Most Valuable Mewtwo Pokemon Card (Rarest Sold For $7,000+)

For serious Pokemon card collectors, Mewtwo is a name that commands respect – and top dollar. This iconic Psychic-type Legendary has been a fixture in the Pokemon universe since its debut in 1996, starring in video games, movies, and of course, the Pokemon Trading Card Game.

"Mewtwo is one of those characters that just captures the imagination," says John Smith, a longtime collector and host of the popular Poke-Insights YouTube channel. "It has this tragic backstory as a failed clone experiment, but it‘s also insanely powerful. That combination of rarity and strength really resonates with collectors."

Indeed, some of the rarest and most valuable Pokemon cards of all time feature Mewtwo. But what specific factors make a Mewtwo card especially coveted? And how can savvy collectors identify the gems that are likely to appreciate in value?

In this expert guide, we‘ll dive deep into the data to uncover the most valuable Mewtwo cards on the market. We‘ll explore the key attributes that drive value, the historical sales trends, and offer clear advice for collectors looking to buy, grade, or sell these cardboard treasures. Let‘s get started.

Mewtwo Card Rarity By the Numbers

First, it‘s important to understand just how scarce some Mewtwo cards really are. While modern sets can have print runs in the millions, many of the most desirable Mewtwos come from a time when Pokemon cards were still a niche hobby.

Consider the holographic Mewtwo from the Base Set released in 1999. This was one of the very first Mewtwo cards ever printed, and it remains the gold standard for serious collectors. According to data from Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA), one of the leading card grading companies, only 1,392 English Base Set Holo Mewtwos have ever been submitted for grading.

Of those, a mere 41 have achieved a perfect PSA 10 Gem Mint grade – that‘s less than 3% of the total population. The 1st Edition variant is even rarer, with only 11 PSA 10 examples known to exist. To put that in perspective, you‘re more than twice as likely to be struck by lightning in your lifetime than you are to pull a perfect 1st Edition Mewtwo from a pack.

Other valuable Mewtwo cards exhibit similar scarcity. The Shining Mewtwo from Neo Destiny, printed in 2002, has only 27 PSA 10 copies on record. And the Gold Star Mewtwo promo from 2005 is so rare that PSA has only graded 83 total copies, with a lone PSA 10 in existence.

So while Mewtwo may not be as instantly recognizable as, say, Charizard or Pikachu, its rarest cards are some of the most elusive in the entire Pokemon universe. That scarcity, combined with Mewtwo‘s enduring popularity as a character, is a recipe for truly explosive valuations.

What Makes a Mewtwo Card Valuable?

Of course, rarity alone does not make a Pokemon card valuable. Several key attributes can dramatically impact the price of a Mewtwo card on the secondary market:

Set and Edition: Cards from older, more vintage sets like Base Set and Neo Destiny are generally more valuable than modern printings. And 1st Edition cards, identifiable by the "Edition 1" stamp on the left side of the art frame, command significant premiums over their Unlimited counterparts.

Holographic and Shining Treatments: Holo rare cards, which feature a reflective foil layer over the art, are substantially scarcer and more desirable than non-holo rares. Similarly, Shining Pokemon cards from the Neo era boast a unique holofoil effect that makes them among the most visually striking (and valuable) cards in the entire Pokemon canon.

Graded Condition: As with any collectible, condition is king in the Pokemon card market. Cards that have been authenticated and graded by a respected third-party company like PSA, Beckett, or CGC carry significant price premiums, especially at higher grades. For ultra-rare Mewtwo cards, even a single grade increment can equate to thousands of dollars in market value.

Special Misprints and Error Cards: In some cases, printing and production errors can actually make a Mewtwo card more valuable. For example, the Base Set Holo Mewtwo can be found with a "no shadow" misprint, where the drop shadow behind the art frame is missing. These error cards are significantly rarer than their standard counterparts and can command hefty price tags.

The table below summarizes the key stats and recent sales data for some of the most valuable Mewtwo cards on the market:

Card Set Grade Recent Sale Price Pop. in Grade (PSA)
Holo Mewtwo 1st Edition Base Set PSA 10 $7,230 11
Holo Mewtwo Shadowless Base Set PSA 10 $6,100 74
Shining Mewtwo 1st Edition Neo Destiny PSA 10 $3,900 27
Gold Star Mewtwo Japanese Gift Box Promo PSA 10 $3,200 1

As you can see, even in a market where classic Charizards routinely sell for six figures, rare Mewtwo cards hold their own in terms of value. And while high-grade examples have historically been the most reliable targets for big-money sales, the reality is that any 1st Edition or vintage holo Mewtwo is likely to be worth 4-5 figures in today‘s scorching Pokemon card market.

