Planning on buying proxies from Before doing that, I will advise you to come in now to read our expert review of their residential proxies – discover the pros and cons of using residential proxies.

Official Website
IP Type Residential
Price Charged Bandwidth
Price Sample 20GB – $300 (Monthly)
Pool Of IPs 0.5+ Million
Proxy Protocol HTTP(S)
IP Rotation
  • Each Session
  • Sticky Session (Time)
Filtering/Targeting Countries
Authentication Username/Password
Speed Good
Free Trial 7 days
Refund Policy No
Support Live Support, Contact Form, and Detailed FAQ
Jurisdiction Location Israel

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An Overview of

Netnut overview

Residential proxies are increasingly becoming popular because datacenter proxies are losing their place since they are easily detected by most websites. is one of the proxy service providers that provide residential proxies to Internet marketers. How effective, reliable, and secure their proxies are? If you do not have an answer to this question, then this article has been written for you. This page will be used for reviewing residential proxies. but before then, let take a look at an overview of is a residential proxy service that has been found to be effective in a good number of Internet marketing exercise. Unlike the other residential proxy services that make use of a peer-to-peer network in providing their customers with residential IPs, makes use of the DiViNetworks, which gets home IPs directly from Internet Service Providers (ISPs) it partners with worldwide. Because of the Divi infrastructures they use, their proxies are seen as some of the finest in the market. However, just as they have got a good number of pros, they have got some cons as well.

Our Expert Rating and Test Results
  • Proxy Performance - 9.2/10
  • Anonymity - 8.7/10
  • Locations - 6.7/10
  • Success Rate - 7.8/10
    7.8/10 Pros

Let start by looking at the areas where excels. These are their competitive advantages and what keeps their customers loyal to them.

  • DiviNetworks in the Mix

The number one competitive advantage that has over other residential proxy services that it utilizes the infrastructures of DiviNetworks. DiviNetworks is a data delivery network that provides services to over 100 ISPs around the world. DiviNetworks has got access to residential IPs directly from ISPs, and gets its residential IPs from them. This means that is not among the residential providers that get their IPs from peer-to-peer networks.

netnut DiviNetworks

You might be wondering what advantages does not use a peer-to-peer network provides. The most notable are reliability and security. Yes, does not route your requests through any peer-to-peer network, but through its own infrastructures and as such, they can guaranty your security more. Unlike in the case of other providers that your connections can fail until you retry again because the IP owner’s device is no longer idle, proxies are reliable in this regard – no connection problems and occasional drops.

  • Excellent Free Trial Option

The proxy market has gotten its own share of abuse of the free trial option with some fraudster creating accounts just to get free trials. Because of this, a good number of proxy service providers do not provide a free trial, while some will provide only when you pay a little token. is one of the proxy services that provides a free trial option. What is interesting about free trial is that you are allowed to use 100GB to use for 7 days.

You will agree with me that this is what many providers will not even think of providing. To get the free trial, you do not need to submit any payment information. However, because they provide a 7 days free trial, sales are final, and they do not offer any form of refund. So, it is advisable you claim your free trial and make sure their proxies will work for your use case before buying any of their packages.

  • Good Session Management is one of the proxy service providers that have good session control. I used the word good and not excellent because there is still room for improvement. So far, Luminati is the best proxy provider in the aspect of session management as it allows you 100 percent control over session management. With, you can get rotating proxies that provide sticky IPs that you can use for 30 minutes.

The IP Address assigned to you is changed after every 30 minutes, and a new session is generated. This makes it perfect for automating tasks on social media platforms and sites that require session maintained for long. However, if you want a high-rotating proxy that changes IP after every request, you can also get it from

  • Good Scraping Performance

For our scraping performance review, we had to put residential proxies into a test to see how they perform by sending an average of 11,206 requests to popular websites like Facebook, Google, Amazon,, and 6 others to see how compatible the proxies are for web scraping. The below chart and table sums up our finding about proxies in terms of scraping and crawling.

