3 Things You Need To Know About Narcolepsy

Narcolepsy is considered as severe neurological disorder what is increasing allegedly around the world. It hampers specific portion of the brain what confirms sleep.

People who get attacked by this chronic disease feel severely lethargic and sleepy. Moreover, they also lose muscle control. Especially, when they relax, fall asleep. Here we’re going to dig out the nuts and bolts about narcolepsy.

Causes of Narcolepsy

  • Although, researchers and scientists made tons of research about the causes of narcolepsy the reason behind this chronic syndrome is still unknown in medical science. But, they believe that any specific reason is not responsible for it, the multiple factors instead.
  • Chemical hypocretin is the important chemical that ensures alertness and agility of the brain. A very recent study showed that owing to the deficiency of this chemical is the culprit to improve narcolepsy.
  • Miss application of antibodies is one of the greatest reasons behind happening narcolepsy. Due to the autoimmune system, that’s mean, its wrong application affects the tissue and cells what hampers greatly the brain's specific part. An infection like swine flu or sudden change of sleep pattern also causes this syndrome. Moreover, psychological and genetic influence makes this problem too.


Even though the signs and symptoms vary from one person to another but we’d discuss most common symptoms.


Cataplexy is one sort of disease that attacks the muscle. It may be caused by strong emotions, anger, or any hard feelings. It doesn’t last for a long time, a few seconds instead. Many of patients who get attacked by narcolepsy are almost 70 percent attacked by cataplexy first. Due to this syndrome, the temporary speech might slur and vision impairs too.

Excessive Daytime Sleepiness


Excessive daytime sleepiness or EDS can be defined by increasing tends to sleep. It’s a disorder, though, but people who are getting attacked by it often don’t understand whether they are being suffered by it or not. They often think that it’s natural to fall asleep at any time. Among all sleep disorders, EDS is one of them.

People who are suffering from a sleep disorders like narcolepsy often face the problem of EDS. Even though, it’s not always an axiom that people who face this syndrome are attacked with narcolepsy but it’s considered as the first symptom of getting that disorder.


Here we are to let you some home remedy of narcolepsy. For sure, it would help you to get rid of that and most importantly helps you realize about the symptoms of this disorder. Take a short look.

  • Try to maintain the proper sleep schedule, anomaly instead and get accustomed to almost 7-8 hours of sleeping.
  • Avoid alcohol; it’s really hard nut to crack about finding the benefits of getting alcohol. It’s better to avoid heavy meals too.
  • Take regular exercise; getting regular workout and hiking might enhance the immunity power along with refresh you repeatedly. It’s also the effective remedy for many chronic diseases.

Try to always be freshening yourself, live with melancholy instead. Narcolepsy is fatal sleep disorder what caused by some unknown factors too. But, keeping yourself in regularity might lessen the hazard of getting attacked by this chronic sleep disorder.

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