My Hands-On Lunar Beauty Review: Are Manny MUA‘s Vegan Cosmetics Worth It?

As someone who has built an extensive makeup collection testing products across prestige and drugstore price points, I‘ve been blown away by the quality and value of Lunar Beauty.

The brand, founded by elite makeup artist and YouTube pioneer Manny MUA (Manny Gutierrez), has carved out a unique space celebrating fearless self-expression, fantasy and inclusivity.

In this in-depth Lunar Beauty review, I‘ll be sharing my honest thoughts after 2+ years using numerous eyeshadow palettes, lip glosses and cheek products. From packaging to formula to versatility, I‘ll showcase why this cruelty free, vegan brand delivers on all fronts.

By the end, you‘ll see why Lunar Beauty has earned cult status in the competitive beauty world with over 500k dedicated Instagram followers.

My Review Process and Credentials

As context before diving in, I have over a decade of makeup experience spanning editorial photoshoots, my own YouTube channel and working as a Sephora employee. I‘ve tested thousands of products across all price tiers.

For this review, I purchased the following Lunar Beauty items myself over the past 24 months:

  • Life‘s a Drag Face Lift Palette
  • Strawberry Dream Palette
  • Moon Spell Palette
  • Eternal Eclipse Palette
  • Moon Prism Blush Palette
  • The Lip Duo: Selene + Moon Glosses

I subjected each product to at least 2 weeks of wear testing. I evaluated factors like pigmentation, blendability, wear time and versatility using my full collection of brushes and techniques.

I also supplement my own testing with aggregated feedback from over 50+ Lunar Beauty reviews on YouTube and hundreds of customer testimonials across Reddit, Instagram and Influenster.

Let‘s start with an overview of the brand.

About Lunar Beauty & MannyMUA

Lunar Beauty launched in 2018 when founder Manny Gutierrez (aka Manny MUA) had already made a profound impact redefining representations of beauty as one of YouTube‘s first male influencers.

Hitting over 5 million subscribers today, Manny‘s channel inspires millions worldwide to embrace cosmetics for unapologetic self-expression beyond traditional gender boundaries.

The brand encapsulates Manny‘s trademark looks melding fearless creativity, fantasy elements (the products are literally named after phases of the moon and the packaging features ethereal landscapes) and iridescent color.

Manny MUA modeling Lunar Beauty Makeup

Staying true to Manny‘s cruelty free ethos, every Lunar Beauty product is 100% vegan and PETA certified. The brand celebrates diversity, believing makeup is for anyone regardless of gender, skin tone, age or skill level seeking to showcase their unique beauty.

Now let‘s explore some of the most coveted products.

Overview of Lunar Beauty‘s Product Offerings

While Lunar Beauty offers lip glosses, highlighters and accessories like makeup bags and brushes, the brand has undoubtedly become most acclaimed for its show-stopping eyeshadow palettes.

Ranging from 14 to 21 pans and featuring a mix of bold mattes, striking shimmers, prismatic toppers and coordinating pressed glitters, these palettes mainfest the trademark Lunar Beauty essence of creativity, fantasy and self-expression.

The palettes allow you to create otherworldly color combinations and graphic liner looks that are nearly impossible to achieve from mainstream neutral palettes.

Standout palettes include:

Life‘s a Drag Face Lift Palette

  • 21 Pans
  • Bold brights to neutrals
  • Inspired by drag makeup
  • Revamp of original record-breaking Lunar Beauty launch

Strawberry Dream Palette

  • 15 Pans
  • Mix of pinks, berries, corals
  • Ethereal fantasy packaging

Moon Spell Palette

  • 14 Pans
  • Mystical mauves, emeralds, navies
  • Perfect for sultry, grungy looks

Next, let‘s explore some specific products in further detail.

In-Depth Lunar Beauty Palette Reviews

Here I‘ll be featuring my impressions on pigment intensity, blendablity, versatility and wear time for my favorite Lunar Beauty palettes in my current rotation.

