents cycles, seasons, and intuition.

2. Arrow Ring

Part of Love‘s talisman-focused Legion of Dreams collection, this 18k gold plated ring has an on-trend yet spiritually symbolic arrow design. It‘s just edgy enough without going overboard. Fans say it stacks perfectly with other delicate rings.

3. Serpent Wrap Bracelet

Give your bracelet stack a rebellious twist with this brass or silver snake bracelet dotted with sparkling crystals. It‘s one of the most affordable Pamela Love bracelets given the striking style. One customer calls it her "most complimented piece ever!"

There are so many other unique Pamela Love jewelry styles customers say you won‘t find anywhere else – starburst drop earrings, zodiac necklaces, diamond sword pendants, evil eye rings, and signature spike pieces. The prices range from around $100-$300 for most collections, while the rose gold, diamonds, and solid gold pieces reach into the thousands.

What Do Customers Have to Say?

Thus far we‘ve mostly shared our perspectives on the beautiful jewelry brand Pamela Love has created. But let‘s see what actual customers who have purchased her pieces think:

"Absolutely Beautiful Craftsmanship"

Monica P. purchased the Cat‘s Eye Moon Phase ring and Luna necklace as a gift. She was stunned by the "tiny details and absolutely beautiful craftsmanship" of both pieces. After seeing how much her friend loved the thoughtful gift, Monica purchased a set of dagger earrings for herself. She closes her 5-star review urging you to buy soon before somebody else discovers this hidden gem of a jewelry brand!

"Perfect for Stacking"

Allie M. has bought over half a dozen gold Pamela Love rings to mix and match into stacked looks. She loves the unique stone shapes you won‘t find at bigger commercial jewelry stores. Even though some of the thinner bands can be slightly bent out of shape, she says customer service has been quick about replacing any damaged pieces.

"So in Love with This Purchase!"

When Amy J.‘s boyfriend proposed, she struggled finding a wedding band that properly matched her antique style engagement ring. She took to Etsy and after browsing for days finally decided on a custom hammered gold band with a raw diamond from Pamela Love. The thickness, finish, and design perfectly accentuated the e-ring‘s filigreed sides. Amy recommends the brand for custom wedding and engagement pieces with detailed consultations.

After reading glowing Pamela Love jewelry reviews across the web in addition to chatting with customers in person during my years as a jewelry buyer, I‘m confident their jewelry quality and designs exceed expectations. Yes, some pieces may get slightly damaged with daily wear, but the friendly customer service team is quick to help.

Care & Repairs: Caring for Your Investment

To properly care for and maintain jewelry from Pamela Love, be sure to follow these tips:

Storage: Each jewelry box has a card advising ideal storage methods. For most pieces, keeping in a fabric lined jewelry box away from moisture or acidic environments works well. The higher end gold and pave designs should be kept in anti-tarnish bags as well when not wearing.

Cleaning: Use a gentle jewelry cleaning solution and soft cloth to clean. Some stone surfaces like opal or pearl require specialized cleaning products. Pamela Love offers complimentary cleanings on pieces bought directly through their website when you cover shipping costs.

Avoid Chemicals: Do not wear pieces in chlorinated pools, hot tubs, or saunas as the chemicals can damage gemstones and eat through precious metals. Apply perfumes and hair products before accessorizing as well.

Inspect Settings: Examine prong settings every few months for loose stones. If you notice a stone getting loose, stop wearing the jewelry and immediately send to Pamela Love for repairs. Catching loose prongs early prevents losing stones completely.

As an authorized retailer, Pamela Love offers high quality repair, cleaning, resizing, replating, and other services to restore beauty. The customizable order form online efficiently processes maintenance requests. Expect approvals within 48 hours and a ~2 week turnaround.

Caring for fine jewelry requires a little more time and effort. But the sentimental value and sheer enjoyment we experience from wearing special memory-filled pieces makes a good cleaning cloth worthwhile!

Spotting Fakes: Is It Real Pamela Love Jewelry?

As Pamela Love popularity skyrockets, copycat jewelers producing lookalike pieces flood e-commerce sites. To avoid spending money on low quality knockoff jewelry, inspect for the following signs before buying:

  • Hallmarks – Authentic Pamela Love jewelry features hallmarks on bands and metalwork like PL for the designer’s initials.
  • Brand Packaging – Real packaging includes the signature lips logo, pink boxes, authenticity cards, polishing cloths etc.
  • Quality & Weight – Fakes often feel lighter, have imperfect stone cuts, and loose prong settings.
  • Laser Engravings – Beginning in 2022, many Pamela Love pieces feature laser engraving logos inside bands difficult for counterfeiters to perfectly mimic.
  • Pricing – Extreme low prices like a $25 version of a beloved $250 bestseller ring are a red flag. If the deal seems too good to be true, it likely is.

Still unsure if the retailer is selling authentic designer jewelry or a cheap knockoff version? Ask for multiple closeup photos including packaging before purchasing or contact Pamela Love’s customer service team through their official website.

Final Verdict: Is Pamela Love Jewelry Worth It?

In closing this Pamela Love jewelry review, let‘s recap key reasons we confidently recommend adding her pieces into your personal collections and as heartfelt gifts for all the magical women in your lives:

  • Meaningful Symbols -each piece tells a mystical story rich with symbols of cycles and seasons gone by.
  • Reimagined Classics – Pamela Love redesigns historical motifs like royal crests and alchemical imagery into cool minimalist jewelry.
  • Responsible Production – recycled metals and ethical stones feel good when adorning your skin.
  • Reasonable Investment – prices span accessible indie budgets up through luxury spending allowing all fans to enjoy.
  • Conversation Starter – mysterious vibes and unusual materials grab attention and questions wherever you wear it.

Magic resides in precious stones and metals as conduits of memories. With every glance at your new Pamela Love jewelry, recall the meaning infused into the atoms of those earrings, rings, and necklaces. Let it empower you to live fully, passionately, and purposefully. Manifest your deepest desires by acknowledging the hidden forces in nature through these exceptional designs.

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