Lull Mattress Reviews – Is It Worth To Buy?

Lull mattress will enable you to have an advanced sleeping technology for the ultimate comfort of every night. The lull mattress is a premium memory foam mattress that is specifically designed to meet your sleep needs. It helps in sleeping cool and relieves pressure from joints. With the handcrafted quality, this is an easy to clean mattress. Also, this one is good for your health for having hypoallergenic quality. Being noiseless and waterproof, this could be your dream mattress.

Comfortable Sleep fact: 92% of the sleepers believe having a comfortable mattress is important in getting a good night sleep.

We’ll review its suitability for the various sleeping position and detailed features. Let's read to find what it has to offer you.

Official website:
  • Customer satisfaction - 7.1/10
  • Durability - 8/10
  • Pressure relieving - 8.5/10
  • Off-gassing - 7.5/10
  • Sleep cool - 8/10
  • Weight - 9/10

Editors rating

Overall rating 8.2
Category Criteria Rating Editor remarks
Customer satisfaction It is based on the reviews of customers. 71% The lull mattress is fair when it comes to memory foam
Durability The quality of memory foam should be durable. 8.0 Lull mattress has a considerable lifespan. Its warranty is for ten years.
Pressure-relieving GoodExcellent memory foam is light on your joints. It reduces strain. 8.5 Lull mattress is excellent for dealing with back pains. Also, it is suitable for all sleepers.
Off-gassing There should be no off-gassing for a healthy environment. However, some of the mattresses emit when unpackaged. 7.5 There is a little off-gassing upon opening.
Sleep cool Memory foams trap heat. It results in hot sleeping surfaces. 8.0 Lull mattress has gel infusion. It maintains temperature to a neutral level.
Weight Many memory foams are light. So, it is easy to move them. 9.0 The lull mattress is lighter than many types of foam.
Overall Summary The long-lasting durability and motion isolation is its top features. The three layers give you the best sleeping results. Topped with the comfort layer, it has a smooth surface to sleep on. Its construction consists of a comfort top layer, therapeutic mid-layer and core support base layer which brings durability and comfort.

Key features and specs

  • Lull mattress reduces aches and pains of joints.
  • It has a comfort top layer, therapeutic mid-layer, and core support base layer.
  • It perfectly contours your body.
  • It has breathable top-tick fibers which keep the mattress cool.
  • The blend of premium quality foam is responsible for proper spinal alignment.
  • There is a right amount of bounce in the mattress.
  • Lull mattress is made of high-quality polyurethane foam for durability.
  • It reduces motion and avoids disturbances in the night.
  • It has an ultra-premium cover made of polyester and rayon.
  • Lull mattress comes with 10 years of warranty.
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The construction of lull mattress speaks of its quality. The three-layer combination is there to provide you with the quality sleep. We will now discuss its structure of three layers in detail.

The first layer


The top is the layer of 1.5’’ comfort top responsible for both the pressure relieving and surface cooling. It helps in evenly distributing your weight. Thus, it dramatically reduces strain on joints, lower back, and neck.

Temperature fact: According to sleep experts 65 degrees Fahrenheit makes an ideal temperature for sleep.

Moreover, this viscoelastic memory foam is infused with gel polymer. It dissipates heat and keeps the surface temperature cooler.

The second layer


Next one is the 1.5’’ therapeutic mid-layer made of premium foam. It is responsible for proper spinal alignment. This layer in combo with the third layer maintains a healthy spine position throughout the night. So, you wake up refreshed every morning.

The last layer


7’’ support core base layer is the last one and a most durable layer which bears the weight of the above two layers. It is made of high-quality polyurethane foam. It means it has the strength and permanent structure to act as a stable base.

Comfort and support

The lull mattress is something known for giving you the support your body needs. This mattress provides the right amount of bounce as well as comfort. The 1.5’’ of the transition layer does this job. It gives the right amount of support so that you don't get sinking feel. It helps in evenly distributing your body weight.

An interesting fact: A significant number of US citizens lack sleep because of having a bad mattress.

Moreover, the 7” high-density polyurethane core support ensures proper spinal comfort. Thus, all these layers allow your muscles to relax. And, you feel refreshed upon waking up.

Suitability of sleepers

The lull mattress is a mixture of responsiveness and firmness. It makes it helpful for a variety of sleepers. Our table below is going to guide you further about this. It is comfortable for the side, back and stomach sleepers. But, how much comfort is what we will see.

