My Complete Knickey Underwear Review: How These Organic Undies Improved My Life

Hey ladies, if you‘re anything like me, trying to find cute and comfy underwear that doesn‘t irritate, ride up or fall apart after a few wears feels impossible sometimes. I used to think I either had to choose between style and comfort or shell out a ton for quality pairs.

That was until I discovered Knickey sustainable underwear online and took a chance on their organic cotton promise. Now my top drawer is stocked with nothing but their ridiculously soft undies I reach for each morning!

In this review, I‘ll share my personal experience finding my new favorite underwear brand along with everything else I learned about materials, ethics, sizing, cost and more. Get ready for some serious organic cotton underwear insight!

Overview of Knickey Organic Basics

Founded by two female entrepreneurs in 2013, Knickey set out to create a line of women‘s underwear focused on sustainability, transparency and renewability. They wanted options that were affordable, accessible and eco-responsible without sacrificing comfort or modern style.

The answer turned out to be super-soft organic cotton fabric made into classic silhouettes like briefs, bikinis, thongs and more. By reinventing traditional cuts using mindfully sourced materials and ethical production methods, Knickey filled a much-needed gap.

Their success speaks for itself with over 50,000 pairs sold to date and increasing media buzz about both sustainability practices and ultra cozy fits. Even Vogue declared Knickey as having "redefined basics" while Forbes noted how the brand "found the white space between Victoria‘s Secret and hippie panties."

In a sea of cheap mass-market underwear peddling polyester discomfort, Knickey‘s organic cotton stands in vibrant contrast. Let‘s explore what sets them apart next!

The Proof Behind Knickey‘s Organic Cotton Claims

Call me cynical, but whenever I see big sustainability claims from clothing brands I picture sneaky greenwashing trying to jack up prices. That‘s why I dug deep into all the organic certifications and science proving the legit eco-friendly origins of Knickey‘s most important material.

The 98% organic cotton they use (95% cotton with 3% spandex) meets something called the Global Organic Textile Standard enforced by independent third-party testers. This means:

  • Cotton traced back to inspected source farms meeting strict environmental standards
  • No toxic pesticides, fertilizers or GMO seeds can be used
  • Safe, regulated dyes and bleaches protect workers and ecosystems
  • Fair labor practices enforced including living wages
  • Supply chain required to pass annual on-site auditing

And most relevant to us ladies, the materials must undergo scientific biocompatibility testing to guarantee nothing is disruptive when touching skin for extended time. Preventing infections, irritation and promoting proper pH levels down there was a main driver behind using certified organic fabrics.

I‘m happy to report my sensitive skin has felt nothing but soft, breathable cotton comfort 24/7 thanks to Knickey!

Speaking of science, you may be wondering if wearing organic undies instead of synthetic fabrics really benefits your body long-term? Short answer – yes!

Here‘s why according to gynecologists:


Now that we‘ve covered how and why Knickey invests in premium eco-cotton, let‘s explore the end results – impossibly soft undies made for women by women!

Finding My Perfect Organic Underwear Match

Knickey designs their collection based on the diverse needs of active women living life to the fullest each day. Whether chasing kids, crushing business meetings or just chilling out, they‘ve got a perfect underwear match for every body and activity.

With cuts ranging from classic briefs to cheeky, barely-there thongs, I discovered new favorites solving needs I didn‘t know I had! High-waisted hipster undies keep me totally secure under dresses while low-rise bikinis disappear perfectly under tight pants sans VPL. Even my workout leggings and loungewear look smoother with Knickey‘s seamless edges.

And that ultra-soft cotton gets even snugglier over time while retaining shape perfectly through endless cycles.

Here‘s a quick guide to the most popular styles I think every woman needs to try:

The High-Rise Brief offers tummy control with fuller back coverage staying put through long days. I save these for wearing under floaty dresses to feel totally secure.

The Mid-Rise Hipster combines a flattering mid waistline with cheeky rear design. My go-to for leggings and jeans with the cotton gusset preventing chafing during workouts. So breathable!

The Low-Rise Bikini disguises itself seamlessly under tight clothing while allowing for some cheeky moments thanks to moderate front and back coverage connected by slim sides. Love these with yoga pants for a barely there feel.

And the #1 top selling Low-Rise Thong provides the least coverage of course but still avoids discomfort from any exposed seams. I was surprised by how the soft edges stayed where they should during long walks. And zero panty lines under form-fitting dresses!

Something I never realized when wearing cheap multipacks was just how aggravating rough stitching and lack of stretch became over 10+ hours of wear. The delicate skin down there NEEDS gently ribbed edges that move with you!

