The Complete NordicTrack Review: An In-Depth Analysis

Introducing NordicTrack – A Trusted Brand With Staying Power

When it comes to in-home fitness equipment, few companies have the proven staying power and brand recognition of NordicTrack. Founded in 1975 in Minnesota by Edward and Florence Pauls, NordicTrack pioneered the concept of bringing gym-quality machines right into your living room.

Over 40+ years, NordicTrack has continued to innovate and expand their product catalogue to keep up with the growing global fitness market now valued at over $96 billion. From their first ski exercise machine to today‘s high-tech treadmills, bikes and strength systems, NordicTrack is now one of the most well-known players in home fitness.

So what sets NordicTrack apart from the competition? And how do their popular ellipticals, treadmills and other products actually perform for consumers? This comprehensive review will analyze NordicTrack‘s lineup to help you determine if their smart workout gear deserves a spot in your home gym.

NordicTrack Product Lineup: An Overview

NordicTrack has come a long way since their early ski machines, now offering a full suite of cardio, strength training and recovery products including:

Treadmills: Featuring shock absorption, incline/decline, touchscreens and iFit integration, NordicTrack treadmills aim to recreate an authentic running experience in your home. Ranging from affordable folding models to high-end commercial-grade machines.

Ellipticals: With adjustable stride lengths, incline levels and built-in apps/screens, NordicTrack elliptical trainers allow for low-impact cardio at various intensities. Newer models fold up or are designed specifically for smaller spaces.

Exercise Bikes: From recumbent bikes to indoor cycles, NordicTrack‘s bike range includes magnetic resistance systems and compatibility with third-party cycling apps like Zwift. High-end models include decline/incline to simulate outdoor riding.

Rowers: NordicTrack offers a variety of rowing machines featuring patented resistance technologies to recreate the smooth feel of on-water rowing. Upper body exercisers provide a similar low-impact workout for the entire body.

Strength: Select treadmills, bikes and rowers come packaged with weights or resistance bands. The adjustable Select-A-Weight dumbbell set is also a popular standalone strength product.

Now let‘s analyze the pros and cons of NordicTrack‘s product catalogue.

The Pros of NordicTrack Equipment

There are several advantages to choosing NordicTrack over competitor brands:

Established Brand With Proven Track Record: With over 40 years perfecting at-home fitness equipment, NordicTrack has earned a reputation for quality and innovation few brands can match. Their staying power speaks to the popularity and performance of their products.

High-Tech & Smart Features: From built-in touchscreens to integration with training apps, NordicTrack products contain state-of-the-art software and entertainment options to augment your workouts. This includes compatibility with iFit, their proprietary on-demand training program with elite coaches.

Space Saving Designs: NordicTrack now offers many foldable and compact models catering to smaller homes and apartments including folding treadmills and smaller elliptical trainers.

Quality Components & Smooth Operation: Using materials like steel, aluminum and compression rollers in their designs, most NordicTrack equipment reviews praise how solid and smooth their cardio machines feel during vigorous workouts compared to cheaper counterparts.

Generous Warranty Coverage: Most NordicTrack products come with impressive 10 Year Frame Warranties as well as 1-3 year coverage for parts. Labor is also included for the first 2 years. This protects against early manufacturer defects.

Financing Options Available: NordicTrack provides consumers financing through partners like Affirm allowing shoppers to split payments interest-free over multiple months instead of paying equipment costs upfront. This makes their products more affordable.

For smart features, space saving designs and smoother performance compared to budget options, NordicTrack is a compelling brand for shoppers in the market for higher-end home gym equipment. But what about the downsides? Let‘s explore some common negatives next.

Potential Drawbacks of NordicTrack Equipment

While NordicTrack enjoys mainly positive reviews from both experts and consumers, there are a few criticisms of their products shoppers should keep in mind:

Higher Upfront Costs: High-end parts and advanced features come at a price. Shoppers report NordicTrack equipment costs notably more than basic models from discount brands. So they may exceed budgets for more casual users.

Mixed Reviews of Customer Service: While NordicTrack provides good technical support overall, some consumers faced long response times for repairs or part replacements. The warranty process can also involve lots paperwork and runaround.

Noise Complaints On Some Models: Certain NordicTrack treadmills and ellipticals generate distracting noise during operation according to a minority of owners. This contradicts the normally smooth/quiet performance expected from premium brands.

Spotty Quality Control: Rare but concerning complaints pop up around flawed assembly, broken parts or motors/screens failing shortly after purchase. This suggests occasional QC issues with manufacturing or shipping.

Hidden Fees With iFit: While the iFit app comes free for 1 year, the subscription auto-renews at $396/year after without much warning. This unexpected recurring charge annoys some new owners.

While no fitness brand is perfect, NordicTrack provides exceptional quality and features for their asking prices overall. Let‘s compare them more directly now to leading competitors.

How NordicTrack Compares to Other Home Fitness Brands

We evaluated NordicTrack against top brands like ProForm, Peloton and Bowflex for a side by side comparison:

Price: NordicTrack equipment costs more upfront versus mainstream brands like ProForm but lower than the super premium Peloton. Budget Bowflex is cheapest overall.

Technology: NordicTrack matches Peloton‘s sophisticated software/app integration making them far smarter options than Bowflex/ProForm.

