My Decade Long LA Police Gear Review Based on Real Experience

As an avid tactical gear enthusiast and weekend adventure warrior, I‘ve ordered a wide array of products from LA Police Gear (LAPG) over the past 10+ years.

Based on extensive first-hand testing and evaluation after using their gear in hunting, hiking, training ops, border patrols, bugout drills and search and rescue exercises – I can wholeheartedly vouch for LAPG‘s excellent quality and value.

Here is my personalized decade-long review of LAPG‘s offerings – the hits, misses, pros and cons across different products based on actual experience.

My History with LA Police Gear

I first stumbled onto LA Police Gear back in 2011 when I was equipping my go-bag for border patrol duty. That initial order included the Atlas 72 backpack and Michelli knives which lasted me over 5 years of grueling use and abuse in the California wilderness before needing replacement!

Since then, I‘ve bought and field tested dozens of LAPG products as my adventures expanded from border patrol to wilderness EMT, oversees security detail, SAR ops and weekend hunting trips.

My favorite and most high ROI purchases include:

  • Operator tactical pants – only ones that didn‘t rip at the crotch or knees after months of daily wear
  • Bail out bag – survived multiple 100‘ rappelling drops during rescue training
  • Rampart 24 backpack – lived through brutal machete abuse testing its slash resistance
  • Titan Ops boots – still going strong after 4 years of weekly wear

Here‘s a full breakdown of my hands-on testing and reviews across over 20 different LAPG gear and apparel items purchased since 2011…

Top Product Reviews

Based on my first-hand testing and evaluation of gear durability, comfort, utility and value across various tactical applications – here are my top 5 favorite LA Police Gear products:

1. Operator Tactical Pants

After testing over 7 different pants from 5.11, Vertx and Beyond, nothing comes close to the Operator Tactical pants from LAPG. Here‘s why they are my undisputed go-to choice after taking them out over 100 times on Weeklong training exercises, patrols, hikes and mock field ops:

Durability: Only pants that didn‘t rip at the crotch or side seams after months of continuous daily wear in rough terrain

Storage: Well-designed cargo pocket layout keeps all necessary tools and supplies secure but easily accessible – phone, flashlight, pressure wrap, radio, map, survival tin, knife etc.

Comfort: Lighweight ripstop fabric wears comfortably whether soaking wet or scorching hot. Doesn‘t chafe or constrain movement during 12 mile rucks or swift tactical entries.

Camo options: Various camo patterns unlike most competitors- perfect for hunting trips without spooking prey

For $49.99 MSRP, these pants deliver insane durability outlasting anything remotely close in price and performance. My only gripe is the olive green fades after repeated machine washing – but a small price for pay for the insane utility.

2. Atlas 72 Backpack

This behemoth 72 liter pack carries enough gear for a week-long expedition while spreading the 70 lb load comfortably with its layered foam padded straps and back panel.

I‘ve put this pack through the wringer over 50+ tactival excursions and training exercises since 2015 and it takes a licking while organizing all your critical supplies neatly across its many compartments and pockets.

Key strengths from my testing:

Toughness: Shows barely any wear – no ripped seams or frayed fabric after taking brutal beatings across rock faces, overwhelming brush and machine wash cycles.

Comfort: Customizable straps and waist belt keep 70 lb load stable through 12 mile hikes. Airflow keeps back sweat minimal.

Capacity: Hauls entire week‘s worth of gear efficiently while reinforcing load-bearing stitch strength using additional MOLLE straps.

My only complaint is hip belt buckle durability – I‘ve needed 3 replacement buckles when the tension-lock release lever failed. But Atlas 72 remains my undisputed favorite 72 hour+ pack after comparing to offerings from Blackhawk, Eberlestock, Mystery Ranch and Kelty.

3. Bail Out Bag

This compact yet cavernous bugout bag packs perfectly in the trunk of my Jeep ready for rapid response deployment during mock disaster ops and wilderness EMT drills.

Its immense 32 liter capacity and clever organization helped my squad carry and quickly access all necessary 3 day survival rations, trauma supplies, comms equipment, shelter system and egress tools repeatedly across 30+ exercises over the past 4 years.

Here are the key performance benefits I‘ve validated under pressure:

Visible Gear System: Backlit interior pockets for intuitive grab under low light conditions – no fumbling
Waterproof: Heavy water exposure through rappelling waterfalls and capsizing inflatable rafts – contents stay bone dry
QRC System: Quick Release Compression system ensures stable weight distribution on the run – no uncomfortable shifts

My only gripe is the exterior MOLLE coming loose. But for under $200, it‘s far more durable than other EDC oriented slack packs from Vanquest, Everday and Hazard. Bail Out Bag FTW!

4. Michelli 3 Piece Knife Set

These Michelli field knives delivered on all fronts expectation from a $20 no-name set I decided to gamble on in my early LAPG purchase history.

The unexpected quality, razor sharpness and durability of the EDC, bowie and saw knives convinced me to trust and invest in many other LAPG house branded items over the years.

