8 Kitchen Backsplash Materials To Consider

Backsplashes are quickly becoming the focal point in many houses today. They add a sense of eccentricity that brightens up the vibe. Backsplashes may also act as the game changer to amplify the overall decor.

In kitchen spaces, they can be a great addition to improve durability and style. That is why they are gradually ever-increasing in popularity. However, not all backsplashes are the best of their kind.

So, you may have a hard time figuring out which to consider and which to drop. In this article, you will find all the help necessary regarding kitchen backsplashes. Let us get started.

1. Quartz


Today, kitchen spaces are about minimalism, class and elegance. Tidiness also plays a big factor. Quartz backsplash is the way to go for this reason. This material is best for adding definition to the kitchen walls and making the area look more spacious. It also allows homeowners to easily clean and maintain their kitchen without much of a hassle.

With the right decor in place, they can quickly catch the attention of your guests and make them come back for more. We recommend you to purchase your quartz countertops from here. They are cost-effective, durable, and provide everything you would need from an elegant quartz backsplash. Oh, and how can we miss out on the assortment of colors and patterns available.

2. Granite


If there is one material after quartz backsplash that is most reliable, it would be granite. This material is perfect for a defined backsplash because it is long-lasting, cost-effective and easy to maintain. Similar to quartz, even granite comes in an assortment of colors and patterns for you to love.

With the correct granite pattern in your kitchen, you can quickly transform your kitchen from a vision into reality. Granite is also highly compatible with other countertop materials. So, you are less likely to have a tough time. This natural material can also be used as a surreal countertop to ace the space.

3. Marble


A feeling of luxury and style can be difficult to create using different materials. But when you think about marble, it is only a cakewalk. People have opted for marble for the longest time to make a luxe atmosphere in their homes.

Today, they are also widely used in kitchen spaces to spill the magic. The soft finishes and soothing vibe of marble are exactly what your kitchen needs as a backsplash.

Since it is also a pretty durable option, you can be at ease without any trouble. However, it may be slightly on the pricey side. So, you have to keep an eye out for good discounts when you purchase them.

4. Glass Tiles

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles have quickly grown in popularity. They are glossy and offer the right finishing touch to leave imprints on every heart. It also provides an impressive design to your kitchen area that intensifies its style in a moment.

Even more fascinating is how it manages to brighten up the space and make it look even more significant. In addition, glass tiles are great at concealing dirt and dust, making your kitchen look like a palace of dreams.

They may also be straightforward to clean. So, all you need is a damp cloth and tile cleaner to do the trick.

5. Laminate


A laminate sheet is one of the newest additions to the backsplash family. However, we are glad to have found this backsplash material, as it is full of benefits to offer. Laminate is reasonably easy to clean.

So, whether you are clumsy enough to keep cleaning it or too busy, they won’t ask for your attention. They are also exceptionally eco-friendly. As such, you can easily install them without spending a fortune.

Moreover, the vivid colors, patterns, and textures available to make your eyes pop with delight every time. Indeed, they are worth all your consideration.

6. Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles, also known as porcelain, are affordable, popular and highly durable. They are available in a stunning range of colors and patterns as a backsplash to leave you wanting more. A super popular pattern is fish scale tiles. Also, if you’ve been worried about cleaning it correctly, your worries can take a backseat.

Moreover, they are resistant to heat and moisture so that no such damage can work on them. Do not forget to consider these tiles if you are looking for a seamless finish like never before.

7. Metallic Tiles

Metallic Tiles

In the modern age, metallic tiles are doing all the talking. If you do not mind a pint of glitz and glamour, you can consider their beauty every step of the way. Metallic tiles also promise to brighten up your space without wasting any time. Since they are glossy and sparkly, they hardly allow dirt to grasp the attention.

Pairing them up with steel appliances in your kitchen could also be a great combination. But if you are worried about cleaning them, damp cloth dipped in warm soapy water will do.

8. Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

If stringent about durability and standout quality, do not think of anything else except quartz and stainless steel. This material is one of a kind for all the right reasons. When installed in the kitchen as a backsplash, they can do the job better than all other materials. So, do not look further.

You may have to make some investments in them, but we promise they will not disappoint you. Also, they are straightforward to clean and maintain. As such, you hardly have a reason to scroll through. Opt for them now from your favorite store before they go out of stock.

The Bottom Line

Backsplash designs are never-ending. The more you see, the more you are likely to fall in love with. However, looks are deceptive, and that is not all that should matter. The backsplash materials we have listed above in the article are highly durable, accessible and functional.

These materials are also easy to clean and maintain. So, you hardly have a reason to worry about it. Make sure you purchase your favorite backsplash material at the earliest to make your kitchen look like heaven on earth. We promise; the results will be worth appreciating.

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