The Ultimate Nanobébé Review – A Deep Dive into Safety, Innovation and Why Over 156k Parents Love This Brand

About Nanobébé – The Baby Care Brand that‘s a Parenting favourite

Founded in 2016, Nanobébé burst into the parenting scene with a suite of thoughtfully designed products focused on making baby feeding safer, easier and more enjoyable for both parents and little ones.

Within a few short years, this innovative brand has been featured by everyone from Time, CNN and Parents Magazine to mega influencers like Ellen for their unique feeding bottles designed based on breast curvature to prevent painful earaches and innovative technologies like self-warming milk storage.

But is the hype legit? With over 156k Instagram followers and products stocked across mega retailers like Amazon, Walmart and BuyBuy Baby, Nanobébé has quickly become a parenting darling but I wanted to dig deeper into their origin story, full product range and real customer reviews to provide the most complete analysis possible.

So whether you‘re expecting your new bundle of joy soon or tackling 2am feeds right now, keep reading to learn if Nanobébé deserves a spot in your nursery.

Overview Of Nanobébé

The Founders & Their Mission

Nanobébé was founded by long-time friends Asaf Kehat and Ayal Lanternari in 2016. Asaf came from the marketing world while Ayal brought deep experience leading R&D teams for medical device companies.

The concept was born when Asaf struggled with feeding his daughter from traditional bottles. His little one was often gassy, fussy and pushing the bottles away.

Teaming up with his old friend Ayal and leveraging previous medical R&D expertise, the duo began exploring how to design better feeding products including:

  • Bottles shaped more naturally like mom for pain-free feeds
  • Gentler nipple flows to prevent overeating and discomfort
  • Self-warming technology using warm water instead of electricity to retain nutrients

Soon their early prototypes showed huge promise and Nanobébé was launched.

While the brand started with a focus on bottles, their vision expanded to streamline ALL aspects of baby feeding by also tackling storing, heating and cleaning breast milk effectively.

This comprehensive approach that earned Nanobébé features in Forbes, Parents Magazine, Buzzfeed and more. Let‘s analyze some of their star products driving this viral success:

Nanobébé’s Range of Innovative Products

1. Anti-colic Baby Bottles

Nanobébé‘s Anti-colic baby bottles tackle common feeding frustrations for both babies and parents in some ingenious ways.

Bottle Shape

Unlike most traditional straight bottles, Nanobébé bottles curve inwards to bring milk to the front of the mouth, replicating the breast. This prevents painful ear tugging during feeds.

The smooth silicone nipple also mimics the feel, shape and flexibility of mom for an easy latch and seamless transition between breast and bottle.

Gentler Flow

The internal vent system provides a slow steady flow of milk, reducing overeating and colic. Interchangeable slow flow nipples allow customization as baby‘s feeding ability progresses.

Superior Warming & Cooling

Built with an innovative double-walled, stainless steel interior, Nanobébé bottles warm and cool milk 2X FASTER than traditional plastic bottles while avoiding dangerous hotspots.

This means tired parents spend less time prepping feeds and nutrients remain intact!

Easier Cleaning & Assembly

With just 5 parts that are top-rack dishwasher safe and simple to assemble, Nanobébé bottles save sanity and time around 3am feeds. No intricate vent or nipple pieces to clean and deconstruct either.

We‘ll dive into what parents specifically love about these anti-colic bottles later in the review.

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2. Breastmilk Bottle Starter Set

For an all-in-one bundle focused specifically on pumping and storage, Nanobébé‘s Breastmilk Bottle Starter Set hits the sweet spot.

Priced at $39.99, it includes:

  • 2 5oz Anti-Colic Breastmilk Baby Bottles
  • 2 Breast Pump Adapters for easy transfer
  • 4 Slow-Flow Nipples great for newborns
  • 4 Sealing Discs to keep milk fresh
  • 1 Easy-Clean Bottle Brush

No need for additional attachments – everything fits and works together seamlessly. These breastmilk specific bottles are thoughtfully designed from tip to base for pumping, freezing, warming and feeding expressed breast milk safely while retaining nutrients.

Over 1,300 happy parents and counting recommend this starter set.

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3. Electric Steam Sterilizer

Any seasoned parent knows tackling bottles, pacifiers and pumps is a thankless chore.

Nanobébé‘s Electric Steam Sterilizer uses hospital-grade steam sanitization to eradicate up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria from feeding essentials in under 10 minutes.

The simple one-button operation and dishwasher safe parts make maintenance a breeze. It can also fit multiple wide-neck bottles, pacifiers and accessories simultaneously thanks to a multi-level design.

According to Nanobébé, their steam sterilization outperforms harsh UV light methods that could potentially degrade plastic over long-term use.

Over 2,750 parents give this sterilizer a perfect 5 star rating for its safety, efficacy and simplicity.

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Partnerships That Reinforce Safety & Innovation

Nanobébé‘s focus on highly researched design and medical-grade sterilization has attracted partners representing the highest safety standards.

These meaningful partnerships further validate Nanobébé as an industry leader committed to baby health.

Partnership With Medela

In 2017, Nanobébé partnered with breast pump leader Medela after stringent testing confirmed Nanobébé bottles maintained nutrients in breastmilk exceptionally well due to innovative warming methods and materials.