Build Quality: NordicTrack and Peloton edge out competitors with sturdier frame materials and smoother operation. Budget brands have more plastic parts.

Programming: Extensive on-demand training makes NordicTrack and Peloton better choices for guided workouts than the basic built-in content on affordable options.

Warranties: NordicTrack provides strong coverage periods compared to Peloton‘s more limited frames-only policies. ProForm/Bowflex trail in duration.

While Peloton leads in premium design, rich media content and overall polish, NordicTrack gives them serious competition especially in the technology and value categories while outshining budget-friendly mainstream brands.

Now let‘s dig into first-hand reviews to see real customer experiences with NordicTrack‘s equipment.

In-Depth NordicTrack Equipment Reviews

To best evaluate NordicTrack‘s products, we analyzed reviews and ratings from various sources including retail sites, experts and consumer forums. Here‘s the feedback:

NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle – 4.4/5 Stars

With magnetic resistance, decline/incline and compatibility with cycling apps, NordicTrack‘s S22i bike attracts lots of positive praise:

"Super smooth and quiet operation. iFit integration is awesome for cross training off the bike too with their dumbbells and floor routines." (

Critiques mention the price, especially after adding the required iFit membership:

"Great bike but quite expensive when you add in the monthly costs for classes after the first year. Peloton seems like better value." (Amazon)

NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill – 4.2/5 Stars

This popular folding treadmill earns kudos for its shock absorption, Bluetooth connectivity and quiet motor:

"Easy assembly. Cushioned deck is very kind to my problematic knees even during longer runs. A great mid-range model." (

A minority report issues with reliability right out the box:

"Arrived with scratches and motor stopped working after only 2 weeks. Customer service has been very unhelpful." (Amazon)

NordicTrack Elite 10.9 Elliptical – 4.3/5 Stars

Reviewers praise the smooth stride and heavy flywheel on this adjustable elliptical trainer:

" Sturdy build quality and very quiet with fluid motion. Doesn‘t shake or wobble like cheaper options." (

Downsides focus on the steep price tag:

" Works beautifully but very expensive — especially if buying the longer iFit membership." (Amazon)

Across all categories, NordicTrack earns consistent 4+ star reviews for the premium design and reliability expected for the brand‘s higher price points. Most negatives relate to value versus lower cost competitors.

Common NordicTrack Equipment Complaints

While NordicTrack scores positively overall, looking at lower rated reviews reveals a few frequent pain points for customers:

Noisy Operation: A minority of treadmill and elliptical owners report loud, grinding noises from fans, belts or rollers especially early on. This contradicts NordicTrack‘s normally smooth/quiet reputation.

Hidden iFit Fees: Customers dislike getting charged $396 after their 1 year free iFit trial expires without proper warnings about automatic renewals. This negates some of the value expected from the high equipment prices.

Cheap Parts/Build Quality: Some negative reviews reveal flaws like cracked welds, faulty touchscreens or wheels falling off on arrival. This results in immediate returns and disappointment in quality control.

Poor Responsiveness: Waiting extended periods for replacement parts, technicians or return authorizations under warranty is a common complaint signalling issues with customer service bandwidth.

However looking at NordicTrack‘s overall ratings compared to competitors, they still score well for premium design, advanced technology integration and smoother performance during workouts.

Buying NordicTrack Equipment: Key Tips For Consumers

If you‘re sold on becoming a NordicTrack owner, keep these tips in mind to get the best deal while avoiding pitfalls:

Compare Prices: NordicTrack sales and special packages occur seasonally across both their website and third-party retailers like Amazon. Finding the best current deal saves money.

Measure Your Space: To experience all functionality without limitation, be sure to choose a model fitting room dimensions – especially with folding treadmills/ellipticals needing clearance to open fully.

Read The Reviews: Check owner feedback on specific NordicTrack models to uncover potential quality issues before purchasing. Look at both positive and negative experiences.

Consider Extended Warranties: While parts/labor coverage is decent for the first 1-2 years, purchasing add-on protection plans gives peace of mind for long term ownership.

Factor In iFit Costs: With "free" iFit trials automatically charging $396+ yearly for continued access, budget this subscription fee into your overall costs. The app integrates deeply with NordicTrack gear.

While more affordable brands exist, NordicTrack still dominates the higher-end home fitness equipment category with their sophisticated designs featuring smart technology, space saving flexibility and premium components that last. Let‘s recap the key takeaways from our in-depth review.

NordicTrack Review Conclusions

Pros: Time tested brand with advanced tech integration, quality engineering and smooth/quiet operation suiting premium price points.

Cons: Steeper upfront costs than mainstream options. Isolated issues with noisy assembly, cheap parts and customer service delays occasionally surface.

Ideal For: Households and individuals serious about high-performance home gym gear with smart features and expanded workout programming.

The Bottom Line: Overall NordicTrack continues to dominate the higher-end home fitness market by matching Peloton in innovation while exceeding competitors in technology, quality and value. Their impressive product catalogue suits both general users and hardcore enthusiasts with any budget or space limitation in mind.

So while cheaper brands exist, NordicTrack‘s blend of quality engineering, sophistication and proven reputation make them a sound long term investment to bring serious gym-caliber training into your own living room.

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