Is FS 22 Worth Buying? An In-Depth Look at Farming Simulator 22

Farming Simulator 22 (FS22) is the latest installment in the popular farming simulation game series from GIANTS Software. With improved graphics, new equipment brands, and expanded gameplay features, FS22 aims to provide the most authentic and engaging virtual farming experience yet.

But is Farming Simulator 22 worth buying? For both farming simulation veterans and newcomers alike, there are many factors to consider. This detailed guide will examine what‘s new in FS22, how it compares to previous games, and whether the changes make it a worthy purchase or upgrade.

An Overview of Farming Simulator 22

FS22 allows players to manage their own farm, grow various crops, raise livestock, buy equipment, and expand their agricultural empire. Key features of the game include:

  • Realistic Farming Operations – Perform tasks like plowing, planting, harvesting, baling, animal care, forestry work and more using hundreds of faithfully recreated vehicles and tools.

  • Huge Equipment Roster – Drive authentic machines from brands like John Deere, Case IH, New Holland, CLAAS, and others. FS22 has over 400 vehicles and tools to use.

  • Expanded Simulation – New production chains let you process crops into flour, clothing fabrics, biofuel, and other end products. Seasonal cycles bring realism.

  • Multiplayer – Play cooperatively or competitively with other players online. Manage one farm together or be rivals.

  • Enhanced Graphics – Improved lighting, textures, animations, and physical effects bring the environments to life.

  • New USA and European Maps – Farm across the American countryside or Mediterranean style fields. Maps have realistic topography and sights.

So what‘s new and improved in Farming Simulator 22 compared to previous games in the series?

What‘s New in FS22 vs. FS19?

Farming Simulator 19, the previous title in the series, was extremely popular and set a high bar. Here are some of the biggest changes that FS22 brings:

  • New Graphics Engine – FS22 utilizes GIANTS Engine 9, built for next-gen consoles and PC. It enables better visuals, physics, and performance.

  • Enhanced Vehicle Physics – Tires, engines, transmissions, hydraulics, and other components have deeper simulation for realistic vehicle behavior.

  • Expanded Vehicle Maintenance – Wear and dirt on vehicles now impacts performance. Players have to repair and wash vehicles more regularly.

  • Food Production Chains – After harvesting crops, further process them into end products like flour, sugar, juice, fabrics, and more for additional profit.

  • Dynamic Seasonal Cycles – Toggle seasonal changes in the weather and land. Crops grow and die based on their season.

  • New USA Environment – Farm across a lush Pacific Northwest inspired landscape.

  • More Crops & Animals – Olive and sorghum crops added. Sheep can be raised alongside existing livestock.

  • Co-op Play Enhancements – Shared money and vehicles make playing with others easier. New coordination tools help teams.

These meaningful expansions to the core Farming Simulator recipe make FS22 more than just a simple re-release. Longtime players have a lot of new experiences to explore.

Is Farming Simulator 22 Better Than FS19?

When judging if the newest Farming Simulator is worth purchasing, one of the biggest questions is whether FS22 represents a big enough step forward from the previous FS19 title. Let‘s compare the two games.

Graphics & Visuals

FS19 looked good, but FS22 takes things to the next level visually:

  • Higher resolution textures for terrain, vehicles, buildings, and objects.

  • Improved lighting effects, shadows, and detail levels thanks to the new engine.

  • Enhanced weather effects and landscapes that better respond to seasonal changes.

  • More realistic vehicle and character animations.

Overall, FS22 offers a major visual upgrade that makes farming landscapes more immersive and enjoyable to take in. FS19 looks dated by comparison.

Realism & Physics

Farming Simulator has always scored points for delivering an authentic simulation of real farming. FS22 builds on that strength:

  • Vehicle engines, gearboxes, hydraulics, and other systems are modeled deeper for realistic performance.

  • Vehicle maintenance matters more, with performance deteriorating as machines get dirty and worn.

  • Seasonal weather effects impact crop growth and equipment performance.

  • Production chains better reflect the processes of turning crops into final products.

The improved physics, seasonal effects, and production chains add a heightened layer of realism and decision making complexity compared to FS19.

