How to Treat Yourself to a Relaxing Night in This Winter?

Every winter, we collectively set our clocks back an hour eliminating precious daylight that we all crave. This may not be entirely the case soon, but knowing how to handle the darker and colder months can make a huge difference, especially for those prone to seasonal depression.

The key, many find, is to make sure that when the winter months come around you are stocked with comforting luxuries and amenities to help us feel relaxed and comfortable in our homes. What better way to uplift your spirits than treating yourself to a relaxing night in with a bath, comfortable clothes, a good movie and maybe a little at home spa treatment?

Folding this kind of self care into your routine is key for keeping your mood up and staying relaxed during the colder months this year. Especially after the difficult realities our society has faced over the last two years, it’s time to start caring for our bodies and minds this coming holiday season. Let’s take a look at a few great ideas to help you have a relaxing evening this winter.

Essential Oils 

Essential Oils 

Essential oils have been all the rage for years, and pure formulas have amazing relaxation properties when diffused and used properly. Bubbly Belle Essential Oils have a natural oil for every stress induced ailment that can be easily used in oil diffusers. These create a wonderfully relaxing environment for any space in your home that you tend to get cozy in.

They’re also great to use in the bathroom for a relaxing ambience while lounging in the bath. There are essential oils for sleep, de-stressing, relaxation and helping with clear breathing. Additionally, there are general blends you can try to find the perfect blend that works for winding down and cozying up on a rainy winter day.

Compression Socks 

Compression socks are a little known secret for relaxing for long periods of time. Especially if you work from home, knee-high compression socks are great for retaining energy and blood flow during the darker winter months. These provide support for your legs, feet and help prevent swelling and pain in your legs.

This is important for those who work from home since most of your time will be spent seated in an office chair and your circulation can suffer a great deal causing pain, swelling and amplifying cold weather sensation to your legs, feet and toes.

Compression socks are a must have to cozy up for an evening in, or to wear all day while working and taking care of household chores. These will make you feel extra comfortable this winter season.

Streaming Services 

Streaming Services 

Streaming services like Netflix are an essential commodity for the winter season. What sounds more relaxing than getting comfortable and warm on the couch while putting on your favorite movie or binging your favorite TV show?

These subscriptions will pay for themselves over and over again during the colder months as more people gather with family and friends to celebrate and watch their favorite seasonal movies. Even if you’re spending a night alone, you will have endless comfort at your fingertips with a Netflix subscription this winter season.

And even beyond the winter season, a streaming service will keep you and family entertained on those lazy days where rest is needed over all else.

Probiotic Beverages 

Probiotic beverages are great for the winter season, or any time that you are trying to relax and take care of your body. Probiotic soda has natural bacteria that is great for digestion and general gut health, something that is quickly becoming understood as a key element in mental health and depression.

The way we take care of our gut will permeate through the rest of our body. And it makes sense since everything we consume goes into our gut, and then is distributed to the rest of our body. Probiotic sodas offer a delicious and gut friendly beverage that will leave you feeling refreshed, healthy and relaxed.

Plus, the flavors you will find are much more interesting and unique than traditional health sodas. Curling up with a refreshing probiotic soda and your favorite movie or TV show is the perfect thing to treat yourself to this winter season.

Skincare Routine 

Skincare Routine 

Skin care is self care. The way we look affects the way we feel, especially during the winter months when we aren’t getting as much sun. Having a skincare routine doesn’t mean covering up blemishes and trying to look perfect, it’s all about taking care of your unique skin and giving it what it needs to feel healthy. Roo Skincare is a cruelty free and all natural skin care brand that offers exciting new formulas and solutions to skin care that the industry is desperately needing.

Their revival masks and serums decrease aging lines in the skin, giving you a more youthful and fresh look. Trying out this innovative skincare routine is a perfect way to treat yourself on a lazy and cold winter day. The amazing thing about Roo’s formulas is that they act fast, and remain in effect for up to 72 hours! That means you can enjoy a refreshing routine with the security of knowing how long you should wait before the next use.

Try Roo Skincare today for the perfect at home spa treatment this winter season. You’ll feel both refreshed and in control of the way you look and feel.

Comfortable Lounge Clothes 

Of course, the key to any relaxing winter day is having reliable, comfortable and durable loungewear that you can pull out for those lazy days at home. There are many options out there, and customers are often stuck on the question of what kind of lounge clothes to buy.

It really depends on your preference, but a few options are to look for garments made from high quality fabrics that are designed for comfort. Some popular choices nowadays are french terry, cotton, fleece, and modal fabrics. French terry is probably the most common of these fabrics, and most of us probably own a garment made from this without even knowing it.

Fleece is a little bit heavier weight, and is best when worn as a jacket or shirt rather than lounge pants. Most sweatpants of high quality will be made with french terry, so make sure you check the label materials to make sure it’s made with high quality cotton blends.

Many brands are also using modal fabrics which are made from spinning tree cellulose. It is generally considered to be more eco friendly, and it’s incredibly soft which makes it ideal for loungewear. However, it is usually a little more lightweight, which means french terry is generally the best mid weight cotton blend for loungewear.

This is just a starting point to setting yourself up for the perfect winter night in this season. Everything on this list will be a great addition to the comfort of your home during winter, or any season for that matter.

As humans, we have to take special care of ourselves during colder and darker months. We crave safety and comfort during the colder months, so start by setting yourself up with some of these essential commodities this winter.

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