5 Easiest Methods to Perform Background Checks on a Candidate

The hiring and recruitment process can be a challenge for small and large organizations. Apart from a person’s skills and educational background, you need to check their criminal background to be sure.

Today, we will cover different methods to help you perform a background check on a candidate. There is no need to go through the traditional process anymore.

The first solution of this guide is quite effective and advanced enough to give you all the information you need. Thus, all you need is to be with us for the next 10 minutes, and you will learn everything about performing a background check online.

So let’s start and understand some of the easiest ways to check the public details.

Method1: Using Online Background Check Tools

More and more companies are switching to online background check tools to do the employee screening before hiring them. An online background check is a tool that lets you access all the public information of a person. The tool works by matching your query with all the information available in the public domain.

After that, the tools give you an accurate report to know everything about them. There are dozens of effective tools that let you perform a background check for free. Today, we are going to use CocoFinder’s background check tool to show how it works.

Here are a few things about the platform.



CocoFinder is an advanced search engine to find public information of different types. The platform lets you research a person, property, phone number, or email address. Anyone can use its services to perform a background check online. The reason behind choosing this application is the trust of millions of users.

Another reason is that the platform is free, and you do not need to register for an account to use its services. The advantage of this feature is you can do a background check while being anonymous.

How to Use CocoFinder’s Background Check Tool?

Background Check

CocoFinder offers the easiest way to perform a background check on a candidate. All you need is to visit the website and use the Background Check tool from its homepage. It will ask you to enter the person’s name on whom you want to perform a background check.

After entering the name, hit the search button and wait for it to find the information. It will generate a background check report that includes the information of the background search results.

You can learn more about using these reports to find all the information about the candidate. It will show you the educational records, employment history, criminal records, and the civil records of the person.

Method 2: With Investigation Agencies

The traditional way of performing a background check on employees is by hiring third-party investigation agencies. These agencies access the public details of a person and do a physical background check to verify their details. The method is quite effective as you do not need to depend on secondary sources of the information.

The investigation team performs the check through different methods. However, the process can be time-consuming and may cost you a lot of money. That is the only downside of this method.

If you are a large company with enough resources, you can go for this method as well. For this, you can either hire a freelancing agency or work with some established brands to do it for you.

Tip: Check the agency’s certification as they require the permission from the authorities to access someone’s information. Thus, getting professional services will help you avoid legal problems.

Method 3: Social Media Background Check

If you do not need to perform an in-depth background check, you can do your research through social media platforms. This method is helpful when you want to observe the behavior and social activities of a person. For this, you can find the person’s social media profiles and check their updates to understand what type of person they are.

You can also use platforms like MySpace to extend the perimeter of your research and to get some quick results. However, make sure you have the candidate’s consent before getting into their social media accounts and online presence.

Method 4: Using Bankruptcy Records

This method is helpful when you want to check the financial status of the candidate. For this, you can check if they have filed for bankruptcy earlier. If you find any record, it is important to find out why they did it and how it can affect your organization. This information does not usually come with regular background checks.

That is why it is crucial to perform this check separately. You can easily find this information in the public records related to the bankruptcy filings of your state.

Method 5: Using Identity Verification Services

There are online services that let you verify the identity of a person. These services are different from the regular background checks as they focus on the identity verification only. It can help you verify if the person is providing accurate details while getting the job.

The only limitation is that this background check won’t be enough to find the conclusive reports to hiring that person. Thus, you may need to perform a regular background check as well.

For more information related to this type of background check, you can contact a service provider and ask for the details.

Final Words

The next time you perform a background check on a candidate, you can consider using these five methods to help you out. Most of these methods are affordable and take only a few minutes. However, the regular background check and identity verification check can be a bit more lengthy than usual.

The most important thing is to understand what type of background check is required for the job. If you are hiring for professional services (on a high level), we recommend doing an in-depth background check on the person.

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