40 Stylish Kitchen Window Ideas

Are you a fan of cooking, and the kitchen is your sacred space? Do you want to make your foodie creations in a more vibrant and vivid kitchen? Keep reading because I have the most amazing 40 stylish ideas for kitchen windows.

As a person that loves to cook, I spend most of the time in my kitchen. So, a good functional kitchen plays an important role in my life, including the windows. Kitchen windows are one of the most important things to add, whether for a practical or aesthetical reason.

They bring amazing natural light, allow for fresh air to ventilate through, and can look stunningly astounding. Plus, with plenty of natural light, you can save on energy bills since you won’t need artificial lighting during the daytime.

So, if you are a kitchen person and want some beautiful ideas for windows to make your cooking space on the next level, stay with me since I am about to show you breathtaking 40 stylish ideas on how to create that.

1. A million-Dollar View

million-dollar view window

Image Source: Instagram

Having this kind of window in your kitchen is an idea of a mastermind. I mean, look at this gorgeous, breathtaking view. It almost looks like a giant wallpaper in your kitchen. Plus, you get perfect natural light. This kitchen is so simple, and that’s why this outstanding window was necessary to add something special to it.

2. Floor to Ceiling Kitchen Windows

Floor to ceiling kitchen windows

Image Source: Instagram

What a beautiful inspiration for kitchen windows. They are floor to ceiling and look amazing with the white columns in between that compliment the floor tiles. They also make this kitchen appear visually bigger and go perfectly with its design. The flowers and plants are just the decoration that is mostly needed.

3. Roll up the Kitchen Window

Roll up the kitchen window

Image Source: Instagram

Isn’t this roll-up window so fancy and interesting? I would definitely agree with that. You can easily roll It up to let the fresh air come into the kitchen that helps a lot, especially if you are cooking. The black frames and the wooden cabinets are like a match made in heaven; they just go together like a charm.

4. Sun is Shining; the Kitchen is Neat

Sun is shining; the kitchen is neat window

Image Source: Instagram

This corner window gives a beautiful touch to the overall design. The wooden frames go really well with the wooden working table and beige tiles. The black sink breaks the monotony and creates such an exciting contrast. The plants make this kitchen alive and add a lot of color and vibrance.

5. Stylish, Elegant, Outstanding

Stylish, elegant, outstanding window

Image Source: Instagram

All of the beautiful epithets are sitting on my tongue while looking at this incredible kitchen. I would sit all day staring at this photo and admire the creative design with a wonderful view. Everything is on point, but those windows are the most fantastic addition, and they are placed in the right spot because you’ll get to enjoy the view while washing dishes.

6. My my, what a Sky

My my, what a sky window

Image Source: Instagram

You should definitely get rid of the upper cabinets just to have this breathtaking view, and it would be worth it. I just have no words to describe this beauty inside and out. Having this spacious window in your kitchen is everything, And the white color makes it look luxurious and gorgeous.

7. Arched Window in a Kitchen? But of Course

Arched in a kitchen Window

Image Source: Instagram

If you are a fan of arched windows, then yes, this is the idea you are looking for. It adds a unique look to the cooking area and brings a lot of natural light to pick through. The golden faucet and wooden handles, though, are the most needed contrast in this design.

8. Bring Outdoors to your Indoors

Bring outdoors to your indoors Window

Image Source: Instagram

It is a great idea not only to have the advantages that kitchen windows can give but also the most perfect place for these blooming beauties. So, if you are a big fan of Orchids and plan on adding some windows in your kitchen, then yes, grab the idea and make it yours.

9. Arches and Brick, they do the Trick

Arches and brick, they do the trick window

Image Source: Instagram

Yes, yes, yes. A million yesses to this incredible kitchen design. I mostly admire the arched windows and the brick walls. They go perfectly together and complement each other. The white matte cabinets are vintage-like, and the wooden floor brings a lot of harmony. Overall, it’s a luxurious kitchen with a lot of natural light and a gorgeous view.

10. White and Bright

White and bright Window

Image Source: Instagram

Arched window again, but what can I do? I just can’t help myself since arched windows add something special to the kitchen. Especially in this one, where you can see the beautiful flowers bloom in the spring while washing dishes. However, the white columns in between add more style because there is no such thing as too much style, right?

11. Black and Wood, Looking so Good

Black and wood, looking so good Window

Image Source: Instagram

Amazing how the perfect match of colors makes some designs look so stunning and perfect. This kitchen is the ideal example of that. It looks so on point with all of the elements in matching colors and black-framed windows. They add great natural light and look so pretty with the overall design. A dining table is not needed with that kitchen bar since I would not miss that view while having breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

12. It’s all About the View, and a lot More

It’s all about the view, and a lot more Window

Image Source: Instagram

Having this ginormous window in the kitchen adds an amazing sharpness with the black, but it opens with the incredible greenery outside. An ideal choice of elements and colors to add the needed contrast in this design. Having your morning coffee in the kitchen has never been so wanted.

