How to Sleep with Curly Hair: 7 Tips and Tricks

Did you know you could actually sleep comfortably and still have your curly hair intact the next morning? Learn more about it here.

Having curly hair, whether natural or not, can make you look effortlessly graceful. You can even wear it in any style and position you want without it losing its majestic ringlets and beauty.

But, to keep this hair intact always, you would have to settle into some strict, day-to-day routines—which, if you ask me by the way, is absolutely worth it.

One very simple way to ensure your hair remains healthy, frizz-free, bouncy, and graceful, at all times, is to check how you sleep with your curly hair on.

The way you sleep with your curls goes a long way in determining how your hair looks every time.

…which is why, in this article, we will be, together, looking at how to sleep with your curly hair without you waking up the next morning to see it disheveled, dented, or flattened out.

Without further ado, let's get into it!

So, how can you sleep with your curly hair?

First Check: Your Sleeping Position

Do you have curly hair and want to have it looking fresh and crinkling all the time?

If yes, then you might want to avoid sleeping directly, on your hair follicles.

maintain Curly Hair while sleeping

The weight of your head, if directly rested on your hair follicles, can actually tousle your beautifully set out hair and make it look unattractively wispy.

You'd also want to avoid sleeping on your back, too. This is because, at night, when you toss or turn your head from one side to another, you can easily scatter or, even, tangle your hair.

The best sleeping position for people with curls, however, is, on your side. If you can't help it, you can also try sleeping with your face/stomach down to keep your beautiful hair follicles far away as possible from friction.

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How About Some Other Options?

Aside from your sleeping position, there are also some other interesting ways you can preserve your curls while you're sleeping, whether with your hair dry or wet…

Sleeping With Your Hair Dry

Sleeping With Your Hair Dry

  • Putting Your Hair Up

To preserve your curls while you're sleeping, you can also make your hair into a pineapple, multi-pineapple, or just put in a messy/loose bun.


The pineapple is the commonest style for curly hair carriers like you. This style, aside from the way it looks (which is, apparently, how it got its name), can prevent your curls from tousling or flattening out while you snooze peacefully.

To make the pineapple with your hair, lean your head forward or sideways and make a ponytail, put the ponytail at the crown of your head, and use a scrunchie (make sure its either satin or cotton and not rubber) to hold it up.

And, that's all!

Multi-pineapple & Loose Bun

The multi-pineapple and messy bun styles are better alternatives for those with shorter curly hairs. And, like the pineapple hairdo, they can reduce friction in your hair and protect your curls while you sleep.

Making your hair into a multi-pineapple or the loose bun is not entirely different from how you'd make the pineapple.

To make the multi-pineapple, all you'd have to do is divide your hair into small bits and hold these bits up, just as I described before, with your scrunchies.

  • Using Satin or Silk Pillowcases

Your curly hair needs moisture to keep looking attractive and, of course, curly.

Silk Pillowcases

And, since you're going to be spending all your night with your head on a pillow, you'd have to use either satin or silk pillowcases in place of the regular cotton kinds that can easily suck out moisture from your hair.

Using silk or satin, instead of the regular pillowcases, will ensure your hair is always moisturized while you're sleeping, and this will, at all times, also keep your curls looking their best, too, just like you'd love to have them.

  • Using Satin/Silk Scarfs & Bonnets

Using scarfs and bonnets also can be a great way of protecting your hair curls, especially from the friction tussling, and turning in your bed can cause.

They can secure your hair in place and keep your curls intact, frizz-free and knot-free, at all times, too.

Make sure your scarfs and bonnets are either silk or satin in order to preserve the moisture in your hair while your snooze away in your comfortable bed.

Sleeping With Your Hair Wet

Sleeping With Your Hair Wet

  • Plopping Your Hair

If your hair is wet before your bedtime, plop is a popular method you can use to preserve your hair curls before going to bed.

To plop your hair, you'll only need a dry cotton t-shirt or microfiber towel to slightly cover your head.

Spread the towel on a flat, empty surface, throw your hair forward onto the center of the towel or t-shirt (whichever option you choose is fine). Fold the towel around to your head and tightly knot the ends to secure it in place.

After you've done this, you're free to go to bed. When you wake up later the next morning to lose the towel, you'll find your hair curlier and more beautiful than it was before.

  • Twisting or Braiding Your Hair

Twists and braids can also help protect your curly hair when you sleep.

Twisting or Braiding Your curly hair

This style is quick and easy.

All you have to do is to divide your hair into different bits depending on the type of style you want to do.

Braid or twist these bits until you reach the end of your hair, spin ends of the twists or braids, or alternatively tie them to keep our styled hair from unraveling while you sleep.

And that's all you have to do before finally going to bed to enjoy a good night's rest!

What to Do When You Wake up

When you wake up the next morning after doing any of the curly hair sleep routines mentioned above, there are also some other few things to do, as well.

First, you would have to release your hair. Untwist, unbraid, remove the bonnet, and so on. Just undo whatever you did the night before.

Spray your hair with a curl refresher.

If your hair is still wet when you wake up, you'd have to blow it with a hairdryer before doing this.

Fluff your hair, add some hair products for final lasting effects, and feel the grace of wearing your healthy and majestic curly hair throughout the day.

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