Content & Features

While FS19 already had abundant content, FS22 expands the amount of stuff to do:

  • 2 new maps and over 400 vehicles to use.

  • New crop types and animals to care for.

  • More options for processing harvested crops into end products.

  • Shared money and vehicles that enable easier co-op play.

There‘s greater diversity in crops, production chains, and gameplay modes. FS22 has more content depth across the board.

Mod Support

One of Farming Simulator‘s biggest strengths is its mod support that allows anyone to create and add new content. FS22 carries this forward:

  • It supports adding custom maps, vehicles, buildings, production chains, and more.

  • Mods can tap into the new graphics engine for improved visuals.

  • Improved mod sharing through official websites.

Robust mod support means FS22 can continually expand long after release. Mods greatly extend its content potential.

Overall, when comparing FS22 vs. FS19 directly, the newest game demonstrates clear improvements across all areas. For players looking for fresh experiences, better visuals, and greater depth, FS22 delivers substantial upgrades over its predecessor.

Is Farming Simulator 22 Worth It If You Have FS19?

For gamers who already own Farming Simulator 19, is it worth buying FS22? Let‘s weigh the pros and cons of upgrading.

Reasons to Upgrade to FS22

  • Vastly improved graphics and visuals that make the game more immersive. FS19 looks dated in comparison.

  • Added realism through enhanced vehicle physics, maintenance needs, and seasonal effects.

  • More content including new maps, crops, production chains, and equipment.

  • Smoother co-op multiplayer experience with shared money and vehicles.

  • Ability to leverage new graphics engine powers through modding. Expand possibilities.

  • General gameplay improvements and quality of life updates throughout.

If you want the next generation of Farming Simulator with better looks, added realism, and greater depth, FS22 is a worthy upgrade.

Reasons to Stick with FS19

  • You primarily play with heavy mods. Upgrading may cause incompatibilities.

  • You play on console and don‘t care about improving visuals.

  • You mainly do only a few activities like harvesting crops. Limited benefit from new features.

  • Want to wait for FS22 to go on sale to save money.

  • Have limited hard drive space and don‘t want two large Farming Sim installs.

If you still actively play FS19 with mods, visuals aren‘t a priority, or you want to save money, sticking with the previous game is reasonable.

Overall, most FS19 fans will find the changes in FS22 compelling enough to upgrade. But it‘s understandable to keep playing the older game if mods and cost are limiting factors.

Is Farming Simulator 22 Good for Beginners?

Farming Simulator has often seemed intimidating to newcomers. The sheer amount of equipment and involved management can be overwhelming. So is FS22 a good entry point for new players?

Positive factors for Beginners in FS22

  • Interactive 3D tutorials introduce game basics from camera controls to farming.

  • In-depth help section explains all controls, activities, and mechanics plainly.

  • More guided gameplay direction through farming contracts.

  • Additional difficulty modes make assist settings very forgiving.

  • Shared ownership in co-op enables learning from others.

  • Improved UI provides clearer information.

FS22 does try to ease new players in better than previous games with tutorials, help info, and flexible settings. The core depth is still there, but it teaches you better.

Remaining Challenges for Beginners

  • Sheer vastness of all the equipment and management options.

  • Understanding effective field design, crop rotations, planning, etc.

  • Optimizing advanced production chains takes time.

  • Properly maintaining equipment still complex.

  • Mastering realistic vehicle physics and handling.

Newcomers who don‘t play simulation games will still find FS22 extremely challenging. The improved tutorials help, but managing an advanced farm remains extremely difficult. FS22 is easier to grasp than FS19, but still targeted at experienced sim players. Don‘t expect an easy introduction.

What is the Most Profitable Thing to do in FS22?

Profitability is an important part of every farmer’s strategy. In FS22, some crops, animals, and production methods are clearly more lucrative than others. Here are some top money makers in Farming Simulator 22:

  • Cotton – With the ability to sell both raw cotton and fabric made from it, cotton fields can produce high yields per acre that sell for premium prices.

  • Grapes & Olives – These new specialty crops in FS22 generate substantial income from both raw materials and finished products like juice, raisins, and oil.

  • Sheep – Sheep don‘t require as intensive management as cows and sell wool in addition to mutton. Their lower costs but good product output make them very profitable.

