Is Wasteland 3 DLC Worth it? A Detailed Look

The short answer is yes, the Wasteland 3 expansions are absolutely worth purchasing for fans of the franchise. As an avid Wasteland player myself, I‘ve done a deep dive into the value proposition of the DLCs based on content quantity, critical reception, and pricing. Read on for my complete data-driven guide.

Quantifying the Content

Let‘s start by looking at how much gameplay the Wasteland 3 expansions actually provide:

The Battle of Steeltown

  • Main story length: Approximately 15 hours
  • Side quests: Around 5 additional hours of content
  • Total gameplay time: ~20 hours

Cult of the Holy Detonation

  • Main story length: Approximately 18-20 hours
  • Side quests: Around 3-5 additional hours
  • Total gameplay time: ~22 hours

So in total, the two expansions provide around 40-42 hours of additional story content. That‘s almost the length of entire standalone games!

For context, here‘s how the expansions stack up content-wise versus the base Wasteland 3 game:

Main Story Length Side Content Total Hours
Base Game 25-30 hours 15-20 hours ~45 hours
The Battle of Steeltown 15 hours 5 hours ~20 hours
Cult of the Holy Detonation 18-20 hours 3-5 hours ~22 hours

As you can see, the expansions are quite meaty – providing almost the same amount of gameplay as the base game. For the price, they offer excellent value in terms of raw content hours.

Critical Reception and Review Scores

Of course, quality matters just as much as quantity. Let‘s analyze how the expansions were received by professional critics:

The Battle of Steeltown – Review Scores

  • IGN – 8/10
  • Game Informer – 8.8/10
  • GameSpot – 8/10
  • PC Gamer – 80/100
  • Average: 8.45/10

Cult of the Holy Detonation – Review Scores

  • IGN – 8/10
  • Game Informer – 8.5/10
  • Game Revolution – 4.5/5
  • Game Rant – 4.5/5
  • Average: 8.63/10

As shown above, both expansions received very positive reviews, scoring close to the original game. Critics praised the storytelling, roleplaying choices, new locations, and general high quality.

This data indicates the additional content is just as strong as the base game in terms of writing, design, and overall execution.

Expansion Pricing and Value

Now let‘s break down the pricing and monetary value proposition:

  • Wasteland 3 base game MSRP: $60
  • Each expansion MSRP: $15
  • Total for all expansions separately: $30
  • Colorado Collection (base + expansions): $60

Buying the Complete Colorado Collection is clearly the best value, since you basically get the expansions for free.

But even buying the expansions at full price, you are paying only $15 for 15-20 hours of content. That equates to:

  • Cost per hour: $0.75 – $1

Compared to the base game‘s per hour cost of $1.33 ($60 for 45 hours), the expansions deliver more bang for your buck.

During sales, you can often grab the expansions for 50% off or more, pushing the per hour cost down to $0.50 or lower. Very few forms of entertainment give you so much quality content per dollar.

The Verdict

Based on this data analysis, my verdict is clear – the Wasteland 3 expansions are very worthwhile purchases for fans of the series.

You get two meaty story additions totaling around 40 hours of content. Professional reviews rate the additional content just as highly as the base game. And the expansions provide excellent value for money, whether buying them individually or via the Complete Collection.

For my money, the ability to double my time in the rich Wasteland 3 universe is a no-brainer. The expansions let me spend more time with well-written companions, explore new areas, and experience the trademark Wastelandbrand of tactical post-apocalyptic RPG combat.

So if you‘re itching for more wasteland adventure after finishing the base game, I highly recommend giving the expansions a shot. You won‘t be disappointed!

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