How To Find a Reliable Breast Augmentation Doctor in Toronto

Whether you’re from Toronto, nearby cities and towns, or overseas, undergoing a breast augmentation procedure in the city can be a great idea. Aside from being home to the CN Tower, High Park Toronto, and Hockey Hall of Fame, the city is also where you can find seasoned cosmetic surgeons.

In fact, the problem in Toronto is not running out of doctors to take care of your requested cosmetic procedure but the presence of too many options in one place. So you must be picky about who you choose. When deciding on your doctor, remember that it is essential to choose someone with high qualifications and top-rated experience in breast augmentation.

Here are some things you must look into when checking out clinics offering breast augmentation surgery in Toronto:

Check Whether the Doctor is Board Certified

Check Whether the Doctor is Board Certified

Board certification indicates a doctor’s qualifications, experience, and skills. However, it does not guarantee quality, safety or results. A board-certified plastic surgeon must have passed rigorous training and testing, but this doesn’t mean they will be the right surgeon for you or provide the best care.

Board certification should not be your sole criteria for choosing a breast augmentation surgeon. It’s also crucial to consider other factors, and these include the following:

  • The length of time they’ve been practicing surgery in general
  • Their specific experience in breast augmentation surgery
  • How long they’ve been performing these surgeries on their own
  • Their success rate, like how many patients were satisfied with their result

Check with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons to see if your doctor is indeed board-certified.

Inquire About the Doctor’s Experience and Training

To find a reliable breast augmentation doctor, you should inquire about their experience and training. Ideally, your doctor should have at least five years of experience with several cases under their belt. This indicates that they can comfortably handle more complex procedures without relying on assistants to do the work for them.

In addition to being an expert at performing breast augmentation surgeries, your surgeon should have completed a fellowship in cosmetic surgery. This one-year program usually provides additional knowledge about specific practice areas such as body contouring and tummy tucks. Your surgeon should also have done residencies in plastic surgery, general surgery, or OB/GYN.

If you’re in doubt, check the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons to see if your chosen doctor is a member of the organization. Membership here ensures that your doctor is well-trained.

Look for Client Testimonials

Look for Client Testimonials

You will often find client testimonials on a doctor’s office website. But you can also find them on their social media profiles. It’s essential to read through them and see if they seem genuine.

Seeing a doctor regularly posting photos of happy patients is a good sign that they genuinely care about their patients’ happiness with the procedure. If there are only a few reviews online and most aren’t positive, this could be a red flag and should raise some concerns for you.

Request for Before and After Photos of Past Patients

When assessing a doctor’s work, looking at before and after photos of past patients is essential. It will allow you a closer look into their work quality and the results you can expect from them.

While there are many ways to request these photos, it’s best if your doctor gives you access to their patients’ image database so you can browse through it yourself. You should also ask for additional information about each patient’s experience with this particular procedure. They can usually provide these without necessarily divulging confidential patient data.

For example, you can ask for the average time spent in recovery, desired results achieved, and complications experienced during the recovery period.

Always Take Time to Research

The best way to find a doctor is by doing your research. Take the time to learn about their experience, training, awards, achievements, and client testimonials. You should also take a virtual clinic tour to see if it suits you. With this, nothing will be left unanswered before making any final decision.

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