13. A Wall of Bistro Windows

A wall of bistro windows

Image Source: Instagram

These bistro-style windows give such an amazing beauty to this kitchen. Especially their painted frames give the perfect contrast with all of the other details that are not white. Everything looks pleasant, and the entire kitchen is made with great taste. The plants add incredible vibrance and color to this area. Now you can finally say that every morning coffee you are drinking in your own bistro.

14. When Giant Kitchen, Giant Windows

When giant kitchen, giant windows

Image Source: Instagram

Do you see that gorgeous giant kitchen? No wonder they added three incredibly big arched windows that are the star of this story. They blend perfectly with the white cabinets, and the black worktop gives a pop of color to break the monotony. The wooden floor gives that lux feel with an interesting pattern. Remember these windows because they are special if you have enough space to make a humongous kitchen like this.

15. Wow Stands for White oh White

Wow stands for white oh white window

Image Source: Instagram

You can never go wrong if you decide to make your kitchen all white. It looks so clean, subtle, pleasant, and smooth. And, this combination of vertical arched windows and regular vertical windows is unbelievably pretty. It’s interesting how you can add a pop of color just with the decorations, and they make the space look flawless.

16. Simplicity from Within

Simplicity from within window

Image Source: Instagram

It is a really simple kitchen with two regular windows with white frames. They have bars from the outside for more security and curtains for privacy. Plenty of natural light brightens this room to perfection. But the details and decoration now give a special touch to the overall design.

17. Hydrangeas and Windows, Such a Combo

Hydrangeas and windows

Image Source: Instagram

Maybe I am a bit boring writing about breathtaking views, but I just can’t help myself, this is the most fantastic view of them all. And those windows are the ones that allow you to stare non-stop. The hydrangeas add a burst of color, and the decorations above the windows are to die for.

18. Nook that Shook

Nook that shook window

Image Source: Instagram

It’s amazing how such a small area in your house can make the most wanted space to spend your time. Those windows are everything like you are outdoors but indoors. Eating your favorite food and looking at the sky has never been easier. If you have an unused spot like this in your kitchen, then don’t wait; use this idea and don’t hesitate to add ceiling windows; they make this whole look perfect.

19. Window Wall? Yes, Please

Wall Window

Image Source: Instagram

A kitchen and dining area with a huge wall window like this is an incredible idea. It is so practical that you are able to enjoy your morning coffee and watch your children playing in the yard. Black and white is always the right combo when it comes to choosing colors for your kitchen and dining space. The big black window looks stunning, and it resembles a chess table.

20. Airy and Bright Lovely Kitchen

Airy and bright lovely kitchen window

Image Source: Instagram

You almost don’t need the lights turned on during the day in this kitchen since it has multiple windows that bring a lot of natural light. They are gorgeous white-framed windows with columns on the glass. The wood island, though with the wooden chairs, give a luxurious touch to this kitchen style.

21. Rustic and Fantastic

Rustic and fantastic window

Image Source: Instagram

This is such a beautiful and cute kitchen spot that has some rustic elements and beautiful black windows with columns. The wall lanterns above the windows add a wonderful and magical look to this design. Windows are big and spacious, giving you a lot of natural light and fresh air. The plants add something more unique and vibrant to this space.

22. A Combination of Natural and Artificial Light

A combination of natural and artificial light window

Image Source: Instagram

This all-white kitchen with golden details looks gorgeous. It has three attractive windows with columns that resemble rhombus shapes. The chandeliers and the wall lanterns add a luxurious feeling to this space. Wash your dishes and peak through at the greenery outside; it’s a tremendous feeling. Oh, and the muted wooden floor is ideal for adding some contrast to the whole design.

23. No Such thing as too Many Windows

No such thing as too many windows

Image Source: Instagram

If you have a big and spacious kitchen like this, don’t be afraid to add multiple windows. They add a lot of brightness and fresh air apart from making your kitchen and dining space look appealing. The colors in this kitchen are so subtle and soft, and they create a beautiful one-of-a-kind style that complements the gorgeous windows.

24. Baby, it’s Cold Outside, but Warm Inside

Baby, it’s cold outside, but warm inside window

Image Source: Instagram

I imagine myself drinking a cup of sweet hot tea and staring at this beauty outside in my warm and cozy pajamas. No, but really, this kitchen with the arched window placed on the perfect spot allows you to enjoy this outstanding view. The marbled kitchen counter is my favorite thing in this design; it complements the window so perfectly.

25. Woody old Goody

Woody old goody window

Image Source: Instagram

This vintage-looking kitchen has the most amazing wooden arched window with wooden columns on the glass. Colors are matched perfectly, including the sink and the island with the same color as the window. I especially love the cabinets with glass, and they add a beautiful rustic touch to this look.