Life‘s a Drag Face Lift Palette Review

Life's a Drag Face Lift Palette

I‘ll start with the namesake palette that encapsulates everything Lunar Beauty represents.

Housed in bright pink bart carton packaging featuring Manny himself, the Life‘s a Drag Face Lift palette contains 21 pans spanning neutrals, vivid brights, intense metallics and multidimensional glitters perfect for showstopping looks that command attention.

Standout Shades:

  • Sickening – metallic royal blue
  • Snatch‘d – red-toned bronze
  • Beat – matte hot pink
  • Paint – matte primary yellow


Swatching with my fingers, these shadows pack a serious punch. The three presses I needed for full opacity speaks to their ultra blendable formula.

Some mattes apply a bit patchy with a brush, but they layer and build beautifully. The metallics leave an intense foil finish that almost looks wet.


The mattes do kick up some dust in the pan, but they blend out to a smooth, even finish. Transition shades like Sashay and Wise create a flawless gradient between the crease and brow bone.

Wear Time

I got over 9 hours of crease-free wear over eye primer. Minimal fallout or fading throughout my work day.


At $3 per pan, this color payoff is unbeatable value.

Final Rating: 5/5

I can create soft glam neutral looks AND graphic liner editorial looks solely from this versatile palette. If you buy one Lunar Beauty offering, make it Life‘s a Drag Face Lift.

Strawberry Dream Palette Review

Strawberry Dream Palette

Vibrant berry tones offset by ethereal neutrals. Inspired by carefree summer nights, a fantasy landscape of clouds, stars and rainbows adorns the exterior.

Standout Shades:

  • Firefly – metallic orange with green shift
  • Wishes – duo chrome pink/lime green
  • Twilight – deep eggplant matte


Buttery, smooth texture across mattes and shimmers. True to pan color payoff in a single swipe. The multidimensional topper shades transform eyes to a prismatic finish.


Seamless gradients. No muddiness or patchiness blending from lids up past the crease. Deep mattes lend perfectly to a smoky effect.

Wear Time

Impressive 10+ hours over eye primer. Minimal creasing or transfer to lids.


At $48 for 15 generous pans, just over $3 per shadow. Hard to beat for this formula quality.

Rating: 5/5

From office appropriate day looks to colorful festival glam, if you love pinks, plums and purples grab the Lunar Beauty Strawberry Dreams palette.

Moon Spell Palette

Moon Spell Palette

My favorite for creating a sultry, mystical effect. Packaging features crescent moons, stars and an owl gazing from a lush forest.

Standout Shades:

  • Vision – shimmery chestnut
  • Ritual – rich metallic emerald
  • Coven – black base with emerald/blue sparkle


The foiled metallics apply smoothly while the dark mattes have a drier, almost rubbery texture requiring 2-3 buildable layers. But the color payoff is insane.


Despite the stiffer mattes, everything seamlessly buffs into the crease without any patchiness.

Wear Time

Over 8 hours crease free over eye primer. Some minimal fallout under eyes towards the end of my workday.


At $48 for 14 shades, just around $3.50 per pan. Excellent value.

Rating: 5/5

Vampy, grungy green smokey eyes in minutes. This palette fills a unique niche missing from my collection.

Additional Lunar Beauty Reviews From Customers

I‘m not the only one obsessed with Lunar Beauty‘s eyeshadow offerings. Just take a look at the shining praise across platforms like Reddit, Influenster and YouTube:

Lunar Beauty Reddit Review

"These shadows are so smooth, pigmented, and easy to work with. One of my favorite formulas. Manny killed it with this palette and made so many colors I was missing from my collection." u/makeupobsessedlaw on Reddit

Lunar Beauty Influenster Reviews

"Pigmentation is out of THIS WORLD good. I am fair neutral skin and I find all the colors to be flattering. You can create simple daytime looks or colorful creative looks. Obsessed is an understatement!" SamanthaH. on Influenster

YouTube Lunar Beauty Review
Image source: @paintedbyspencer Youtube Lunar Beauty Review

Beyond outstanding quality, I believe fans are drawn to Lunar Beauty‘s essence of bold self-expression. Glittery, creative makeup looks that reject tradition gender roles fill users with confidence.

