Increase Safety of Your Automobile With This 5 Mobile Apps

Every year the statistics of car purchases only grows, people can no longer imagine their lives without automobiles. Thanks to personal vehicles, we have the opportunity to be as mobile as possible and get to the right places in a matter of minutes.

However, despite all the pluses, unfortunately, there are minuses. With an increase in the number of cars on the roads there is also an increase in the amount of car accidents, which often occur due to negligence of the driver. To reduce the risks of accidents when you are behind the wheel of a car, we want to advise you on 5 apps for your smartphone.


When traveling abroad, public transport and cabs are not always a safe way to get around. In such cases, it is always better to use car rental services instead. They allow you to choose a car according to your preferences and needs, there are plenty of options to choose from, it’s easy to rent a VAN, SUV as well as a crossover or convertibles.

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1. me

Without maps and GPS navigators you can't go far, so we highly recommend you to download the smartphone app The availability of offline maps is very helpful during a long trip by car, as not always there is a good signal and you do not want to waste time on searching for the right route.

In addition, the app has a search function for places near you. For example, even if you decide to see the sights on vacation, the app will build an accurate path and show additional places for recreation.

2. Waze


One of the most popular navigation applications used to track highway traffic. This app will not only inform you about traffic jams along the way, but it will also show you other options and by the way can help you to find the cheapest gas stations.

The program allows each road user to add information to the program themselves: report accidents, traffic jams, road works, and anything else that may be useful to other users.

3. Lifesaver

The name of the app speaks for itself, this mobile app is synchronized with your car as you start driving. The main task of the app is to ensure the safety of the driver, thus the person behind the wheel cannot be distracted by extraneous objects, particularly the phone.

The program automatically blocks all incoming calls and messages, in the settings there is a voice control mode, so that all your text messages can be played aloud.

4. iOnRoad


The handy iOnRoad app helps you map out the safest route to your destination in advance. The program uses the phone camera to constantly monitor any hazards on the road, thereby it is a full-fledged video recorder.

In case of possible traffic accidents on the road, the driver immediately is alerted by a warning signal.

5. Canary

Once children get their license and get behind the wheel, parents are especially worried for each trip. It is this app that will help parents monitor their young drivers during their first driving experience. If a teenager is distracted, uses a phone while driving, or exceeds the speed limit, they can immediately track this on their phones.

Never neglect your safety especially when you are driving. We highly recommend you download and install all the mentioned mobile apps in order to increase safety and comfort.

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