Does Online Dating Have a Chance to Grow Into a Strong Relationship?

Like everything else, the dating process has changed a lot over the past years. Today, people can find their soulmates without even leaving their apartment.

Modern technologies, a global pandemic, the inability to travel and move around the world as freely as it was possible just two years ago, create a certain trap for people in search of their love and a partner for life.

There is a tendency that people, communicating with each other online without having a personal meeting and bodily physical contact, become addicted to the emotional needle of online communication. Such emotional dependence most often affects those people who get acquainted online with men or women from other countries.

Online Dating: Features of Online Relationships

Online Relationships

When you are senior women dating and chatting online and have not seen each other in real life, you cannot believe that you are a couple and you are in a relationship. It is impossible to build a relationship with a person whom you did not see personally, did not feel their smell, did not have elementary tactile contact and eye-to-eye communication. Even if you communicate using video calls and can see each other almost every day and every minute, this communication still shows you 60% of the person.

Much is impossible to convey through the camera. Video communication allows you to better know a person, their habits, life, and interests but does not allow feeling the person. And if you have any feelings for an online friend, then the basis of these feelings can be very illusory.

The main recommendation is to understand and realize clearly that the internet is an excellent tool for acquiring new acquaintances and establishing contacts. It allows you to understand whether this person is interesting to you or not and whether you want to meet them in real life. But remember that a relationship only begins with a real meeting.

How not to Get Stuck Online and Build Real Harmonious Relationships

There are nine recommendations on how to transfer online communication to offline:

  1. You have met online and already feel that it is time to leave the site where you met and communicate directly with each other, exchange personal phone numbers and develop closer communication. This is a great idea and the very first thing you should do is take the time to make a short video call to realize that this person is really who they pretended to be on the dating site.
  2. Never text or chat 24/7! Communication 24/7 has a very detrimental effect on the quality of your life, and you will find yourself in the virtual world of love while losing the quality of your real life. During the day, you can exchange short messages, send a picture, or just “Good morning”, but do not insist on correspondence all day.
  3. In online communication, quality is crucial, not quantity. You can communicate for 30-50 minutes a day, but only with each other, without the need to be distracted by other things.
  4. Create your own ritual of communication. This is when you wish each other good night or exchange video messages with wishes of good morning, or call each other at the same time every day. There are a lot of options, but it is regular rituals that allow you to build closer communication.
  5. Plan a real meeting soon. Before the pandemic, it was recommended to meet with each other in the first three months of acquaintance, if the person is from another country. Now (given the difficulties for travel), this period can be extended to several months, but longer is not recommended.

Plan a real meeting soon

  1. If a person in every possible way avoids a real meeting and constantly finds some reason not to meet in real life, then this is a reason to think about the seriousness of their intentions and adequacy. Some people are so afraid to step out of their comfort zone and feel very insecure to move from online to real life. If you think that this is exactly what is happening, then you should not help them find excuses and nod understandingly in response. It is recommended to make it clear that you are not interested in mythical online relationships and want to build real ones. If within a month the interlocutor does not take any steps to meet, it is recommended to end this communication.
  2. Never send money or other valuables to new or old online friends! A self-respecting person will never ask for financial help from their online friend, whom they have never met.
  3. If you met within the same city, then the meeting should take place within a week – 10 days from the online acquaintance. It is very strange and not serious when two people living in the same city and interested in each other postpone their first date for some reason.
  4. Do not jump into a relationship like into a deep end. The relationship must develop and build up step-by-step. It is impossible to build a house without a foundation, it is also impossible to build harmonious relationships without a strong foundation of mutual understanding, respect, physical attraction, sincere understanding, and admiration for each other!

Life always offers new opportunities. Stay open-minded and be prepared to be amazed.

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