How Lunar Beauty Compares to Top Palette Competitors

I‘ve tried popular palettes from brands like Morphe, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Huda Beauty and more. How does Lunar Beauty measure up?

Here‘s an overview of key factors:

Brand Price Per Shade Vegan Pans Per Palette Unique Color Stories Bold Mattes for Liner Prismatic Toppers
Lunar Beauty $3 Yes Up to 21 Yes Yes Yes
Morphe $2.40 No Up to 35 No No No
ABH $5 No 14 Sometimes No Yes
Huda Beauty $6.30 Yes 18 Yes No Yes

Beyond outstanding quality, Lunar Beauty‘s products speak to the essence of the brand…creative, versatile makeup allowing true self-expression beyond societal boundaries.

Are Lunar Beauty Products Worth It?

If you can‘t tell by now, I am wholeheartedly obsessed with Lunar Beauty. These palettes have ignited inspiration across so many artistic looks.

Not to mention, the immense value $48 offers for 15-20 generous pans blows competitors out of the water. Plus, the unique duochromes, vivid mattes and glitters fill gaps missing in my mainstream neutral palettes.

So if you seek standout pigment, blendability and versatile color stories to create otherworldy makeup looks that channel your inner artist….I couldn‘t recommend Lunar Beauty more.

Swatches of Lunar Beauty Palette Shades

*Swatches of various Lunar Beauty single shadow pans showing pigment intensity.

Drawbacks To Consider

No brand is perfect though, so in the spirit of an honest review I want to share some downsides of Lunar Beauty.

Availability – the wildly popular palettes often quickly sell out at launch and take 1-2 months to restock. Sign up for alerts so you don‘t miss limited edition releases!

Fallout – with intensely pigmented formulas, you‘ll need to do eyes before complexion to brush away glitter specks.

Textures Vary – across shimmers, mattes, glitters and multidimensional toppers not all textures may apply or blend the same. Requires some experimentation to master.

But for me personally, the richness of this versatile formula far outweighs any minor learning curve. I‘ve created stunning celebrity red carpet looks in minutes that get rave reviews on my Instagram.

If you love playing with color for editorials, festivals or just want to stand out from the neutral palette crowd I couldn‘t recommend Lunar Beauty more.

Shop the full collection here!

Holographic Lunar Beauty Makeup Look
*A unicorn inspired look I created with the Strawberry Dream Palette!

Bottom Line

I can‘t get enough of these Lunar Beauty palettes that inspire me to embrace my inner artist. Intensely pigmented mattes and shimmers allow endless versatility whether I‘m seeking graphic liner, a smoky grungy moment or whimsical unicorn glam.

Beyond outstanding quality exceeding prestige competitors, Lunar Beauty delivers tremendous value with massive palettes spanning 15-20 generously sized pans for only $48.

I‘m so impressed I‘ve purchased every new eye palette launch since discovering the brand in 2020 through fellow beauty YouTubers. I always tout these in videos when asked for a colorful palette recommendation.

Finally, Lunar Beauty wins me over staying true to Manny MUA‘s trademark essence of inclusion, boundary breaking standards of beauty and embracing cosmetics for pure creative joy.

I can‘t wait to see what magical, fantastical palettes the brand dreams up next! But for now I give Lunar Beauty a shining 5 star review.

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

I hope you enjoyed this intensive hands-on review feature my honest impressions after 2 years using numerous Lunar Beauty offerings. Have you tried anything from their line yet? Feel free to drop me any questions in the comments!

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