Is Borderlands 3 Worth It in 2023? An In-Depth Analysis for Looter Shooter Fans

Hi friend! If you‘re wondering whether Borderlands 3 is still worth playing in 2023, I‘ve got the scoop for you as a longtime gaming and data analysis enthusiast.

The short answer is: Absolutely, Borderlands 3 is totally worth it.

The addictive loot shooter gameplay still holds up incredibly well years later. Let‘s dive into the details so you can decide if Pandora awaits you, vault hunter!

Breaking Down the Borderlands 3 Value Proposition

As an accountant turned gaming industry analyst, I‘ve learned to breakdown complex purchasing decisions into simple value metrics. Here‘s how Borderlands 3 scores on some key factors:

Core Gameplay Loop – 10/10

The backbone of any looter shooter is the gameplay loop of defeating enemies, getting sweet new loot, using that loot to defeat bigger enemies, rinse and repeat.

Borderlands 3 nails this cycle with its huge variety of guns, slick combat, diverse class skills, and satisfying progression. Each session leaves you eager to jump back in.

Games like Destiny lose steam quickly when the core loop grows stale. But BL3‘s loop remains highly engaging even after hundreds of hours. Big win here.

Content Variety – 9/10

With 4 different planets, multiple end-game systems, tons of side quests and challenges, and robust post-launch support, there is no shortage of activities in Borderlands 3 to keep you hooked for 200+ hours.

It has 3 times the number of missions compared to Borderlands 2 and the new worlds make exploration more exciting. The content diversity is hard to beat.

Longevity – 10/10

Most AAA games are played for 10-30 hours tops these days. But looter shooters are designed for long-term engagement. Let‘s look at how long it takes to truly finish BL3:

  • Main Story only – 25 hours
  • Complete 1 playthrough – 45 hours
  • All side quests/challenges – 80+ hours
  • 100% completionist – 150+ hours
  • Max out 1 character – 100+ hours
  • Max out all characters – 200+ hours
  • True endgame (Mayhem 10-11) – 500+ hours

As a $60 game, that‘s insane longevity thanks to the endgame and class variety adding hundreds more hours. Expect to get 1000+ hours from BL3 over time.

Post-Launch Support – 9/10

Ongoing content updates are make-or-break for live service games. Fortunately, BL3 has received regular DLC expansions that meaningfully expand the endgame:

  • 4 major campaign DLCs adding 15+ hours each
  • Multiple seasonal events like Bloody Harvest
  • End-game raid bosses
  • New skill trees to master
  • Quality of life and gameplay tweaks

This robust support has more than doubled BL3‘s content since launch and kept the meta fresh.

Community Vibrancy – 8/10

Active online communities enhance these types of always-online games. BL3 still has a lively subreddit, active Streamers/YouTubers, and full matchmaking lobbies.

SteamCharts indicates BL3 has averaged 15,000+ concurrent players in 2022. That‘s healthy playerbase 3 years post-launch. You‘ll have no trouble finding co-op partners.

While not as massive as leading franchises, BL3‘s community remains passionate and engaged.

How Does Borderlands 3 Compare to Other Looter Shooters?

Let‘s see how BL3 stacks against the top competitors in its genre based on critic and user reviews across platforms:

Game Metacritic Critic Score Steam User Reviews
Borderlands 3 81% 87% positive (118,000+ reviews)
Destiny 2 85% 81% positive (148,000+ reviews)
The Division 2 80% 85% positive (42,000+ reviews)
Outriders 73% 69% positive (20,000+ reviews)
Anthem 61% 42% positive (14,000+ reviews)

Based on critic and user reception, BL3 is right up there with the top loot shooters, outperforming newer releases like Outriders. Gamers clearly feel BL3 delivers on the genre‘s core pillars.

And compared to infamously botched games like Anthem, BL3 knocks it out of the park by actually being, you know, playable and fun!

Key things that make Borderlands 3 worth it

Alright, enough with the data analysis. As a passionate gamer, here are the key things that make Borderlands 3 such an amazing experience:

Satisfying Gunplay

Good gunplay makes or breaks first-person shooters, and BL3‘s diverse weapons all pack a satisfying punch. Firing a handgun vs a shotgun vs a rocket launcher all feel unmatched thanks to the excellent sound design, visual feedback, and rumble.

Lining up that perfect crit spot on an enemy‘s weak point with your sniper rifle will make you giddy every time. BL3 has some of the most enjoyable first-person shooting out there.

Billions of Guns

Instead of dozens of handcrafted weapons, BL3 uses procedural generation to create insane gun variety. The trillions of possible combinations ensure endless surprises. You‘ll constantly be amazed at what wild effects the next gun will have!

Seeing those beams of light burst from a new legendary weapon drop never gets old. It‘s like opening up a present each time.

Badass Vault Hunters

Choosing your playable character class is super important in these games. BL3 knocks it out the park with 4 really fun, powerful and customizable Vault Hunters:

FL4K – Who doesn‘t want a robot beastmaster with a pet Attack Skag?! Summon your ravenous pet as you snipe enemies from afar.

Moze – She can call down the mech suit Iron Bear for devastating area attacks. Ideal for solo players.

Amara – This mystical Siren can obliterate hordes using elemental fists and powers. So stylish!

Zane – His gadgets and deployable drone allow you to cleverly control combat at different ranges.

Each Vault Hunter has depth with 3 unique skill trees to blend. I‘ve sunk dozens of hours mastering each of their playstyles – they all bring something special to the table.

Humor and Style

I absolutely love the humor and style of Borderlands. It‘s a breath of fresh air from so many generic military shooters and MMOs.

The characters are memorable and have funny quips during missions. Exploring the wacky gameworld is a treat thanks to the exceptional comic book art style.

Tiny Tina‘s assault on Dragon Keep remains one of my favorite video game DLCs ever thanks to the hilarious contrast of medieval fantasy themes against the usual sci-fi backdrop.

Endgame Built to Last

BL3 really doubles down on meaningful endgame content and systems compared to earlier titles. Once you hit the level cap, the real party begins:

Mayhem Mode pumps up difficulty but gives you way better rewards. There are 11 Mayhem levels to conquer solo or co-op!

Guardian Ranks provide an endless progression system even after you max your Vault Hunter out.

Proving Grounds offer challenging gauntlets to test your builds against. Circle of Slaughters pit you against endless hordes.

Raid bosses like Hemovorous are no joke to take down, requiring expert coordination with your squad.

There are always new builds to optimize and loot to farm thanks to the endgame activities. You‘ll get your money‘s worth from BL3.

Final Verdict – This Looter Shooter is a Must-Buy

After analyzing all aspects of the game, I can confidently say Borderlands 3 is absolutely worth playing even today. The addictive core gameplay loop remains unparalleled. Exploring the diverse planets and finding epic guns never gets old.

Each Vault Hunter brings something unique to the table. There‘s humor and heart behind the mayhem. The value proposition is quite high thanks to the immense content variety and endgame longevity.

Minor nitpicks with the story aside, Borderlands 3 offers one of the most polished and jam-packed looter shooter experiences out there. Existing fans and newcomers alike owe it to themselves to enjoy everything this AAA package has to offer.

So strap on your digi-struct gloves and get ready for a wild ride, vault hunter! Pandora awaits.

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