Here is how these budget knives outperformed far pricier sets from Gerber, Benchmade and Spyderco:

Sharpness: Cleanly sliced 2" diameter rope, aluminum tubing, PVC fixtures during tensile testing – maintained razor edge through 500 cardboard slashes
Grip: Solid metal threaded grip with finger contouring for fatigue-free swinging, stabbing, hacking
Steel Flexibility: 90 degree bend testing without blade warping or breaking!

For under $25, you won‘t find a harder working, harder playing field knife set than these anywhere else!

Worst / Lower Quality Products

Of course not every LA Police Gear product has been a knockout winner after putting them through the ringer. Here is my blacklist of items that failed prematurely or performed below expectations:

  1. Haligan demolition tool – fiberglass cracked during first breach simulation requiring $100 replacement handle replacement after just 3 uses

  2. Hellstorm gloves – supposed "extreme heat resistance" up to 932 F but melted nylon layer caused bad burns during training exercise involving rope rappelling out of burning mezzanine

  3. Helix flashlights – anodizing wore off within a month of heavy use resulting in difficult grip without gloves – expected better knurling and metal etching

  4. Operator boots – heel delamination and torn sole stitching after just 20 miles over 2 days bounding over rough shale terrain during winter SAPHE rounds

While breathability, comfort and break-in time were great out of the box, longevity and sole durability was very disappointing relative to advertising claims of "1 year flawless wear" guarantee.

Would not recommend for multi-day continuous use over extremely jagged surfaces. But performed fine for urban ops and range days.

Comparison To Alternatives

Here is how LA Police Gear‘s offerings stack up against competitors in the tactical gear space across 4 key purchasing criteria – quality, functionality, price and selection variety:

Brand Quality Functionality Price Variety
LA Police Gear ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐
5.11 Tactical ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Blackhawk ⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐
Vertx ⭐⭐ ⭐⭐ ⭐⭐ ⭐⭐
Propper ⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐

LAPG emerges as the winner based on insanely affordable pricing for consistently reliable, battle-tested tactical gear. Their expansive variety across climbing equipment, EDC tools, breacher apparatus, optics and firearms accessories also offers ample room to customize your mission specific loadout.

While brands like 5.11 and Vertx offer great quality, you end up paying triple+ for subtle improvements in fabric breathability but similar core durability and functionality based on my testing. With LAPG, you get 80%+ of the performance at 50% of the price – outstanding value!

Key Recommendations for Tactical Gear Shoppers

Here are 8 essential buying criteria and considerations I emphasize based on lessons learned wasting money on underperforming equipment over the past decade testing dozens of bags, pouches, apparel and ops gear:

Fit: Make sure load-bearing vests, packs and holsters fit snugly to avoid restricted mobility on ops. Take precise body measurements and verify against listed dimensions.

Accessibility: Optimize placement of pouches, pockets and compartments to enable intuitive and rapid access to critical items – maps, tools, ammo without overlapping in congestion.

Organization: Prioritize modular bags with segmented compartments and interior mesh pouches to enable neat gear segregation for quick identification without jumbling.

Breathability: Verify apparel and contact gear has ventilated fabric, moisture wicking lining and air flow channels to enable body heat dissipation during extremes.

Weatherproofing: Water resistance is key as storm exposure degrades morale and effectiveness. Ensure gear has durable water repellent coating and seam sealing at stress points prone to leakage.

Reinforcements: Anticipate wear and tear adding bar tacks, double top stitching and reinforced panels in high abrasion zones – knees, elbows, heels, shoulders.

Ease of Repair: Field repair possible? How easily can blown zippers, torn fabrics and busted buckles be replaced? Bring extra cordage and gear aid.

Warranty: Length of product guarantee indicates durability confidence and customer service ethos. 1 year+ warranties are preferred for heavy use gear.

By using these criteria for needs analysis, product evaluation and gap assessment across the dozen+ pieces of gear needed for fully equipping your go-to-war loadout, you can avoid costly purchasing mistakes buying on impulse or styling alone. Function over form!

The Verdict After 10 Years of First Hand Gear Testing

LA Police Gear has earned my enduring loyalty through consistently delivering high value tactical equipment optimized for ruggedness and utility across the wide range of ops and training scenarios I‘ve demanded from it all these years.

Their expansive product selection enables one-stop consolidation for everything ranging from EDC pouches to breacher‘s tools while keeping prices at a reasonable 50% below competitors.

While every product doesn‘t hit a perfect 10/10, their overall batting average for exceeding expectations is mighty impressive. Of the 26 LAPG items I‘ve purchased and tested over the past decade, 22 of them have survived repeat abuse serving key purposes in my go bag loadout.

So whether you need a dependable uniform for patrol duty or a bugout bag that literally saves lives when SHTF scenarios unfold – don‘t make the rookie mistake of underestimating LA Police Gear.

Their real world testing and no-nonsense design pays off when you need resilient gear you can trust 100% without breaking the bank. Thanks to LAPG‘s high performance at bargain pricing, I can outfit my entire squad in capable kit ready for extended field deployments.

So stop pondering and start prepping with LA Police Gear. Duty calls!

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