6 Ways to Improve Your Video SEO Trough Transcripts

Content marketing is a huge business nowadays, and people tend to promote their videos and get great income. For some, it is the only way of profit. People keep sharing videos much more than photos or texts. It is proven that people are likely to perceive video content much better than texts.

When you transcribe YouTube video to text, this plays a huge role in your business marketing and increases not only your target audience but also raises your sales and expands your business. Video transcription is something that will help you engage with your followers and potential customers.

Statistics show that you reach the best engagement on Facebook through posts containing videos. Posting a video is not enough, though. You must make sure it is searchable, and users can easily find it. Only this way can you get more leads. Therefore, you need to create a proper text that will ensure that.

The speech-to-text technology is what you need, and it will ensure your text contains proper keywords and bring the necessary results. It is how SEO works, actually. If you want your video to be found in search engines quickly and efficiently, it would be wise to use text transcriptions. Check how they can help boost your videos and increase your ratings effectively.

1. More watching, less bouncing

More watching

Not each user starts viewing a video he or she wants. Most people read the description before clicking the Play button. You might be surprised, but many deaf users or those that have difficulties with hearing also search for content, and if there is no text, they won’t be able to watch your video. It means that when not utilizing video transcription services, you lose the lion’s share of target users.

Many people do not listen to audio and watch videos on mute. If your video has audio transcriptions, it prevents them from clicking away and, thus, users view your videos for a longer time. Transcripts help everyone access your videos and view them regardless of impairments or other issues. This increases the watching time and reduces bouncing.

2. Traffic boosting

Traffic boosting

It’s not a secret that your content or website must be on a TOP-10 list in search engines. Users are not likely to browse other results that pop up on their engine. You have no chances if you are not listed as one of the first 10 websites.

Audio to text transcription means having proper keywords in your description and ensures your site goes to the top-10 list. Once users type one of the necessary keywords, they receive the results immediately. Therefore, if you want your video to be found on search engines, it must be transcribed using the keywords.

3. Higher rankings

Higher rankings

Unfortunately for you, Google doesn’t analyze your video content, and if there is no transcription with the necessary keywords, your content will be ranked very low. Google tracks your video exactly by those keywords, and they can be contained only in transcripts. Otherwise, the search engine doesn’t recognize your video as an important one.

4. Link building

Link building

Link building is crucial for your website or business. You should link external websites with your own somehow. Video transcripts are the ones that will help you do that. For example, you can include the features of your product, FAQ, or even pricing in your transcript. It will link the relevant pages.

You can easily direct your website's visitors from one page to another and make them spend more time on your website and get acquainted with your product. Can you imagine that video content receives 70% more links than other content? Building external links is much easier when having both video content and its transcripts.

5. Your content is more shareable

More shareable

Users view audio and video content with greater pleasure than just reading texts, although when it comes to sharing, such content must have corresponding transcripts. Written content along with videos is more shareable, and users exchange it with each other more often. Once again, it increases traffic to your website.

You don’t even need to do specific SEO promotions while your users might do this job for you. Quality content means a lot for its self-promotion, and a reliable transcription means better quality for your visual content. Do not forget that this will make your website more visible in search engines.

6. No need to produce new material to increase rankings

New material

Internet bots crawl and index the content of the websites. They do evaluate your content by various factors and compare your rankings to those of other websites. The amount of your content on the website is also crucial for those bots. Therefore, if you have audio and video content, it would be great to use a video to text converter and create transcripts.

This way, you will double your content without racking your brains on how to create a new one. Any of the transcripts can easily be turned into a blog post on your website and bring you even more SEO benefits.

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