Nest Bedding Mattress Reviews

Thinking about the Nest Alexander? Read nest bedding reviews to find out the best mattress from a variety of mattresses that suits your sleeping position.

Sleeping peacefully after a tiring day is everyone’s right. According to research, 35% of Americans sleep less than 7 hours. Not all of the mattress procuring companies are capable of giving you a comfort you desire that is why Nest Alexander Company offers a range of mattresses. These 6 types of mattresses offer you the convenience and comfort level you want.

Each of them is built with its own layers’ combination. They offer the firmness levels in them as well as cooling technology. So, you sleep comfortably in your sleeping position. With the startling prices, they offer, Nest Alexander mattresses are worth buying. The 6 types which we will be discussing in our article are;

  • Love and Sleep mattress
  • Alexander signature hybrid mattress
  • Alexander signature series
  • Hybrid luxury contour
  • Hybrid latex mattress
  • Q3 latex mattress

All of these mattresses are suitable for a variety of sleepers. What other features they have to offer is what we will be showing here. So, let’s read on and decide the one you want to have for your quality sleep.

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Overall score

EDITOR’S RATING 8.9 8.6 8.7 8.9 9.1 8.9 Editor’s Comment
CATEGORY Love and sleep Alexander signature Signature series Hybrid luxury Hybrid latex Q3 latex
Durability 7.8 8.0 8.0 7.9 8.0 7.5 The base foams are of good quality. Supports the top layers. The materials are good.
Motion isolation 9.5 8.3 8.7 8.1 8.9 8.9 All mattresses offer a good amount of motion isolation
Cool 9.0 9.2 9.3 9.7 9.6 9.5 All of the mattresses have cooling technology and sleep cool.
Edge support 8.7 8.9 9.1 9.3 9.7 9.3 Almost all of them are capable of giving the edge support.
Noise 9.4 8.8 8.6 9.7 9.3 9.5 The mattresses are silent.
Summary The Nest Alexander offers 6 different types of mattresses. They are excellent in terms of support, health, and price. Their manufacturing in the USA speaks of their high quality. They are noiseless and have the feature of motion isolation. Overall, they are great mattresses one can ask for.

Construction of the mattresses

The History of bed construction goes back to mid-1800s. Regarding the construction of the modern mattresses, we will discuss briefly each model of Nest Alexander mattress here:

Love and sleep mattress

Nest Alexander mattresses upper layers

This one comes with a combination of 4 magical layers. The first one of them is the phase change cooling cover. This magical cover of 1’’ dissipates heat. It keeps the outer surface of the mattress cooler for you.

The next 2’’ layer is of Energex cooling comfort layer. This is also responsible for keeping the mattress’s temperature level down. It is a 2.8 lb. layer and maintains an optimum level of temperature.

The third layer is of 1’’ smart flow air. It is a foam which allows the flow of air through it. This helps in keeping the upper layers cool.

The final layer of 6’’ makes the best base for the upper layers. This 1.8 lb. support base foam gives the foundation to the mattress. It has a durable structure with resistance to retain its shape.

Alexander signature hybrid

Alexander signature hybrid

A hybrid mattress. Means, it blends the magic of coils and foam. This is a great mattress for providing you the perfect edge and body support. It is a very comfortable mattress with 5 layers. The first of all is 1.5’’ gel-infused foam. Yes, this is going to give you the cooling feature that you want. It is a 4 lb. foam with a combination of quilted thermic fabric. This creates good chemistry for having the cooler mattress.

The next layer is of 1.5’’ TitanChil endurance foam. This one is also responsible for keeping the mattress to an optimum level of temperature. The third layer of copper-infused foam helps in the support of the mattress. It is a 1.5’’ layer with a density of 2.5 lb.

The fourth layer is of 3 lb. smart flow support foam. This is a 1’’ layer acting as a transition layer to the fifth. The final layer is what that supports your back. This amazing layer is of 8’’ pocketed coils with quantum edge feature. These high-quality individual coils give you extra edge support.

Alexander signature series

Nest Alexander mattresses with Visco memory foam

The signature series is a good combination of all. It gives good support and firmness with its 5 layers combination. The first layer is 0.5’’ quilted cover. This is a cover for giving a smooth and plush feel to the mattress. The next 2.5’’ and 4lb layer is of gel memory foam. It is responsible for the cool temperature of the mattress.

The third layer is of 1.5’’ and 4 lb. Visco memory foam. These layers act to relieve pressure from your body.  2’’ of smart flow foam makes the airflow possible. Thus, it helps in reducing the heat of the mattress. The final layer of 7’’ support base foam. This is the one giving the mattress its shape and maintains it for a long time.