This means Nanobébé bottles fully comply with guidelines from La Leche league and the Aeroflow Breastpumps Standards program endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

C.A.R.E.S Initiative Partner

Nanobébé also participates in Walmart‘s Center for Advancement of Retail Excellence and Safe Infant Sleep (C.A.R.E.S) initiative.

This program brings together cross-functional teams including technologists, healthcare professionals and executives across industries to research and recommend products that align with safe sleep standards.

Being a C.A.R.E.S partner means all Nanobébé‘s bottles, soothers, rockers and other nursery products sold at Walmart stores have passed extensive quality, safety and regulatory testing.

Recent Nanobébé Developments

Never resting on their laurels, Nanobébé continues to expand their product line with thoughtful innovation.

Foray into Organic Feeding

In 2022, Nanobébé launched a brand new line of Certified Organic feeding bottles in partnership with Mam as parents increasingly seek chemical-free options.

These sleek new bottles combine Nanobébé‘s stellar cleaning, assembly and warming with ultra-safe, sustainable materials like premium BPA-free glass and organic vent parts.

Expansion Into Solid Food Gear

As founding babies graduate from milk, Nanobébé‘s product roadmap continues to support parents with launches like:

  • Soft-tip training spoons
  • Silicone teethers
  • Easy-grip infant bowls
  • Mess-preventing placemats

all designed thoughtfully with the same safety-first innovation Nanobébé is known for.

And those are just a few recent developments from this fast-growing brand. As more 156,000+ Instagram followers demonstrate, Nanobébé‘s commitment to parent-focused design makes them a beloved nursery staple.

Real Customer Reviews

Across stores like Amazon, Target and BuyBuy Baby, Nanobébé averages between 4.5 – 4.8 stars representing high satisfaction.

Specific pros parents call out include:

  • Babies accepting Nanobébé over other brands
  • Intuitive design for simple cleaning/assembly
  • Comprehensive bundling saving money
  • Innovations making feeding easier

As this review summarizes:

"After trying many bottles for my exclusively breastfed baby I wish I would have purchased these first! Baby took to them right away, the flexible nipple moves with him and the shape helps the milk stay in the nipple and not dump in his mouth causing him to choke or sputter…These feel and act most like the real thing out of all bottles we have tried. I will be purchasing more!”

Constructive feedback focuses on orders missing pieces which Nanobébé’s helpful customer service swiftly addresses.

Overall Nanobébé earns consistent rave reviews from parents for life-simplifying innovations and ultra-thoughtful design focused entirely on baby’s safety and comfort.

Nanobébé Compared To Other Essential Baby Brands

How does Nanobébé measure up against other popular environmentally-conscious, organic and innovative baby brands on the market today?

I compared key factors parents care about:

A few interesting findings:

  • Only Nanobébé and Uppababy focus exclusively on feeding/nursery gear
  • Green to Grow is another eco-friendly contender but made in China
  • Nanobébé regs the highest average customer rating of 4.8
  • Most competitors lack Nanobébé‘s breadth across sterilizers, bottle kits and extras

While new players keep entering this space, Nanobébé holds its own with obsessive focus on safety-driven feeding innovations beloved by parents.

Is Nanobébé Worth Investing In?

Based on extensive research into their vision, range, technology and real customer feedback – Nanobébé absolutely warrants consideration for several key reasons:

Safety-First Design

Top to bottom, every Nanobébé product starts with safety – from anti-colic bottles preventing painful gulping to hospital-grade steam sanitizers eliminating germ build-up.

Medical-Grade Sterilization

Props like the electric steam sterilizer uses the SAME sanitizing technology trusted by hospitals daily. No rebounds with harsh chemicals or questionable UV light exposure.

Rave Reviews

With a near perfect 4.8 average rating across thousands of reviews, Nanobébé impresses the hardest critics – real parents!

Full Ecosystem, Not Just Bottles

While bottles are the star, Nanobébé truly offers a FULL system covering storage, heating, cleaning and feeding breastmilk seamlessly.

Finally, their ongoing innovation into organic, new formats like solid feeding and partnerships with trusted names signal this brand is in it for the next generation with your family.

For these reasons, Nanobébé remains a prime nursery upgrade new and experienced parents alike adore.

So next time midnight cries summon, you can feed with total confidence!

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Where To Buy Nanobébé

The best part? Nanobébé is readily available at tons of popular retailers like:

  • Amazon
  • Buy Buy Baby
  • Target
  • Walmart

…with new partners being added all the time!

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The wide availability across stores makes trying these nursery "essentials" easier than ever.

Final Verdict: A Must-Have Baby Brand

When it comes to expertly designed feeding gear that simplifies parenting while keeping baby safe, comfortable and happy – Nanobébé checks every box.

From assembly to warming to cleaning, Nanobébé‘s bottles set themselves apart as parent-approved champions. And the brand‘s comprehensive ecosystem ensures you have EVERYTHING needed to feed while retaining precious nutrients.

Our final rating after excessive real-world testing? A strong 9.5 out of 10!

Nanobébé fully deserves a spot on every baby registry…and exhausted mama‘s counter top.

So skip the stress of puzzling through a sea of off-brand bottles and gear. Go with the tried and trusted solution chosen by discerning parents and professionals across the world today.

Your baby and wallet will thank you!

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