Netnut Scraping Performance

Performance on 300 Concurrent connections

Test Success Rate (%) Error (%) TimeOut (%) Block (%)
Amazon 85 0 5 10
Adidas 78 2 10 10
Booking 72 8 5 15 80 6 7 7
Craigslist 70 10 8 12
Instagram 70 7 7 16
Nike 70 0 10 20
Linkedin 82 2 0 16
Google 65 2 3 30
Youtube 68 2 4 26

Looking at the table above, you can see that, on average, proxies were successful 74 percent. While this can’t be said to be an excellent performance, it is actually a good result when compared with other providers. You can see that the success rate varies. It is important I stress here that the blocks aren’t that of requests forbidden or denied – most of them require Captcha to be solved. So, with a good Captcha solver, you should be good with this provider.

  • Acceptable Speed

Response Time

The response time is the time between when you send a request and when a response is returned. Generally, residential proxies are known to have a longer response time because of the routing of clients' requests to their peer-to-peer network. But makes use of DiViNetworks, so how does it stand in this regard?  The chart below summaries our findings.

Netnut Response Time

Proxy Connection Speed

What is the connection speed of Quite impressive, I must say. Remember, they do not make use of any peer to peer network and keep all traffic in their system. This makes it easy to optimize speed for connection. I tested the speed using the Speedtest tool using their United States proxy and got the below result.

Average Ping: 70ms

Average Download: 52 Mbps

Average Upload: 09Mbps

  • Easy to Use

Netnut dashboard residential proxies are easy to use. This is because the implementation is easy, and they even provide a tutorial on how to use their proxies. the implementation detail is available when you log into your dashboard. The dashboard is easy to use, and on it, you can get your proxy usage data – and can renew your subscription. provides an API for developers that provides their usage data.

  • Good Customer Support

Regardless of how good a service is, without good customer support, users will still find the service difficult to use. When it comes to channels put in place to provide customer service to users, can be said to be on top of the game. They have live chat support, a comprehensive FAQ page, email support, and an implementation guide. Cons

This section of the review will be used for discussing the not so good aspects of and their residential proxies.

  • Pricing not Pocket Friendly

For a new provider like, one will expect that their pricing should be pocket friendly and not take the path of premium providers that have been in the industry for long. Well, while they cannot be said to be as expensive as the top providers, their minimum monetary commitment is not friendly to some small marketers.

Netnut pricing plans

As you can see from the above, the pricing of is based on a metered bandwidth. The minimum monetary commitment you can make is $300, which gives you 20GB, pegging the price of a Gigabyte to $15. Generally, the more bandwidth you pay for, the cheaper the price you pay per Gigabyte, but not all people will need to go that high, making it expensive for the small marketers.

  • Fewer IPs and Targeting Options

If you look at the residential proxy market, you will see that many of them have millions of residential IPs in their pool. Luminati has 72+ million, Oxylabs has 60 million, has 32 million, Smartproxy has 10 million, and even GeoSurf has 2.5 million. How many does have? A little over 500 thousand. This is not unconnected to the way it gets its own IPs. While the others get their own IPs from peer to peer networks, it gets it own from DiViNetworks for reliability and security.

Also, the option for targeting is quite limiting. While some other providers allow both ASN and city targeting, only allows country-level targeting, and even at that, it does not support all countries.

  • They Do Not Offer a Refund

If you look at the pros section, you will see that free trial is one of their strengths, and in fact, only a few other providers can be compared to them in that regard. However, because of the free trial option available, they do not offer a refund. This means that even without using their free trial option, all sales are final. This shouldn’t be so, as some users do not like going the free route. What then happens to those users if the service they get is not satisfactory?

Our verdict – Is Recommended?

From our compatibility test, we can see that proxies work with a good number of complex and strict websites. However, before paying for any of their plans, I advise you to make use of their free trial and see if their proxies work in your own use case – only then should you pay for a subscription since all sales are final. You also have to put their limited geo-targeting option and pricing into consideration.

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