5 Easy Steps To Measure For A Prehung Door

Every person wants to change their doors after a while. Therefore, the door measurement must be done correctly. You should take a look at our articles in order to measure the door correctly!

Doors are one of the most important areas of houses. Therefore, its measurements will be of great importance. In order for the door to be purchased properly, its dimensions should be known in detail. Since the ceiling size of each house is different, the measurement processes will also be very different.

Doors preferred in homes and indoor areas have frames. This frame must first be fitted before the door is mounted. There are 5 different methods to obtain all measurements correctly.

Measure For A Prehung Door

Tools Required

It is possible to measure the length and width of the doors by using different materials and methods. Many of these materials are in the house. Therefore, it will be easier to measure the lengths of the doors. There are a few basic materials that should be used. With their use it will be possible to obtain the exact dimensions of the doors.

The materials to be used are these;

  • Tape Measure
  • Plastic or Wooden Shim
  • Utility Knife
  • Painters Pry Bar

With the use of auxiliary materials, the measurements of the doors are completed very easily. Knowing the values ​​is important for installing a new door or measuring the door. Since there are different door sizes and models, the dimensions must be known correctly. In some cases, doors are produced specifically for houses.

Tools Required

Steps For Measuring A Door

Steps For Measuring A Door

There are basically five steps to complete the measurements of the doors. By following these steps closely and accurately, the measurements of the doors can be made. By purchasing the necessary materials, it will be possible to easily pass the measurement steps and determine the dimensions of the door.

In the first step, the door must be removed from the jamb. With the removal of the door, the door frame, called the jamb, is exposed. The sill should not be included in the dimensions of the door. Therefore, removing the door would be the best option.

In the second step, attention should be paid to the connection points. With the removal of the doornails, it will become much easier for the measurement steps to be hassle-free. After removing the edges, these nails must also be removed.

The third step is the measurement. After removing the edges of the door, the most important step, the measurement, will be made.

  • First, the width of the door should be measured. In order to measure the width accurately, the distance between the two openings must be carefully measured and made in inches. This will reveal the value between the spaces.
  • In the next step, the height must be measured. It is necessary to measure carefully from the floor surface to the top of the door opening.
  • The last measurement is depth. The measurement process will be completed by measuring the front and back of the remaining opening.

The fourth step will be to decide on the appropriate door model. The door should be selected appropriately according to the layout and decoration of the house or the environment where the door will be installed. Thus, the door that fits best will be found.

In the fifth and last step, there is the purchase of the door suitable for the measurements taken. After finding a door that is suitable for the measurements and adapts to the environment, the difficult parts will be completed.

What Should Be Considered When Buying a Door?

consider when choosing a door.

There are some tricks to consider when choosing a door. The first of these is that the measurements were made correctly. After the measurements, the issue to be considered is the proper selection of the door frame. The door frame should be chosen larger than the door. Therefore, measurements are of great importance. Particular attention will be required to these issues when purchasing front-hung or hinged doors. Taking the appropriate dimensions will also make the assembly process easier.

The most important parts of the door frames is the jambs. The width of the jambs has a great influence on the selection of the door. Another important issue is which way the door will open. If the handle of the door is on the right, it means that the door is a left turn. Likewise, the doors with the door handle on the left turn to the right. Different models are also available in the stores. Such choices may differ according to the wishes of the customers.

Another issue that people should pay attention to the most is the style of hanging doors used. Doors can be made of glass, metal, wood, or different materials. Their choices will be entirely at the discretion of the users. Some doors may be heavier than others. In general, wooden and metal doors are heavy. These doors are more expensive than others. People who want light to enter the house and think that it is more stylish have the opportunity to choose glassed models.

The door handles, known as the accessories of the doors, completely change the exterior appearance. Therefore, their selection must be made in a very detailed manner. Door handles can be locked or classic models. It should be chosen in accordance with the decoration of the environment and the style of the door. Thus, irrelevant images will be prevented. After the doors are installed, it will be a much safer and more sensible option to purchase a door handle.

What Materials Are Doors Made of?

Wooden door models used indoors have a wide range of usesThese doors, which have an aesthetically pleasing appearance, are also made of high quality and become very efficient if they are compatible with their complementary parts.

