Why is Oak Solid Wood Flooring the Number One Choice Today?

If you are looking for flooring that gives you an authentic, luxurious, and timeless look that only improves its aesthetic as time passes, you can never go wrong with Oak solid wood flooring. It offers you a level of durability, warmth, smoothness, and strength that is seldom found in other flooring options.

Here are all the reasons why Oak solid wood flooring is the number one choice for flooring today. So, make sure you pay sufficient attention towards them for the best experience. We promise; you will not be disappointed.

1. Durability


The main reason homeowners choose Oak solid wood flooring as their flooring option is its durability and long-term value. A hardwood floor that has been installed professionally will last for generations, and its character and colour will only grow in this time.

Oak’s hardness makes it easy to work with as well as makes it look durable. It also makes it resistant to scratches, dents, and warping. Oak also stands up well against changes in temperatures which can cause wood to contract and expand.

The hardness of Oak is practical, making nailing, staining, cutting, refinishing/sanding less challenging than in comparatively harder woods. As it is naturally resistant to insect infestation and fungus, Oak flooring is resistant to degradation.

Oak flooring can take any heavy foot traffic, scrapes, and minor scuffs as there will be signs of wear visible on the surface, increasing its longevity if appropriately treated. It also adds to the value of your home consecutively.

2. Affordable with a Multitude of Options

There are many options available when Oak solid wood flooring is chosen as a flooring option. There is a diverse range of prefinished or raw Oak planks available with different colours, sizes and textures, offering a wide variety of options. There are also many styles available, including antique, wire brush, hand scraped, new, reclaimed, and distressed.

This vast amount of options and supply makes Oak available at an affordable price. These prices vary with the brand, the supplier, the style, and the finish of the Oak flooring, but it is still a price that is affordable compared to other flooring options.

The price of Oak flooring can match anyone’s budget based on the finish and the style they choose for their flooring. The best part about this flooring is that even if it is available at an affordable price range, it still gives your home an expensive look. This is the perfect option to give your home a majestic feel but without overspending on your budget.

3. Easy to Maintain and Refinish

 Easy to Maintain and Refinish

The following reason why Oak is the best choice is that it can be installed just about anywhere. The flooring fits well with every kind of decor, be it antique or modern, and it can be used in any room despite the maintenance it would need. Oak also has high resistance to the mixture, which can be used in basements and even bathrooms.

The maintenance of this flooring is straightforward irrespective of the finish applied to the surface. It is easy to clean and only needs a quick sweep and gentle mopping most of the time.

Another aspect of Oak solid wood flooring is that it can constantly be refurbished, or you can sand it without any worries. This way, you accomplish a new flooring if the old one is ever damaged without having to spend a lot of money and replace your entire flooring. Oak solid flooring is highly stain resistant, and it can be dusted with a dry cloth.

A quick mop up using a floor cleaner and then drying the floor immediately has been said to restore the shine of the flooring to the original. Any scratches on the flooring can be quickly recharged using a specialized wax product. All of this proves the easy maintenance of Oak solid wood flooring.

4. Integrates with Architectural Elements and Ages Beautifully

Another essential aspect of Oak flooring is that, along with being affordable and beautiful, this flooring integrates with every type of decor organically. Oak solid wood flooring is essentially timeless, and as it ages, it only becomes full of character and beauty. It deepens with rich details, weathered, worn, classic and timeless look as the years go by. This further increases the value of your home.

The neutral appearance that Oak offers is another reason that pushes homeowners to choose it as their flooring option. It goes with rich or deep tones, as it brings out the grains, knots, and textures of the wood, making your flooring exceptionally appealing and unique.

The multitude of sizes, shapes, and styles offered in Oak flooring makes it an ideal flooring option that will work with all decors in any room. Its durability is another reason which helps in this aspect.

The Bottom Line

These are some reasons why Oak solid wood flooring is the best choice you can make for your flooring. The durability, easy maintenance, affordability, beauty, and grace that Oak solid wood flooring brings with itself to your home is unmatched by any other flooring option.

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