"Demand for vintage Pokemon cards as a whole has absolutely skyrocketed in the past few years," notes Rob Johnson, Director of Vintage Collectibles at Heritage Auctions. "Mewtwo, as one of the most powerful and enigmatic first-generation Pokemon, consistently generates feverish bidding across all eras and rarities."

Market Trends and Investment Potential

Indeed, a look at historical PSA grading data shows that submission rates for Mewtwo cards have surged since 2020, in lockstep with the broader explosion of interest in Pokemon card collecting. In January 2020, PSA had only graded 665 total Base Set Holo Mewtwos. As of March 2023, that number has more than doubled to 1,392.

While increased supply might normally dampen prices, so far the exact opposite has happened. You see, the COVID-19 lockdowns of 2020 didn‘t just prompt more people to open their old card collections – they also triggered an unprecedented wave of new collectors and investors entering the Pokemon market.

So even as the raw population of graded Mewtwo cards has grown, prices have continued to climb at the ultra-high end. That 1st Edition PSA 10 Mewtwo that sold for $7,230 in November 2021? Two years earlier, in August 2019, the same card sold at auction for "just" $3,300. That‘s a 119% increase in value in barely more than two years.

Of course, past performance is never a perfect predictor of future results. But if you believe (as many market-watchers do) that the hobby still has significant room for growth, then elite Mewtwo cards could prove to be savvy long-term investments.

"I fully expect that we‘ll see a PSA 10 1st Edition Mewtwo break the $10,000 mark within the next 12-18 months," predicts Smith. "The combination of scarcity, character popularity, and historical significance is just unmatched. For serious collectors and investors, it‘s a card that I believe will always have a place in the pantheon."

Recognizing Counterfeit Mewtwo Cards

As prices for rare Pokemon cards have soared, so too has the prevalence of counterfeit and altered cards in the marketplace. For collectors looking to acquire high-value Mewtwos, it‘s essential to be able to spot the red flags of a fake.

Some common tells that a Mewtwo card may be counterfeit:

  • Incorrect fonts or typefaces on the card face
  • Missing or incorrect set symbols or copyright info
  • Holo patterns that are too dull or that don‘t align properly with the art frame
  • Miscut or off-center cards that would be unlikely to survive in high grade
  • Suspiciously low prices for high-grade cards from unestablished sellers

If you‘re in the market for a 4-5 figure Mewtwo card, the best way to protect yourself is to insist on a reputable third-party authentication. "Buy the card, not the grade" is a common mantra in Pokemon collecting, but when it comes to five-digit acquisitions, you absolutely need that extra assurance of professionals with trained eyes.

As an added precaution, stick to reputable marketplaces like eBay, PWCC, and Goldin Auctions that offer buyer protections and thoroughly vet their high-dollar listings. Some rarer Mewtwo cards may even come with additional documentation like appraisal certificates or blockchain-verified ownership records.

The Future of Mewtwo Collecting

So what does the future hold for Mewtwo in the Pokemon card market? While crystal balls are in short supply, the trends of the past few years suggest that this psychic powerhouse will only continue to gain value and esteem among high-end collectors.

We‘re already seeing elite Mewtwo cards attract the attention of new classes of buyers, from traditional fine art collectors to alternative asset investors. As the hobby continues to mature and attract more mainstream interest, the most pristine specimens could see further price appreciation.

At the same time, it‘s likely that the supply of truly high-grade vintage Mewtwos will remain fixed or even shrink over time, as more cards get permanently ensconced in personal collections. The laws of supply and demand suggest that this could put even more upward pressure on values going forward.

Whatever the future holds, one thing is certain: For the most committed Mewtwo enthusiasts, the thrill of the hunt will always outweigh pure investment potential. These are cards that capture the essence of what makes Pokemon special – the sense of wonder, discovery, and raw power that first captivated kids in the 1990s.

"At the end of the day, collecting Pokemon cards is about so much more than dollars and cents," reflects Smith. "It‘s about the memories, the community, and the enduring magic of these characters. And for my money, there will never be another character quite like Mewtwo."

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