  • Wooden Covered Doors

Wooden Covered Doors

Doors used in interior designs are mostly made of wood veneer material; wood surfaces are processed with machines to obtain natural coatings of certain thicknesses. Veneers are adhered to MDF with a special process to form the surface used in wooden covered doors.

No paint is required on their surfaces; the only varnish is applied. Since it is a natural wood veneer, its appearance is not different from the wooden door. It gives the feeling of real wood. It has a stylish appearance. It is easy to maintain, hygienic, and easy to install. It is long-lasting.

  • Lacque Doors

Lacque Doors

Lacquer is a bright chemical furniture polish. It can be colored or colorless. The smooth appearance of the lacquer application can turn a simple piece of wood into a magnificent piece of furniture. It can be produced in the desired dimensions as room and WC doors.

It is possible to produce with frame glass, cage glass, single-wing, or double-wing in the desired width according to model and pattern alternatives. The most essential stages in the production of lacquered doors are priming and sanding. It is hygienic and easy to assemble. It is long-lasting.

  • Laminate Doors

Laminate Doors

Laminate material, whose usage area has been growing rapidly recently, has recently started to be used indoor systems. The door is protected from impacts and external factors, as the case is completely made of special material. Manufactured to withstand high pressure, these doors are extremely robust and safe.

It is also safe against burning. Events such as breakage never occur in these door systems, which are produced from special materials. With its modern touches, it adds a very pleasant and elegant atmosphere to the spaces. These doors, which have a wide range of decorative possibilities, have been frequently preferred recently. Thanks to its adjustable feature, it can be furnished comfortably in all spaces. The assembly process is very easy.

  • Melamine Doors

Melamine Doors

Melamine that is used in the production of melamine doors is an organic compound. Melamine boards are formed by applying this material to MDF with heat. Melamine door surfaces do not require paint. Wooden-looking melamine doors are more economical than other door models. Installation is easy. Its resistance to sun rays, scratches, and impacts is higher than other door types. It is long-lasting.

  • Membrane Doors

Membrane Doors

Membrane doors are produced without the use of paint. Membrane door colors do not change over time. Even if paint drips on the door, it does not interact and can be easily cleaned since there is no paint on the door. This is due to the high scratch-resistance of the membrane coating on MDF.

When producing membrane door models, glazed doors are produced without the use of laths. In this way, paint cracking or staining problems that do not come out during cleaning are prevented. Glazed doors are easy to clean as they are not lathed. In the doors where laths are used, the laths are damaged when the glass needs to be changed.

  • American Doors

American Doors

Door panels used in American door production; varies depending on the door model to be produced. In addition, it is possible to produce American doors as double wings in the desired width. The American door is preferred in terms of prices and variety in model options. It is economical, hygienic, easy to clean, does not contain bacteria and germs, can be painted to the desired color. American doors are suitable for use indoors.

  • PVC Doors

PVC Doors

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), used on door surfaces, is a plastic with a wide range of uses. It is the most common and known chemical material used in the production of doors and windows. Since PVC is a recyclable, reusable material, it is environmentally friendly.

If a pattern is to be given to the PVC door body, the desired door pattern and shape is given on the CNC bench. Then the PVC material is applied to the MDF door surface with the help of heat. No paint is required on the PVC door surfaces. PVC panel doors are self-patterned and colored. PVC doors can be produced in desired dimensions as room and WC doors. In addition, it is possible to produce the PVC door as double wings in the desired width.

PVC panel door prices are more economical than other door models with natural wood veneer. PVC panel doors are easy to clean, hygienic, and there are many door models and pattern options. Installation is easy. It is long-lasting. PVC doors are among the doors with the most color alternatives. In addition, it is suitable for use in all areas as an interior door.


Although the choice of the door may seem easy to many people, it is actually a difficult and detailed issue. In addition to the model of the door to be purchased, its dimensions are also of great importance.

Therefore, great attention must be paid to small details. Knowing the right methods will help people measure the doors correctly. It is possible to disassemble the door and measure precisely with the small materials found in the house. With the correct measurements, the process of buying a new door will also become easier.

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