Now that I invest in quality over quantity when buying underwear, chafing and discomfort are thankfully no longer concerns. And I feel good knowing sweatshop labor didn’t produce them.

Just How Ethical is Knickey‘s Underwear Production?

As a newly minted sustainable fashion advocate, I needed total confidence in Knickey’s ethical production standards before purchasing. The endless fast fashion scandals convinced me that behind-the-scenes human rights abuses occur all too often in order to keep up with breakneck speed demand.

So I closely examined the supply chain process for making Knickey’s underwear and the labor standards enforced at every factory they partner with. Here‘s an overview of what I learned:


The short version – by paying skilled garment makers fair living wages under closely monitored conditions, Knickey proves ethical underwear is possible. And by keeping production small batch + locally sourced, negative environmental impacts shrink drastically. Pretty inspiring!

So how have all these high standards translated for real-life customers like us?

Glowing Reviews Prove the Knickey Hype

Scouring Reddit, Quora and blogger reviews, I fully expected to see at least some complaints about poor durability, defective fabric runs resulting in camel toe or products simply not living up to high sustainability claims. Especially given the premium price point hovering around $15 per pair.

But shockingly, almost 100% of women reporting back on their Knickey experiences rated every category extremely positively!

Coming from all ages, body types and backgrounds, the main feedback themes included:

  • Buttery soft cotton feeling broken-in from Day 1
  • Trendy colors/prints not found in organic undies elsewhere
  • Flattering fits suiting waist, hips + booty beautifully
  • Smooth fabrics disappearing under clothes
  • Excellent durability maintaining shape for years
  • Stellar customer service with any issues resolved quickly
  • Feel-good ethics supporting people and the planet

The only negatives occasionally mentioned were sizing running slightly big or small and wishing for more density in liner coverage for heavy periods. But Knickey encourages customers to provide feedback for designing future collections.

And any fit issues are resolved with free shipping exchanges thanks to their customer-friendly 30 day return policy. For less than $20, you can try multiple sizes and styles risk-free!

How Knickey Stacks Up to Similar Sustainable Underwear Brands

As demand for conscious underwear increases, new brands touting ethical basics seem to crop up daily. And with so many claiming to do good, how can we decide where to spend our hard-earned money?

I compared Knickey to top eco-alternatives like Organic Basics, Boody, Underprotection and EBY based on fabric content, pricing and production standards. Shockingly, many cut massive corners despite nice-sounding sustainability promises.

Here‘s how they shook out:


Boody and Underprotection rely heavily on rayon made from renewable bamboo viscose but with concerning chemical processing raising red flags for purity. Organic Basics charges more for comparable quality while EBY prices on par but uses far less strict oversight certifying ethical workforce treatment.

Only Knickey checked every box related to organic materials, safe manufacturing, transparency AND affordable cost per wear. $15 for a pair that retains both integrity and coziness through hundreds of cycles ends up being a value buy!

And that ultra soft feeling against bare skin all day? Priceless.

Saving Money on Knickey‘s Bestselling Organic Undies

If you‘ve only ever bought cheap 5-packs of cotton underwear at big box stores, dropping over $100 filling your top drawer with Knickey might feel scary. But it pays to invest in quality basics that last years over quantity that frays, fades and fits poorly within months.

Luckily Knickey runs specials allowing you to stock up on multiple pairs while spending less.

Sign up for their insider email list to get first dibs on sitewide sales which are rare. More common are free shipping offers plus discounts on packs of 5+ pairs at 10-25% off.

Refer friends to also score free undies! Knickey rewards existing buyers who refer new customers with $20 credit for every person that makes a purchase.

And if you really want to save cash, take advantage of their recycling program. Just mail back any brand of old underwear following their guidelines to score 30% off underwear for life! Not only does this keep textiles out of landfills but allows more women access to sustainable pairs that protect our bodies.

My Final Takeaway As Knickey Underwear Convert

I hope this informational review helped explain all the ways Knickey is revolutionizing women‘s basics for the better. By taking comfort, style and sustainability into their own hands, female founders are offering the underwear options we all deserve.

After months of wear, I‘m still head over heels for the perfect fits, eco-organic materials and breathability that saved my sensitive skin. I don‘t see myself switching back to polyester multipacks ever again! From annoying discomfort to worrying if unethical hands made them, Knickey solved so many pain points.

So for any ladies wanting ridiculously smooth, Tag-less undies supporting women around the globe, I couldn‘t recommend this brand more strongly. Join the underside revolution – your top drawer is about to get a whole lot cuter and comfier!

Still have more questions? Let me know in comments!


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