Tips on How to Sell Crypto on Different Platforms

Anyone who has been looking for how to sell crypto knows how difficult it can get if you have no clue where to start. If you have common crypto such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USDT, or any other in your hands, selling them whenever you need to should be easy. After all, there are numerous options these days including trendy platforms.

Would you like to know the top tips on how to sell crypto like a pro on different platforms? I guess you would. This article will take you through the insights you need to make this project a simple process whether you are new to crypto or not.

Choose a Platform

Choose a Platform

The first tip on how to sell crypto is choosing an appropriate platform to complete the task. Unlike what many people think, exchanges are not the only options, there are many others. Let us look at a few platforms to sell your crypto and buy as well.

  • DEX platforms – If this name is new to you, you are still in the learning process. DEX means decentralized exchange platforms, and they are gaining popularity at a high rate. They eliminate brokers by allowing peers to buy and sell crypto among themselves.
  • CEX platforms – Centralized exchange platforms are the traditional exchanges that most people know of. NakitCoins is one of them and has both online and physical platforms to help investors sell cryptocurrencies.
  • Bitcoin ATM – Another platform that is gaining popularity is the Bitcoin ATM. You do not need to know how to sell crypto on an ATM because they give instructions that are simple to follow. But you should come with your crypto wallet address and a bank account to complete the transaction.

Open an Account

Most platforms do not allow you to sell directly from your crypto digital wallet. The requirement is to open an account with the exchange platform and top it up with digital coins before you sell. To open an account, follow the simple steps outlined by the company. This should not be hard.

Are you still learning how to sell crypto? The next step is to add crypto from your digital wallet to the platform. Experts recommend adding what you need to sell rather than all of it. This keeps you safe from losing everything in case there is a breach or hacking.

Remain Cautious

Remain Cautious

Cryptocurrencies are volatile, prone to hacking and fraud, and surrounded by all manner of risks. While dealing with them, you should remain cautious at all times.

Whether you are new or have been selling crypto for a long time, use a secure device, choose secure platforms, sell small amounts at a time, and stay alert to understand what is happening. Of course, no one would like to lose any of their digital investment whether you bought the coins or they were gifted to you.


Now you know how to sell crypto. After a successful transaction, you should transfer your money into the bank or send the other crypto that was paid to your secure digital wallet. We hope that these insights will help you make the right decisions.

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