How To Run A Successful Instagram Account And Reach More People

If you're looking for a way to expand your social media presence, Instagram is the best place to start. It's estimated that there are millions of people around the world using this platform to build their online presence. And while many of them are posting photos and videos of their day-to-day lives, there's still plenty of room for creativity.

Successful Instagram accounts often share original content, offer interesting perspectives on current events, or feature beautiful photography. Below are ways you can run a successful Instagram account and reach more people.

Tag Your Posts With Relevant Hashtags

Tag Your Posts

Successful hashtags are those that you can be found under. For instance, if your post is about video games or technology then,  #Gaming and # Technology would both work well with the content of your blog post.

Tag this way all posts related to a specific topic so that they will show up when people search for them on Instagram. You should also consider using Google Analytics, which will help you analyze your, users, as well as be able to monitor uniqueness. The team behind linkin bio suggests using as many relevant hashtags as possible. In addition, do not tag excessively because it will make your caption seem spammy.

Create A Captivating Profile Picture

Create A Captivating Profile Picture

Successful Instagram account holders know that the first step to success is having a good profile picture. Your profile photo should be of you, not your pet or favorite food, and it needs to stand out from all the other photos on social media!

It also helps if you have a brand logo for viewers who want to follow your blog or business. Choose wisely! A recent study found that some people are more likely than others to unfollow accounts after viewing the profile photo.

Post Regularly

Post Regularly

To have a successful Instagram account, you must post regularly. How often should you post? That depends on your content and who your target audience is. For instance, if you're posting photos of flowers for the everyday gardener (a large segment of media buyers), then once or twice per week would be sufficient.

If you are running a business with daily specials, such as an ice cream shop in the summertime, then eight posts per week might make sense! Successful brands like Nike typically publish no more than twelve times weekly – but this will vary based on what type of company they are. The best rule-of-thumb when it comes to frequency is “more.” More posts mean more chances for your followers to see you and interact with you.

Engage With Other Instagram Users

Engage With Other Instagram Users

This is a great way to make connections with other Instagram users, which can lead to more people following your account. Make sure that you're always looking for ways to engage with others by commenting on their photos and liking or sharing them when appropriate.

You'll be surprised how quickly this will grow your audience- don't underestimate the power of word of mouth!

Take High-quality Photos

Take High-quality Photos

Successful Instagram accounts always take high-quality photos. The higher the resolution, the better. Photos should be clear and not blurry to avoid cluttering up your page with too much content or annoying people who are scrolling through looking for something interesting. Make sure that there is enough light in each picture, so you can see what's going on without squinting at a tiny screen trying to figure out what's happening!

Include fewer filters as possible because it takes away from the authenticity of your account and makes everything look like an advertisement instead of an authentic experience. Take pictures when things happen spontaneously, but also plan by taking some good shots before you're about to post them.

Find Influencers And Collaborate With Them On A Post

Find Influencers

Use a tool like Iconosquare to find influencers in your industry. Follow them on Instagram and reach out with direct messages or email if they have an open forum for collaborating. If you're looking for more local (or just not well-known) influencers, use the search bar within Instagram to filter by location.

You can also search for hashtags related to your interests and see who's been posting about that topic lately. Another way is through collaborations with other brands! Check their social media channels regularly – maybe there are topics where it would be mutually beneficial?

Follow Accounts That Post Content Similar To Yours


Follow accounts that post content similar to yours. For instance, if you are an account with a focus on fitness and wellness, follow other accounts of the same niche that have more followers than your own.

This will allow you to grow your reach by engaging in conversations relating to their posts. You can also include these influencers in one of your posts by tagging them or mentioning them using (@).

Whether you’re an individual, company, or organization looking to build your brand on Instagram; understanding how to leverage the platform for maximum engagement is key. The above are some tips that should help you get started and keep growing your following.

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