Nectar Mattress Reviews – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Ever heared about a bed within affordable investment for your bedroom that offers 5 layers of comfort and customization? Read our Nectar Mattress Reviews.

Nectar Mattress packed with energy and freshness makes it seem like shifting sides was never a thing. The Nectar Mattress has five layers of premium quality gel-infused memory foam that acts as both a great pain reliever and a cooling sheet. Most of the mattress is focused on keeping the body ventilated and maintaining a breathable environment.

Did You Know: Newer mattresses reduce the risk of allergies and respiratory disorders by resisting mold and moisture?

That’s not all. There are excellent motion isolation and body contouring, along with the perfect design and the softest texture. They also have a lifetime warranty and has been certified by CertiPUR-US, making it as authentic and safe and entirely free from harm!

Editor’s Summary: The Nectar Mattress uses five layers of memory foam, support layers, and base layers, along with a velvety Tencel cover. It creates incredible motion isolation and pressure relief, along with almost zero off-gassings.
Nectar Mattress

  • Motion Isolation - 8.7/10
  • Cooling Technologies - 9.8/10
  • Durability - 7.8/10
  • Health Effects - 8.8/10
  • Trial And Warranty - 9.9/10
  • Off-Gassing - 8.7/10
  • Firmness - 8.9/10
  • Versatility - 9.7/10

Features Criteria Rating Editor’s Comments
Motion Isolation Memory foam generally helps in isolating pressure. 8.7 No different from other memory foam, but impressive indeed.
Cooling Technologies Almost every layer keeps the mattress cool and ventilated. 9.8 Twice as many cooling technologies as conventional foams.
Durability Durability has not been tested, as the mattress was invented only a couple of years ago. 7.8 There is a lack of information on this, but less than 3% of users choose to return it.
Health Effects CertiPUR-US certified, free from ozone depleters, fire retardants, and the like. 8.8 Standard CertiPUR-US certificate.
Trial And Warranty The 365-day trial, lifetime warranty. Free shipping and full refunds. 9.9 A hundred times longer than any other company.
Off-Gassing Claims VOC emissions to be less than 0.5 ppm. 8.7 It is bound to off-gas at least slightly.
Firmness Medium-firm, between 5.5 and 7.5. 8.9 The mattress has a perfect firmness level for most customers.
Versatility Works on divan, adjustable, traditional, floor, platform, and box spring 9.7 Highly versatile.
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Key Features and Characteristics

  • Top Tencel cover, quilted to wick away temperature and keep bedbugs away.
  • Quilted layer of gel memory foam, which admittedly costs more, but also ensures that the body is as relaxed as can be.
  • Gel-infused memory foam with a medium-firm It excels in body contouring, pressure relief, motion isolation, and more cooling.
  • Adaptive Hi Core Memory Foam layer adapts according to your specific pressure points, providing more support in those areas.
  • A breathable base layer that has an ILD rating of above 2.2, while most others have a score of only 1.5
  • Medium firmness lies between 5 and 7.5, which is considered as the perfect firmness for the significant part of the population.
  • Works with all bases: box spring, divan, traditional, adjustable, platform, and floor, to name a few.
  • Resistant to dust mites, bacteria, mold, fungi, and bed bugs.
  • 365 day trial with free shipping and refunds.

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Construction of the Nectar Mattress

nectar mattress construction layers

Five layers of carefully planned and architected memory foam are what keep your body secure throughout the night. There’s a top Tencel cover, quilted gel memory foam, central memory foam layer, adaptive foam, and a sturdy base.

Tencel cover

Why Buy A New Mattress At This Age? Research shows that by the age of 40, your mattress requires more frequent changes, typically after every five or so years.

The topmost layer of the Nectar is a soft plush layer made of premium Tencel. The result is a soft and breathable fabric that gives your body space. It has also been sprayed with antimicrobials and antifungal but non-toxic chemicals, keeping it safe and bug-free.

Quilted gel memory foam

Under the layer of Tencel lies another covering layer of a thin sheet of gel memory foam. This layer enhances the memory foam experience. The dual-layer is always handy to make the product functional. This layer is quilted into the mattress by hand, which gives it that nice sewn look.

Gel-infused memory foam

The primary comfort layer is gel memory foam with 5.5 – 7.5 firmness. This layer is a premium 3 inches thick and weighs around 3.5 pounds. The function of this layer is to provide high-quality pressure relief, body contouring, temperature regulation, and a whole lot of loft.

Memory foam has been known to keep the body satisfied for long periods, and the Nectar Mattress is one proof of that.