  • Sugarcane – Unlike other crops, sugarcane regrows after harvests so you save money on seeds. Also processed into sugar for bonus sales.

  • Pigs – Pigs multiply rapidly so you can continually increase your herd size. Demand for pork and slurry output is always strong too.

  • Production Chains – Turning raw crops into flour, juice, fabrics and more multiplies income substantially compared to only selling the base harvests.

To maximize profits in FS22, cotton fields, grapes/olives, sheep, pigs, sugarcane, and full use of production chains offer the best returns on time and money invested.

What Equipment Should You Buy First in FS22?

When just starting out in Farming Simulator 22 without much money, you want to invest in the most important equipment first. Here are the best purchases to make early on:

  • Small Tractor – A starter tractor like the Valtra N174 is crucial for attaching tools. Go for 100-150 horsepower range.

  • Plow – Needed to cultivate fields for planting. The Kuhn VARIMASTER 151 is an excellent basic 3-furrow plow.

  • Seeder – Plant crops like the Köckerling AllLoad SE 275 FD seeder that can also fertilize.

  • Trailer – A tipper trailer like the Joskin Trans-SPACE 10000 to transport harvests, supplies.

  • Harvester – Combine harvester such as the IDEAL 10T to reap crops. Start with a 9m width.

  • Extractor/Tedder – Pick up hay like the Kuhn GA 6631 GTH to start animal husbandry.

  • Manure & Fertilizer Spreaders – Fertilizing boosts yields. Buy both a solid fertilizer spreader and liquid manure tank.

  • Utility Vehicles – Small trucks and telehandlers to move equipment like the Krampe Bandit.

Investing in this functional starting fleet provides all the essential tools needed to sow, maintain, and harvest crops while keeping initial costs low. You can expand into more specialized equipment later on.

A Review of Farming Simulator 22

Now that we‘ve covered what‘s new and the major elements of the game, here is an overall review reflecting on the experience of playing Farming Simulator 22:


FS22 sets a new standard for visual excellence in simulation games. The new graphic engine produces stunning results across the board from machine models to environment details. Lighting shifts, weather effects, and seasonal changes further immerse you into the farmer lifestyle.


No farming experience is simulated deeper than in Farming Simulator. FS22 enhances the realism through improved vehicle handling, maintenance demands, and crop production flows. The result is satisfyingly complex farming strategy and engaging equipment operation.


With 2 huge maps, over 400 vehicles and tools, multiple crop types and animals, a full day/night cycle, dynamic weather, and multiplayer, the content is enormous and widely varied. Tons to explore.


Unparalleled mod support vastly expands an already gigantic game. FS22 is a platform for limitless content additions.


Given the massive scope of the base game and near infinite expansion possibilities through mods, Farming Simulator 22 offers almost unrivaled value among simulation titles. Hundreds or even thousands of hours of playtime await.

Learning Curve

Make no mistake, this is a hardcore simulation game. While FS22 does try to ease new players in better than past titles, the learning curve remains extremely steep. You need patience and commitment to master its intricate systems. Casual gamers be warned.

Overall, Farming Simulator 22 receives top marks for delivering the most authentic, beautiful, and engaging agricultural simulation experience available today. Fans of the genre and those seeking the ultimate farm game will find FS22 fully delivers on that promise. This is simulation gaming at its peak.

So Is Farming Simulator 22 Worth Buying?

Farming Simulator 22 clearly makes big strides compared to FS19 by leveraging a new graphics engine, enhancing realism, expanding content, and improving mechanics across the board. For both series veterans and newcomers seeking an immersive farming sandbox, FS22 is absolutely worth buying.

The combination of deep simulation gameplay, incredible visuals, massive content variety, and unlimited mod potential makes FS22 the definitive Farming Simulator game to date. It will immerse you into farm management like never before.

Yet it remains extremely complex and potentially overwhelming for more casual gamers. If you desire a challenging simulation experience that will take dozens or hundreds of hours to fully master, FS22 is extremely rewarding. But expect a big learning curve.

Overall, Farming Simulator 22 stands as a must-buy for serious farming simulation fans. GIANTS Software has crafted their best title yet that enormously expands an already impressive franchise. Let the farming fun begin in FS22!

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