Hybrid luxury contour

Hybrid luxury contour

Another great combination of coil and foam. This one is also a 5 layer mattress giving you the ultimate feeling of comfort and support. The first one is 1.5’’ and 2.5 lb. copper phase change gel foam. It has phase change infused surface which keeps the mattress cool. The next layer is of 2’’ Energex foam.

The third layer uses the magic of Visco memory foam. It is a 1’’ foam with a density of 4lb. The fourth layer makes the best use of the coil systems. There are 1300 micro coils with a 3’’ layer thickness. This helps in giving you the pressure-relieving feature as well as support along the edges. The last layer is of 4’’ support base foam. This high-density foam retains the shape for a long time.

Hybrid latex

Nest Alexander mattresses with Hybrid latex

This one uses natural latex. So, you sleep comfortably and naturally. This mattress is a blend of four layers. These layers together make it one of the most comfortable mattresses in the market. The first layer is of 1’’ wool quilted top. This is a zip-top which gives the feeling of smoothness as you sleep.

The next layer of 3’’ is of Medium Okeo-Tex certified Talalay latex. This foam helps in giving a good amount of support. With its combination with the third layer of supported coils, this is a great mattress. The quantum coils layer is of 8’’. The last 1’’ of transitional foam gives the support to the sleeper.

Q3 latex

Nest Alexander mattresses with Q3 latex

The last model is Q3 latex. It is a delightfully comfortable mattress with a combo of latex, Joma wool, and cotton.

It is a three layers mattress. The first one is the 3’’ soft Talalay topper. This makes the outer surface much softer. The next layer is a 3’’ soft Dunlop latex. The 6’’ of firm Dunlop latex is the last layer. This thickness gives a good amount of support for the upper layers.

Quick Tip

Cooling technologies

Sleeping on a cool mattress doesn’t only bring cool nights but the diet plays an important role as well. Here are some suggestions as to how you can keep your body temperature neutral.

Now let’s get back to the Nest alexander mattresses that come with cooling technologies. They have phase change cooling covers and gel memory foams. This helps in maintaining a lower level of temperature. In scorching summers, they give great relief and comfort. The inclusion of a smart flow layer helps in the circulation of air. Thus, no heat is trapped inside and you sleep cool all night. The copper-infused memory foam pulls away heat from the body and lets it breathe.

Motion isolation

Almost all of the mattresses offer a good amount of motion isolation. This is extremely necessary when you share your bed with someone and don’t want to get disturbed. The combination of pocketed coils and memory foams get this job done. So, you sleep calmly all night.

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Best for sleepers

These mattresses are suitable for a variety of sleepers. So, our table will guide you with this:

Type Position Lightweight(<150 lbs.) Medium weight (150-230 lbs.) Heavy (>230 lbs.)
Love and sleep Side Fair Good Good
Back Good Good Very good
Stomach Good Good Fair
Sign hybrid Side Very good Very good Good
Back Very good Very good Good
Stomach Good Fair Fair
Sign series Side Good Very good Good
Back Very good Very good Very good
Stomach Good Good Fair
Hybrid contour Side Very good Very good Good
Back Good Very good Fair
Stomach Good Fair Poor
Hybrid latex Side Very good Very good Good
Back Very good Very good Very good
Stomach Good Good Fair
Q3 latex Side Very good Good Fair
Back Good Very good Good
Stomach Fair Good Fair


All of the models are manufactured in the USA. This ensures the high quality and durability of the materials. Each item is a piece of attention and care. So, they will not disappoint you regarding quality.

Better edge support

Nest Alexander gives you a good amount of edge support. This is possible by the use of memory foams and edge support base foams. Also, the pocketed coils give the maximum support along the edges. This prevents you from rolling off your bed. And, you sleep worry-free.

A healthy choice for you and your family

Nest Alexander is a better choice and value for you. It is a healthy choice because of its certification of Certi-PUR. 100% natural materials are used in their construction. No chemical or flame retardants are used. They are eco-friendly and built to last.

Nest Alexander mattresses with certification of Certi PUR


Nest alexander mattresses are suitable on all types of bases. Whether you have a platform, box spring, solid floor or adjustable bed. It works well with all of them. Also, nest alexander has its symmetry adjustable base. This is a standalone adjustable base.

Trials, delivery, and warranty

The brand is offering limited-time free shipping. With the 0% APR financing, you can purchase their products easily. Moreover, they are offering 100 nights of free trial and a lifetime warranty. With free returns and exchanges, they give complete customer satisfaction.

Free trial and warranty of nest alexander mattresses

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Why we like it :

  • Need to sleep cool.
  • Want a durable mattress.
  • Have different sleep preferences.
  • Want to relieve pressure without sinking.
  • Need a better edge support.

Why we hate it :

  • Need more bounce.
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When having different sleeping preferences, Nest Alexander is a great choice. With the firmness levels they offer, they are suitable for a variety of sleepers. The use of high-quality materials with care ensures their long life and durability.

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