26. Splendid Looking Kitchen

Splendid looking kitchen window

Image Source: Instagram

Minimalistic design always has something special in it, and as some should say, less is more; it really is in this case. Everything is created with style, beginning with the pretty windows that add a lot of brightness to the marbled kitchen counter. The dark grey kitchen cabinet, though, is the most amazing addition to this style, and it brings the contrast it needs.

27. Perfect View, Perfect Kitchen

Perfect view, perfect kitchen window

Image Source: Instagram

Dark-colored kitchens can visually make the place look smaller and less appealing if they are not appropriately designed. But, in this case, the big window with white frames and the white brick wall along with the white counters make this kitchen look magnificent. Any color can be beautifully incorporated if you have a bit of imagination. Do I need to tell you about the view? I don’t think so; you are already amazed by it.

28. Details Make Everything Look Better

Details make everything look better window

Image Source: Instagram

Can you see how a touch of color can make such a difference in any design? I mean, every blue detail in this kitchen is on point and looks so gorgeous. And the arched windows with the blue bowls on top are to die for. Honestly, you definitely don’t need more than this, as it is perfect.

29. Flowers Bloom in this Room

Flowers bloom in this room window

Image Source: Instagram

I don’t think I need to repeat that natural light and fresh air are the most crucial thing in the kitchen area. And what a better spot to place your plants than these big and stylish windows. The white cabinets and black countertop, though, are ideally incorporated into this whole look.

30. It’s Beginning to look a Lot like Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas window

Image Source: Instagram

When Christmas is around the corner, this is the perfect idea to grab if you don’t know how to decorate your kitchen. That cute window is recessed, so it allows for those pine trees to be added as a decoration. Even if it’s not for Christmas, you can place whatever plant you like to make your kitchen vibrant and lovely.

31. A Perfect Space to Whip up Some Deliciousness

A perfect space to whip up some deliciousness window

Image Source: Instagram

It is not a wallpaper; it is a window. And that classy-looking kitchen needs a huge and wide window like this one. It brings a lot of sunshine and can be opened for some fresh air. The shelves in the corner are a great detail to get something unique in the design. Do you want to cook with that breathtaking view? The idea is yours.

32. Simple and Clean Design

Simple and clean design window

Image Source: Instagram

I love how clean this design is, and the brightness from the windows makes it a lot cleaner and shinier. See, that’s why it’s essential to have windows in your kitchen, you simply can’t have this liveliness with artificial light. And those windows are a great match with the slightly marbled countertop.

33. Window, Window on the Wall

Window, window on the wall

Image Source: Instagram

This is what it looks like when you have gorgeous huge windows in the kitchen, and you get to wash your dishes and admire the fantastic greenery outside. It brings positive vibes that you can even start singing. I love the decorative plants on the sides, as they give beautiful touch and vibrance to the overall design.

34. Kitchen Goals

Kitchen goals window

Image Source: Instagram

I don’t know about you, but this humongous window leaves me speechless. It brings such an incredible brightness and radiance; it almost gives you the feeling that your kitchen is out in nature. The beautiful big island, though, looks so luxurious and clean, and the white countertop and black cabinets add great contrast.

35. Stained Glass is Always in

Stained glass is always in window

Image Source: Instagram

I love how this pretty window blends in with the cabinet on the left, and the stained parts on the glass match with the handles and faucet. Mostly it is all about the details, and so is here. The yellow wall brings amazing harmony along with the yellow plates and the other decorative items of the same color.

36. How Many Windows do you Want? Yes!

How many windows do you want

Image Source: Instagram

A big kitchen means a multiple windows, of course. And these windows give the most amazing natural glow ever. The most beautiful part is the wooden chairs that match so well with the floor. I do have a special relationship with bricks, no matter the color, so bricks are always a charming detail.

37. Hey Sun, I love you Too

Hey sun, I love you too window

Image Source: Instagram

If you are a person that is about breathtaking views, then this is what you are looking for. Not only will you see the beautiful vibrant plants outside, but also you can look at the fascinating blue sky during the day and dazzling tiny stars at night. It’s incredible how simple windows can make a huge difference in any space.

38. Vintage like Kitchen

Vintage like kitchen window

Image Source: Instagram

I adore this charming view from the sink with the lovely windows and flanked glass front upper cabinets. They match flawlessly with the island, and the wooden details add an exquisite touch to the design. The plants and flowers are the key details in a kitchen in order to add more vibrance and color.

39. Beauty Overload

Beauty overload window

Image Source: Instagram

There is something about those decorative windows that makes me want to jump into the picture; they are so stylish and charming. Their reflection on the white, slightly marbled countertop is impressive. The trees on the outside create a wallpaper-like feeling and give vividness to the whole interior design.

40. A Morning View of our Dreams

A morning view of our dreams window

Image Source: Instagram

All I can say is that this is not a dream, it is reality and if your house is somewhere by the water, please make a huge window in the kitchen; you most definitely will love it. This is definitely a view that would make you want to hang out in the kitchen all day, as it is so calming, refreshing, and pleasing. This is what I call “cooking with style.”


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