How to Find Someone’s IP Address on Facebook

Would you like to try something fun and investigative when tracking a Facebook user's IP? Did you know that it is easy to track, catch and use IP geolocation to learn more about those Facebook bullies or scammers? This article has everything you need to know.

Facebook has been there for over a decade where it has millions of fans. If we are not wrong, you’re probably an active Facebook user, and you find it fun sharing your lifestyle on this platform. Others will use it for business advertisements.

But there is a threat! Some anonymous Facebook ‘friends' could be posting inappropriate messages towards you. These friends could be scammers, hackers, or cyberbullies. Even those real-time friends might use a pseudo-Facebook account to mock you.

The good news is that people with IT-savvy provide various tracing sites and techniques to capture the IP address of those people. Willing to know these techniques? Read on! For much more insight.

Ways to Find Someone’s IP Address on Facebook

Sharing the Location on Facebook

Here comes a simpler approach to track the location of your friend, which is location sharing. This strategy tests your persuasive or convincing tone when making your target share their location. Read the following steps to know how to go about it.

Step 1: Navigate on the Facebook messenger panel and start a conversation with your target.

Step2: Tailor the conversation to a friendly and persuasive tone. Let it be entertaining.

Step 3: Meanwhile, tap on three dots in the messenger panel and click on the location option that appears.

Step 4:Share your location with that person and entice him to share their location as well.

Once the target shares their location, you have won the game. If they don't, this strategy will prove hard in convincing your target. So you may need to use the following methods.

Use IP Grabber to Track Someone's Facebook IP Addresses

When it comes to tracking tools, you need to lure the person into clicking on your post. After that, then the magic happens. Sites like IP Logger, Grabify, opentracker, are specialists in processing even the users' miner details. Since there are many of them, let's focus on the steps of using Grabify.

Step 1: Go to Facebook and ensure that the person is online.

Step 2: Click on the individual's profile and start boxing him. Else, you could navigate on the messager's icon found at the top alongside the notification bar. If you want to use the messenger as a separate app, you can download it on App Store or Play store.

Step 3: Hook the friend with a simple chat talking about an interesting topic. So, position your conversation in a way that you will invite him to click an interesting video or post's URL.

Step 4: Once the chatting calls for a link, identify that link you want to send to them. You can use a Facebook picture, video, or file. You can still export videos from other sites like YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin, or any google URL.

Step 5: Suppose you wish to use a Facebook post? Then find the embedded option once you click the three dots on that post. Click that embed option and copy the Post URL you find there. If you opt for a Facebook video, tap the three dots top there and click on the ‘copy link' icon.

Step 6: Switch to your browser and create a Grabify tab.

Grabify ip loggers

Step 7: Access the Grabify tab and paste the URL on the icon ‘enter a valid URL or Tracking code' spacebar.

Step 8: Complete the CAPTCHA and terms of engagement you find there.

Step 9: Wait for the system to load the generated URL, which you can send to your target.

Grabify tracking code

Step 10: Else, you can customize the URL by a generic domain like,,, and others. In this case, you ought to tap on the ‘other link option.'

Step 11: Use that customized domain link and send it to the person on Facebook messenger.

Step 12: Once the victim clicks on the URL, go back to Grabify and reload it. You will find the IP address of that person in the ‘results' icon.

Step 13: Go back to the Grabify homepage and click on the Grabify IP tracker code option. Enter the IP you got of that person and wait for the results

Grabify IP information

Use Command Prompt to Find Someone's Facebook IP Addresses

Finding IP Address Using the Command Line

Interestingly, you can do what you see other IT gurus doing with command prompt, in Mac users' use utility tool. The process is fulfilling, fun, and easy to play with codes that bring an IP address. Ready to play this game? Let's start

Step 1: Create a Facebook chat window on your windows or MacBook computer. You can do that by going to your Facebook messenger app menu.

Step 2: With the chat window, you can start by greeting that person. If he or she responds, you are good to go to stage three.

Step 3: Minimize the chat window and press the windows icon and ‘R' button simultaneously. Besides, you can type and enter the word run on your home's search bar.

Step 4: Type ‘cmd’ to open a command prompt panel.

Step 5: Input a ‘netstat-an' code and execute it. Remember to close other programs running on your computer lest their IP address showing on the command prompt.

Step 6: When the system brings many TCP scripts, locate the IP written ‘established.'

Step 7: Copy that IP and on sites like IP Tracker or Grabify’s IP Lookup tool. For the IP tracker, scroll its page downwards and paste the IP on the spacebar you see. In Grabify, paste the IP on the spacebar you see in the IP lookup tool.

Step 8: Whether Grabify or IP Tracker, click enter, and the system will load more info of the IP address bearer. These details include the person's location, area code, the OS or browser they are using, their phone, and much more.

Why Find Someone's Facebook IP address?

There are many reasons that prompt one to track an IP of a Facebook user. First, an anonymous person may be bullying you or sending you inappropriate messages.

Secondly, you can be receiving spam texts or disturbing content, and you need to trace the person so that you warn the individual to stop.

Thirdly, it would warrant you to track customers' IP address and location when you want to market your goods and services.

In case you want a conman, fraud, or blackmailer arrested by police, you can track their IP on Facebook.

How to Keep Yourself Safe from a Facebook Tracker

As much as you may input passwords and usernames to protect your account, don't rest easy because other sites can access your account (including Facebook itself). However, there are various ways to protect your privacy and IP address.

Strengthen the password

Use complex passwords with mixed letters, including numbers, special marks, and caps. That is because Facebook snoopers can guess your ID no, or other personal info you use as passwords.

Clear the chat history

Don't leave your chatting exposed in the messenger or content section. Those online snoopers may use the hashtag you use in your chats to track you.

Update the OS

Update the OS you use in Facebook to combat any snooper reading your Facebook posts using the OS you are logged in. This strategy also counters the Facebook malware or viruses posed on OS.

Use a good virus guard

It would help if you had a system firewall and another antivirus that blocks any hacker from accessing your Facebook private messages. Use proxies and VPN that will block the online snooper from accessing your IP.

IP location-specific APIs like Ipstack are also options for this job to locate visitors.


All said and done, it's time now to track the IP address of a person discriminating, blackmailing, or offending you on Facebook. Prefer sites like Grabify or IP Tracker that process the inner details of a person's IP.

With the command prompt and IP tracker, you get to track several people's IPs in an instant. However, save that hassle by convincing your friend to share their location using Facebook live location feature.

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