My Review: How Intelligent Change Helped Transform My Life

As someone who has used Intelligent Change products for over 5 years, I can confidently say they deliver immense value. With their artfully designed journals, planners and motivation tools, Intelligent Change gave me the framework I needed to reduce anxiety, increase productivity and find gratitude in each day.

Intelligent Change is a certified B Corporation on a mission to help people unlock their potential and live with intention. Founded in 2013 by Alex and Luiza Ikonn, the company offers a suite of thoughtfully built journals, planners and decor items. Their first product, The Five Minute Journal, now has over 1 million copies in circulation.

I still use my Five Minute Journal every morning and evening to bookend my days with gratitude. But Intelligent Change has expanded so much since then! Their line now includes something for everyone looking to make self-improvement a daily practice.

Let me give you an overview of some of my favorites:

Key Intelligent Change Offerings

Product Description Dimensions Formats Price
Five Minute Journal Daily gratitude & reflection 5 x 7 inches Dot grid, lined, blank pages $25
Productivity Planner Flexible daily, weekly & monthly planning 8.5 x 11 inches Hourly, daily and monthly templates $25
Best Self Journal Yearly goal setting & tracking 8.5 x 11 inches Quarterly goal review pages $30
Focus Hourglass Analog timer for distraction-free work 5 inches tall 5 min and 30 min versions $20-$40
Motivational Art Wall prints with inspirational quotes 12 x 16 inches Multiple frame styles/colors $30

What I appreciate about Intelligent Change is that rather than overcomplicating things, they manage to artfully distill proven self-care concepts into accessible tools. For instance, academic research shows that starting your morning by writing down things you are grateful for dramatically shifts outlook and worldview to be more positive. That‘s the entire basis for The Five Minute Journal, now my morning ritual for over 5 years strong!

Or take the productivity planner – studies into work patterns make clear that integrating frequent breaks and dividing projects into clearly delineated blocks of focused work leads to much higher job satisfaction and output. So Intelligent Change built those insights into printable templates to make executing that approach simple.

And the benefits seem clear from over 2,150 rave customer reviews averaging 5/5 stars on their website and similarly effusive feedback on Amazon, TrustPilot and beyond. Intelligent Change has literally helped people completely transform:

“I credit Intelligent Change with helping me stay sober for the past 18 months.”

"After a tough breakup, the Best Self Journal gave me back my sense of control and confidence."

“The Five Minute Journal has completely changed how I frame each day. I can‘t remember the last time I woke up without excitement and gratitude.”

And that resonates so strongly with my personal experience. When I was dealing with anxiety and struggling to find direction, Intelligent Change journals gave me small wins that compounded over time. My friends who have tried the products have all stuck with them long-term as well.

Part of why Intelligent Change has that sticky quality is likely down to the founders themselves. Husband/wife team Alex and Luiza Ikonn built the company around simplicity, thoughtfulness, creativity and care. They live those values too – like adhering to a strict 1-1-1 model where they donate 1% of profits, products and employee time to charity. So far Intelligent Change has gifted over $75,000 and 1,000 donated products to non-profits!

The market for self-improvement tools also continues ballooning. Over 45% of Americans made New Year’s resolutions this year, mostly tied to personal wellness and growth. The broader journaling market alone is poised to be worth $14 billion by 2027. So companies addressing those needs seem well-positioned for sustainable success.

Given the loyal customer base, solid company ethos and addressable market trends, I can wholeheartedly recommend Intelligent Change products from my years of firsthand experience. Their journals foster consistency, their planners breed productivity and their inspiring designs serve as daily motivation to stay present and find the good amidst any chaos.

If you‘re considering products to enrich your self-care routine and manifest your potential, do yourself a favor and pick up an Intelligent Change journal. I‘m willing to bet you end up as much of a fan as so many other customers already have.

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