5 Intense Gaming Apps: Play it Now!

Mobile gaming is a hugely popular form of entertainment for smartphone users around the world, it is an industry worth over $77.3 billion US dollars and is growing at an impressive rate.

In fact, games represent around 10 percent of a users’ time spent on apps and they are the third most popular app download behind social media and shopping apps.

The biggest market for mobile gaming is China, this is closely followed by the United States and Japan, with South Korea, Germany and the United Kingdom also holding a significant share.

The average mobile phone user has eight games installed on their device, they also play between two and five games each month. There are over 800,000 games to choose from on mobile app stores.

With such a huge amount of games available to play, mobile gamers are almost spoilt for choice. There are also a wide variety of different gaming categories to choose from which means there is something to suit everyone’s tastes, the popular games include action, adventure, puzzle, strategy and casino games.

If you are someone how loves to challenge yourself and play intense games for entertainment, here are just five great mobile gaming apps that you should consider trying out:

AFK Arena

AFK Arena

First up is AFK Arena, a role playing game where the aim is to collect loot and heroes in order to build up your forces and save your realm. During the game, players get the chance to fight the ancient evil Hypogeans and must race to the King’s Tower.

This is a strategic battle game and you must think carefully about the ultimate formations and the best lineups, there are over 100 different heroes, with some of the rarest fractions including Celestials, Hypograns and Dimensionals.

Part of the fun of ARK Arena is getting to uncover hidden legends and another real bonus is that you continue to level up even when you are logged off and ‘away from keyboard’.

ARK Arena is available to download on both android and iOS app stores and is generally very highly rated by current players of the game.

Draftkings Casino

Draftkings Casino

If casino games are more your thing then the Draftkings casino app is a great one to install.

At this Michigan online casino, you’ll find access to all of you favourite games in just a few clicks, including blackjack, keno, slots, poker and roulette.

There are even a selection of live dealer games on Draft Kings for those who really want to immerse themselves in the thrill of the casino experience.

Players can sign up to the app for free and play for real cash prizes. Many of the blackjack and slots games on there are exclusive to Draft Kings and can’t be played anywhere else.

You will find customizable table felts to upgrade your gameplay fun and sportsbooks are also included for those who enjoy wagering on their favourite games.

Draw Something

Draw Something

How about a game that can be played at parties with friends and family? The gaming app Draw Something is great for all ages and has a simple Pictionary-type theme.

Developed by OMGPop, this game has been a huge success and was downloaded over 20 million times during its first five weeks on the app stores. There is a free version that includes advertisement as well as a paid app that allows you to remove all ads with unlimited bombs.

In this game, a player is tasked with drawing a set object and an observer will get to see a stroke by stroke replay of the drawing and must guess what it is their partner has drawn. There are a limited selection of colors to draw with but more options can be purchased using in-app coins.

Draw Something was so popular that it was also released as a board game. A second version of the game, Draw Something 2, was released to the iOS app store a year after the first game app came out.

Subway Surfers

The casual fun game Subway Surfers is a great option for keeping your mind busy and challenging your reflexes. Players must surf the Subway system to help Jake, Tricky, Fresh, Yutani and friends to escape the angry guard and his fierce security dog.

The game was released in 2012 by a company in Denmark and can be played on pretty much all smartphones. The characters are young graffiti artists who are trying to escape via hoverboard after being caught.

It is an endless runner game and you must evade capture while also dodging oncoming trains, buildings and other obstacles.

Subway Surfers is a fun, fast paced app that has great visual style and high quality graphics.



Lastly, the Sudoku app Woodoku is definitely worth a mention for all the puzzle game fans out there. This app combines a wooden block game with the traditional Sudoku board.

Woodoku is a challenging game but it will have you gripped in no time!

These five games are just a few examples of the best mobile apps across different game categories. Whether you are a casino master or a puzzle wizard, there are gaming apps to suit all tastes and levels of ability.

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