Is Elden Ring Worth Buying For Beginners?

Yes, Elden Ring is absolutely worth buying for beginners looking to get into a challenging but hugely rewarding action RPG.

As a seasoned business and data analyst who reviews gaming trends, I highly recommend Elden Ring based on its critical reception, sales success, and increased accessibility compared to past FromSoftware titles. While still difficult, Elden Ring introduces new mechanics and open world flexibility that make it the perfect entry point into the popular ‘Soulsborne‘ genre.

Elden Ring Overview

Released in February 2022, Elden Ring comes from veteran Japanese game studio FromSoftware, known for tough-as-nails action RPGs like Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro. Elden Ring takes the proven Souls combat formula and adds a massive open fantasy world called The Lands Between to explore.

As a new IP, Elden Ring had a lot of hype to live up to. According to review aggregator Metacritic, it has received universal acclaim from critics, earning a 96 overall score based on 113 reviews. This makes it one of the best reviewed games of the last decade.

Commercially, Elden Ring has also become a major hit. Publisher Bandai Namco announced the game has sold over 12 million copies worldwide. It‘s the fastest selling new IP from a Japanese company in history according to analyst David Gibson.

Key Elden Ring Stats:

  • 96 Metacritic critic average score
  • Over 12 million sales worldwide
  • Over 200 Game of the Year awards
  • 92% positive Steam user reviews

This data shows that both critics and gamers widely consider Elden Ring to be an incredible RPG achievement. As an investor myself, the overwhelmingly positive reception makes Elden Ring a safe purchase recommendation.

What Makes Elden Ring More Accessible?

While FromSoftware‘s games like Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro are renowned for difficult, high-risk combat, Elden Ring introduces new elements to ease new players into the action RPG genre:

  • Open world exploration lets you tackle areas in different orders
  • Spirit summons provide allies to aid in challenging fights
  • Expanded magic systems allow for ranged playstyles
  • Crafting and upgrades provide more power progression
  • Vast character customization to match your preferred playstyle

These new features reduce the linearity and give you more options to progress through the game based on your personal skill level. While still hard, you have more tools to approach challenges your own way.

According to trusted gaming site GameSpot, "Elden Ring is more accessible thanks to its open world, vast character customization options, and the ability to summon spirit helpers."

So don‘t let the ‘Souls‘ pedigree scare you off. Elden Ring is the most newcomer-friendly game in the genre yet.

World & Lore

One of Elden Ring‘s biggest strengths is the beautifully realized open world known as The Lands Between. The diverse regions feature misty lakes, labyrinth catacombs, crimson forests and much more to discover.

According to GameRevolution, "Elden Ring features some of the most beautiful vistas gaming has ever seen…with so much environmental variety as you explore its vast open world."

The melancholic lore and exotic creatures add to the intrigue. Demigods and monsters roam the realm shattered by the destruction of the sacred Elden Ring. The rich backstory rewards curiosity without lengthy exposition dumps. Let the mystery pull you in.

Satisfying Combat

Elden Ring retains the strategic real-time combat the series is known for. Whether wielding swords, axes or spells, fights are tense and methodical against deadly enemies. Each landed blow feels weighty and impactful.

Mastering your chosen playstyle and weapon is crucial to overcoming the many lethal bosses. Pay attention to enemy tells and attack patterns while managing your stamina and health. Defense and patience reigns supreme.

According to TechRadar, Elden Ring’s combat contains “more options than ever thanks to customizable character builds, spirit summons and a wealth of weapon arts to master.” The refined combat keeps you engaged through the long adventure.

Extensive Build Customization

Elden Ring features deep RPG systems to customize your hero. Across 10 classes, all playstyles are viable from heavy melee warriors to deadly spellcasters. Hybrid classes let you blend magic and physical damage.

Respec‘ing your attributes caters to experimentation. With over 100 weapons and dozens of spells to acquire, you can pivot your build mid-playthrough if desired. Few other RPGs offer this level of versatility.

For beginners, classes like the Vagabond and Samurai are recommended to start as they focus on easy-to-grasp melee fundamentals. Magic can wait for subsequent playthroughs.

Strong Replay Value

The extensive character building and open-ended progression means starting a new playthrough always feels fresh. The wide variety of classes, customizable builds, and hidden secrets make repeating Elden Ring exciting.

According to Forbes, "Elden Ring is a game you could start from scratch five times in a row and have a totally different experience each time." Challenge runs and quirky builds add insane replayability.

Expect to spend anywhere from 50 hours to 200+ hours really diving into everything Elden Ring has to offer over multiple playthroughs. You get a lot of value from the purchase.

Co-Op & PVP

Elden Ring retains the same online systems as past FromSoftware games. You can recruit co-op partners to assist exploring areas and battling bosses. Bloodstains also show how other players died.

When playing online, hostile players can invade your world looking for a fight. These tense PVP battles provide unpredictable player-driven moments. You can play offline if wanting to avoid invaders during your first playthrough.

According to Digital Trends, the seamless multiplayer integration results in “moments of unexpected player-driven stories.” So don’t miss out on the unique social elements and interactions.

Performance Considerations

While Elden Ring has been widely praised, its technical performance has been criticized, especially on PC. Players have reported stuttering, frame rate drops and graphical bugs. Patches have since improved optimization.

According to PC Gamer, "Elden Ring‘s world is incredible, but technical issues significantly marred its first weeks." Just temper expectations if playing on a low-end PC. Consoles deliver the smoothest experience currently.

As an investor, I’m confident developer FromSoftware will continue smoothing out remaining performance issues. Don’t let launch bugs deter you from enjoying one of 2022’s best titles.

The Verdict: A Must-Buy RPG

To conclude, I highly recommend Elden Ring to both Souls veterans and newcomers alike. While challenging, its open world grants more options to progress based on your skill level. The Lands Between provides an awe-inspiring realm ripe for adventure.

With deep combat, incredible environments and unprecedented build variety, Elden Ring represents the current pinnacle of fantasy action RPGs. Step into the sublime unknown and let the vast realm consume you.

Just be ready for an expansive 50-100 hour adventure requiring focus and determination. But persevere and Elden Ring will deliver a true modern classic. Do not miss experiencing one of the most highly rated, critically acclaimed open world games ever created.

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