Is Shadow Registeel good or bad?

In summary, Shadow Registeel is largely inferior for PvP and unnecessary for raids. The minor attack gain fails to offset the major loss in bulk. Extensive analysis indicates normal Registeel outperforms the Shadow version across most PvP scenarios and leagues.

Registeel‘s Strengths and Optimal Moveset

Registeel has emerged as one of the premier Great and Ultra League picks thanks to excellent typing, moves, and stats. According to PvPoke, top movesets include Lock On or Flash Cannon paired with Focus Blast and Zap Cannon. This provides stellar coverage and closing power. Registeel‘s bulk allows it to pressure shields and overcome top threats like Azumarill, Sableye, and Trevenant.

How Shadow Affects Registeel‘s Performance

Shadow Pokemon gain a 20% attack boost while losing 20% defense. For Registeel, this results in an attack stat increase from 179 to 215. However, its robust 237 defense drops considerably to 190.

As calculated by GamePress, this gives Shadow Registeel around a 5% increase in damage output. But its TDO (total damage output before fainting) plummets by 20% from normal.

PvP Impact

In PvP, raw damage output is not the only factor – bulk and shield pressure are critical. And Shadow Registeel‘s fragility severely hampers its play against top meta picks.

Across all even shield scenarios, normal Registeel wins approximately 5-10% more matchups than the Shadow version in Great and Ultra League, according to PvPoke projections. This gap widens further in certain alignments.

Registeel Form GL Wins GL Losses
Normal 105 55
Shadow 99 61

Prominent PvP influencers like Zyonik and Wallower concur – Shadow Registeel fails to gain an impactful edge and loses out on crucial wins it needs to be a meta pick.

Raid Viability

For raids, Shadow Registeel‘s attack gains make it roughly 5% better than the normal version. However, as GamePress explains, Steel types already lag behind top counters like Mega Gengar, Shadow Mewtwo, and Shadow Moltres for the most threatening raid bosses.

Unless your roster is very limited, those alternatives deal 20-30% more damage than even Shadow Registeel. So the gains are marginal in practice.

Is Purified Registeel an Option?

Purification provides a minor IV boost and the special move Return. However, purification causes Registeel to lose the attack bonus as well.

Simulations indicate purified Registeel performs nearly identically to normal Registeel in PvP and raids. It does not surpass the normal version and sees even less meta relevance than the Shadow.

Maximizing Investment Value

In summary, normal Registeel is the safest investment for PvP, providing excellent returns across many leagues and shield scenarios. Shadow Registeel costs 278k dust and 348 candy to max out for comparatively tiny gains.

Top PvP influencers like Reis2Occasion advise keeping the normal version for Master League, especially given how scarce XL candy is. For raids, focus on building the true top counters first before considering Shadow Registeel.

The Verdict

While Shadow Registeel may look cool, the porential downsides heavily outweigh the benefits. Comprehensive analysis indicates Registeel‘s normal form is superior for PvP and that better raid options exist. Avoid overinvesting in a Shadow version and stick with the normal variant. But if you do build one, use it to surprise opponents in niche alignments.

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