Sleeping style Lightweight

(<130 lbs)

Medium weight

(130-230 lbs)


(>230 lbs)

Side Good Very good Good
Back Very good Excellent Very good
Stomach Fair Good Fair

Firmness level

When we consider the firmness of lull mattress, we find that it is a medium-firm. This scale is suitable for pressure relieving and optimal support. Its composition is:

Name Firmness Thickness Support Layer Comfort Layer Cover 
Lull Mattress 6 10’’ 7’’ High-density polyfoam 1.5’’ gel memory foam and 1.5’’ memory foam Polyester and rayon

Motion isolation

Lull mattress absorbs movements. It is because of the multiple layers of responsive foams. They eliminate any motion and let you sleep peacefully. It is essential when you share your bed. So, lull mattress is motion isolating.

Sizes and weight

The lull mattress is available in all sizes. Our table shows you an approximate dimension of sizes and weight.

Size Dimensions (inches) Weight Price
Twin 38x75x10 48 lbs. $500
Twin XL 38×80 x10 52 lbs. $550
Full 54x75x10 66 lbs. $700
Queen 60x80x10 77 lbs. $800
King 76x80x10 96 lbs. $900
Cal King 72x84x10 94 lbs. $900

Pressure relieving

If you are looking for your back pain, lull mattress may be the right choice. It's 1.5” top layer of memory foam does a wonderful job. It relieves pressure from your joints, lower back, and neck. It helps in giving the proper lumbar support which you need. So, have a Lull mattress to relax after your tiring day.

Sleep cool

Lull mattress’ comes with viscoelastic memory foam which is gel infused. This addition does not trap the heat inside the mattress. The breathable top-tick fibers and open-cell foam structure allow the flow of air. It helps in keeping the temperature low, and you sleep cool.


One of the money-saving advantages of lull mattress is its lasting durability. The high-quality polyurethane foam is used as base support. This 7” layer supports the upper two layers. It means there is no sagging. These ultimate quality foams maintain their shape for a long time. It ensures they provide exceptional sleeping experience for many years.

Stress fact: Stress level decreases to a higher level using good bedding.

Adjustability on all bases

Lull mattress goes best with all frames and bases. Whether it is a flat platform, slatted or adjustable bed, it works well with all. You can even place it on the floor. It will still give you the same support and bounce that you want.

Premium covering

Lull cover is made of ultra-premium fabrics, a combination of polyester and rayon. It provides it the stretch and comfort. Also, flexibility maintains the shape of the surface. Its handcrafted cover is very soft, breathable and easy to wash as it is removable.

Lighter weight

The lull mattress is lighter than many memory foams. Storage of this mattress is very easy, and the mattress is highly portable.

A healthy choice for your family

lull mattress Certi-PUR certified

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The lull mattress is Certi-PUR® certified. They have rigorous standards of minimizing any use of harmful chemicals. There is no use of

  • Formaldehyde
  • Chemicals
  • Ozone depleters
  • Heavy metals
  • Flame retardants

It means they have less than 0.5 ppm of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)

Allergy fact: About 20 million American suffer from an allergy to dust mites and bugs.

What’s more, they have an efficient packaging system. It results in a smaller carbon footprint. They reduce the size of the packaging to reduce overall waste. Not only this, but the lull is also a member of Sustainable Furnishing Council®. This council strives with the objective of reducing global carbon emissions. Thus, lull mattress is an entirely healthy and environmentally friendly choice for you.

Trials, warranty and shipping details

Lull mattress gives 100 nights free trial option. The lull mattress is offering free shipping within the US states. They ship via FedEx. Not only this, they offer free returns too in case you are not happy with the product. But, they advise sleeping for at least two weeks before returning. It takes time to develop the habit of any new mattress. Lull mattress has 10 years of warranty.

And if you still want to learn more, go to our full review here.


The lull is a great mattress to have for your sleep needs due to its pressure-relieving features and use of high-quality memory foams. This mattress provides a perfect motion isolating mattress ideal for couples.

Lull mattress is lighter as compared to other memory foams. Its gel infusion quality makes it a more cooling mattress to sleep on. With the hypoallergenic quality, it is a healthy choice for all. So, order this one for free shipping and sleep well from now on.

Lull mattress is the right choice for you – if you:

  • Want a responsive mattress.
  • Like to sleep cool.
  • Want to relieve pressure.
  • Like a medium level of firmness.
  • Want a mattress which has a less off-gassing issue.
  • Need an affordable mattress.

Why is lull mattress not good for you If?

  • You want a more durable mattress which will last for more than ten years.
  • You want a softer
  • You want the completely off-gas free mattress.

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