Using Email Lookup Tools to Identify Suspicious User Activities

What would you do if someone walks up to you and asks you for your credit card and the pin number? Of course, you would refuse to give it to them. Why would you then provide those confidential details online after receiving an email asking you to do that?

Cyber criminals have become so sophisticated and they are constantly evolving that it has become hard to recognize cyber threats which is why more and more people become a victim of cyber attack.

For most people that threat is still not real so they are not as mindful about the dangers the internet has introduced to our life.

While everyone always makes sure their credit card is stored safely in their wallet, avoids dangerous areas, and is overall more aware of surroundings in the real world, when it comes to our lives online we keep forgetting we should be more mindful about remaining safe online.

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Why does cyber security need to become a priority?

Due to the growing number of cyber attacks, businesses had to change their old habits and become more proactive about cyber security. Data breaches have become a common occurrence, and everyone can be a target.

According to Liquid Web's “Top 15 Most Common Security Issues and How to Fix Them,” you can take precautions against data breaches and suspicious activity by using plugins that will scan the files on your site for new additions or modifications.

From big businesses like Twitch or Microsoft, universities like The University of Colorado, healthcare providers like HSE in Ireland to small family owned businesses, they have all become victims of cyber attacks in recent months.

No business can afford anymore to stay behind the lines. One of the best and easiest tools business and organizations can implement in their cyber security protocol to help stop the attacks before they even happen is email lookup and reverse email lookup tools. These tools are extremely easy to implement, and they can bring so much benefits as by using them you can gauge the intent of the email owner and identify suspicious email account users.

By identifying suspicious user activities you can initiate additional security protocols like blocking that user, putting them on the blacklist or asking them to provide additional verification in order to prove they are legitimate users.

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What are email lookup and reverse email lookup tools? 

These tools provide you with a unique way to gather additional information about the user in order to make informed decisions about their intent. With an email lookup tool you can get users' email by entering their personal data like their first and last name or a phone number while the reverse email lookup lives up to its name and works in reverse.

By entering a user's email you can access additional information about them such as their name, contact details, and even their social media presence. You can think about these tools like an online background check.

Reverse email lookup tools

How to use email lookup and reverse email lookup tools to identify suspicious user activities? 

By conducting the search through these tools you will gather various information about the user as they are connected with a large number of databases. This information can verge from simple as the user name to more complicated like if the users email has been involved in any data breaches.

Both information can give you a clearer picture about user intentions when visiting your website or sending you an email. If the name user provided doesn't match the name that is connected with that email, you will be right to assume something isn't right and initiate additional verification before letting the user access your website or respond to their email.

If the user's email has been placed on blacklist due to previous history of spamming, spoofing, phishing or other types of cyber attacks, you are right to assume that user has a malicious intent regarding your website and block them. You can also use email lookup tools to check the age of the email address.

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For example, it is more suspicious if the email address has been created just recently than if it is more mature. Cyber criminals usually don’t reuse the emails they used in previous cyber attacks so they constantly create new emails which is why email lookup tools will flag it.

Cyber security protocols need to become a priority of every business as the cyber criminals are not going anywhere. By using these tools businesses and organizations can be more aware of the threats they are facing and react before the cyber attack even happens.

Just remember it is easier and cheaper to be proactive and implement cyber security protocol than to fix the damage an attack might cause.

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