Leesa Pillow Review 2023: Detailed & Unbiased

You need a pillow that promotes good sleep and cooling comfort and support. However, making the right purchase decision for a pillow can be daunting.

The challenge appears to be caused by the seemingly endless supplies in the recent market. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first time or you are a frequent user, Leesa pillows could be the option you’ve got. The design is created to fit your sleep-related needs. Here, we provide detailed information about the product to assist with your pillow purchase.


Leesa Overview

The sleep industry is introducing a series of new accessories recently. Unlike the regular options, Leesa comes with helpful features to support or curb various sleep issues. Pillows are among the top products many people are looking for in the recent market. However, a large number of brands existing in the market can be overwhelming. Finding you comfortable will probably require investing more time in the stores.

Leesa pillows are an outstanding option that is recently gaining popularity in the market. The Innovative technology integrated with the manufacturing process has met most users’ needs. The product has a unique and impeccable quality for all types of sleepers. In this review, you will learn about various features and concerns about the Leesa pillow. This article will keep you informed with the right choices to make before purchasing the Leesa pillow.

Leesa Pillow Models

Leesa Pillow Models

Leesa manufacturers offer two high-quality models perfect for most sleeping positions. You will need to choose between Hybrid Pillows and Premium pillows. Both pillow options have varying specifications to fit most of the sleeper personal preferences. We will breakdown the significant features differentiating the two options. You will learn why happy sleepers are loving their choice of Leesa pillow.

Leesa Hybrid Pillow Review

Leesa Hybrid Pillow model

The hybrid pillow is an alternative offering adjustable features. The construction includes removable that allow you to adjust the loft and firmness to your preference. The pillow does not integrate more technology in its construction; it is still an excellent option for a particular sleeper type. This section covers the features, pros, and cons of the Leesa hybrid model.

  • Leesa Hybrid Pillow Construction

The hybrid pillow model comes with adjustable options. The materials used here are polyester, just like in the traditional pillows. However, the microfibers in the pillow are fluffy and soft to offer extra comfort. You might like the exciting features, including the soft and relaxed texture on the underside.

Leesa Hybrid Pillow Construction

The pillow is best for individuals who tend to sleep hot. The Leesa Company has integrated a cooling gel pad from the underside to curb the high temperatures. The model is also featured with a cover designed with 40% Nylon and 60% Tencel fiber. Most sleepers will find the cover quite pleasant to lay their head on it. The cover is also thick, stretchy, and soft to keep your sleep comfortable.

  • Adjustable Loft

Selecting a pillow required one to understand their sleeping positions. With the adjustable loft, the pillow delivers a varying level of comfort. Beware that you need the right choice for proper alignment and curb back and neck issues.

Leesa Hybrid Adjustable Loft

Various factors will determine whether the pillow is right for you. Typically, your body size will determine whether you need a thicker or thinner pillow. The adjustable nature of the hybrid pillows is a helpful concept fit for all users.

  • Sleeper Type

Whether you are a back, side, or stomach sleeper, the Leesa hybrid pillow can work better for you. You only need to choose a comfortable position and adjustments. You can keep the pillow as is or remove the removable pillow parts if comfortable depending on your size.

Leesa Hybrid Pillow Sleeper Type

For the side sleepers, the head should be kept slightly propped out of the pillow. The position should maintain a comfortable neck position. Sleepers must consider the nose in line with the spine for healthy alignment.

Back sleepers need to maintain a “C” curve on the neck when lying on the pillow. The pillow should not push the head forward but keep the eyes looking upwards to achieve a comfortable and healthy position.

Stomach sleepers should typically remove the inserts from the pillow. The thick loft may cause neck pains after lying for a significant amount of time.

  • Feel and Firmness

Leesa Hybrid Pillow Firmness

The Leesa hybrid pillow model has a comfortable feel. The comfort level delivered is more like regular pillow options. However, the adjustability nature seems relatively appealing. The polyester fibers used on the pillow allows airflow to keep hot sleepers cool. The pillow can be left as is or the insert removed if you are not into thick pillows.