Adaptive hi-core memory foam

It is perhaps a more peculiar layer, as it has been expertly spliced to render all modern technology useless. The Adaptive Hi-Core Memory Foam helps to keep the body supported and lifted all through the night. Tired of sinking right into the bed? The adaptive memory team takes care of that. It harmonizes with all your pressure points and keeps them supported, while the rest of you sink into the embrace of the sheets.

Breathable base layer

The support core of this mattress features a 2.2 plus ILD, while most competitor mattresses use only 1.5. Having such a high ILD creates a denser layer, which isn't entirely rock hard but not too soft and sunken either. It accounts for the perfect base that is both strong and submissive. This layer is a bit lightweight, weighing in at around 2.2 pounds. The material of this layer is also breathable, allowing air to pass through the entire mattress.

Cooling Technologies

The Nectar Mattress uses many cooling layers and methods that come together to dump sand into your eyes. Firstly, the Tencel cover allows air molecules to pass through, drying out your back and knees. Then the two layers of quilted and gel-infused memory foam use their technologies to gather temperature and shift it to the sides. Next, the Adaptive Hi Core Memory Foam makes its move, keeping the entire process secure and monitored. Finally, the base layer also features tiny spongy pockets that hold the mattress full of air and dreams to come.

Measurements And Weights

Size Dimensions Height
Twin 39″x 75″ 11”
Twin XL 39″x 80″ 11”
Full 54″x 75″ 11”
Queen 60″x 80″ 11”
King 76″x 80″ 11”
California King 72″x 84″ 11”

Weight: Ranges of 45 pounds (Twin) to 89 pounds (King).

Motion Isolation

There isn't much we know about motion isolation in the new Nectar Mattress. Nectar as a company has also caught up with the others and has developed its unique competitive advantage. It is a well-known fact that memory foam itself is excellent at isolation motion. You won't even notice when your partner tosses around or when your kids can't stay put. The Nectar uses the quality of two to three layers of memory foams to create the perfect motion isolating surface.

The Nectar Mattress Is Perfect For Side And Back Sleepers

Is Sleeping On Your Stomach Good? The American Academy of Pediatrics is of the view that babies who sleep on their stomach have a higher chance of sudden death or airway blockages.

Although we would recommend the Nectar Mattress to any sleeper, we understand that your choice of position changes the mattresses you can use. The Nectar is perfect for most side and back sleepers, but stomach sleepers might find some hard unwanted surfaces that they didn't pay.

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The Nectar Mattress originates in Washington, USA. They started a couple of years ago as a business in the local area, which later grew into the organization you know today.

Increased Edge Support

Edge support is critical when it comes to mattresses, especially memory foam. With base layer support and three layers of unique kinds of memory foam, the Nectar Mattress provides enough edge support to keep you from rolling off of the bed. It makes the mattress perfect for your liking.

The Nectar Mattress Is A Healthier Choice Because

Nectar CertiPUR-US certified

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Quick Fact: The EPA’s Office of Research and Development found that common deadly pollutants were twice more concentrated inside homes than outside.

This mattress has been CertiPUR-US certified. CertiPUR-US is an independent, not-for-profit organization that has been erected to ensure health and safety in mattress material and fabric. If they approve a mattress, this usually means that it is:

  • Without ozone depleters that have been banned or restricted.
  • Without flame retardants.
  • Made free from formaldehyde and phthalates banned by the CPSC.
  • Made to emit low VOCs (off-gassing) (less than 0.5 ppm).

Looks And Feels Good On Every Base

Only a few mattresses nowadays have the quality to work with almost any base. Most require adjustable support, and some even that new fancy Divan style. Which is why the experts up in Washington have made the mattress to be perfect for all bases, be it Divan, adjustable, platform, floor, box spring, or even just a traditional old-style support.

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Trials, Delivery, and Warranty

The Nectar Mattress provides a 365-day trial and a lifetime warranty:

  • The trial lasts up to 365 days, with no set break-in period. A full refund can be availed at any time in during the trial, and all shipping is free, although exchanging has its costs.
  • Free delivery and shipping within the United States. Shipping fees will apply when shipping to Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii State.
  • The lifetime warranty lasts for however long the owner has the mattress. Transportation fees will be free for the first ten years, and using the wrong base will void the warranty.

Why we like it :

  • Want a bed with a sinking feeling.
  • Want a bed that can support your pressure points.
  • I love a good and healthy warranty and trial plan.
  • Want better stuff for cheaper rates.
  • Are a side/back sleeper.

Why we hate it :

  • Like sleeping on your stomach.
  • Prefer zero off-gassings.
  • Like a more natural variant.

To Conclude

Nectar Mattresses are just what the name implies: sweet, delicate, and staple for your mornings. This bed promises both boldness and performance, and we’ve seen that promise come to life. The cooling technologies in this product will give room for everyone to breathe. We’ve tried the mattress and fallen in love all over again, and now it’s your turn!

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