Leesa Premium Pillow Review

Leesa Premium Pillow Review

If you are opting for a high quality yet cheap pillow option, Leesa premium is for you. The pillow construction involves a memory form that feels neutral but responsive to your sleep positions. Read on to understand the features of the Leesa premium form before you purchase one.

  • Construction

Leesa Premium Pillow construction

The materials and construction criteria are quite basic. The company has used polyurethane foam to design the material, unlike the hybrid pillow's complexity. The pillow has cool ventilation because the form is aerated with tiny holes. The ventilation criteria applied here are essential for sleepers generating too much heat when sleeping.

  • Sleeper Type

Leesa Premium Pillow Sleeper TypePremium pillows do not have adjustable lofts but are comprised of one slab of foam. The design appears to be less lofty compared to other pillows. Even though the pillow feels responsive, it does not fit all sleepers. Side and back sleepers with more weight can find the pillow inappropriate to support the neck. Stomach sleepers seem to be more comfortable with the premium pillow since it is less lofty.

  • Feel

Leesa Premium Pillow FeelingsThe Leesa premium pillow offers a similar experience to traditional foam pillows. However, sleepers find the pillow springy and responsive, thus offering a cradling effect to the head. The pillow is soft and light, giving most sleepers comfortable support, especially on the neck.

Features and Benefits of Leesa Pillows

Sleepers are impressed with the drastic differences in the Leesa pillow designs. Unlike the traditional pillows, some innovations have been put in place for the Leesa pillow. You will likely be excited about the quality, comfort, and noticeable features that will transform your sleeping experience. The content below highlights the general features and benefits of the Leesa pillow.


Leesa Pillows comfort

Leesa forms have an incredibly soft form that is slightly raised. Sleepers can find comfort while lying in their favorite positions. The foam offers inevitable support to the neck and head. The distribution of the pillow content correctly fills the gap between the head, neck, and shoulders. As such, it helps alleviate neck and back pains. Similarly, Leesa pillows are designed differently to deliver comfort and proper alignment to all sleepers. Sleepers must review all factors regarding how to achieve the best comfort when using the Leesa pillow.

Soft Cover

Leesa Soft Cover

Leesa Company has use poly, viscose, and nylon blend materials to design their pillow cover. The cover is claimed to be soft and breathable, thus achieving impressive comfort. The cover is woven with a significant thickness to offer appropriate support to the sleeper head and neck. The zipper runs on the side and is easy to use when you need to remove the cover for cleaning.

The Loft

The Loft of leesa pillow

The pillow construction delivers the best comfort. Leesa pillows provided the best loft that defines the comfort experience to the user. Leesa company uses a fiber-like light material to fill the pillow, thus offering a soft feel and healthy support when a user rests their head and neck. The solid form core gives the pillow back to its shape even after compression.

Leesa Pillow Care

Leesa Pillow Care

The Leesa pillows are not favorable for washing. The liquids can take longer to dry. Moreover, you will not want to create an environment for mildews and mold. To protect the pillow from dirt, you can use a protective pillowcase that is easy to clean. The pillow covers can also be washable following the guidelines provided by the manufacturer.


Leesa Pillow

The company offers a three-year warranty. The package protects against defects in the construction and the material. Further, customers are offered a 100-night trial to experience the usability of the product. With a great deal from the company, users are most likely to appreciate the Leesa pillows but can return the products if not impressed.

Many users appreciate the overall design and quality of the Leesa pillow. However, some drawbacks come with a pillow. Here are the pros and cons of the Leesa pillows.


  • The pillow cover is removable, soft, and easy to maintain
  • The size is a good standard for all sleepers. It can respond effectively to changes in sleep positions.
  • The breathable characteristic and ventilation create a relaxed sleeping environment.
  • The pillow offers incredible pressure relief to the shoulders and neck.
  • Two Leesa pillow models offering varying firmness and thickness settings


  • Stomach sleepers might find the pillow to be too supportive
  • The pillow is not fully washable by machine, except for the cover

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